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Great street performance in New York City (Breeze Team & 3 Way Street)

September 4, 2019

All right, you’re ready, clap your hands yo, clap your hands out there, clap your hands. Yes, yes yes, we’re almost ready. Yes, we’re almost ready. What time is it ? SHOW TIME! Clap your hands and make some noise. What time is it ? SHOW TIME! Everybody clap, come on people! Put your hands together folks. Clap, clap. Clap, clap. Everybody clap, clap! All right, ladies & gentlemen, nobody moves, NOBODY GETS HURT! Nobody moves, NOBODY GETS HURT! We’re about to bring a volunteer up. Tom Cruise, get in the line. You’re with the black guys now. Now, listen up you guys: if you guys do not clap, he will die. No, no, no, no. Not Tom, the black guy! OK… OK guys, come on, come on, we’re just playing around, we’re just playing. Damn, look at their face, they look so pissed. Now… … please nobody moves. NOBODY GETS HURT! We’re just playing around, now was just a warm up. Who’s ready to see the real deal? Clap your hands & make some damn noise out there! Hey guys, i said “noise”! You guys can make noise over here, this is New York, not New Jersey! Give it all you’ve got! Clap your hands & make some damn noise out there! Everybody please, move all the way up to the orange cones. You have nothing to be afraid of, we are not gangsters… anymore! Now, before we continue on, everybody, please, a lot of damn noise for my volunteer. Give it up to that guy, come on, give it up to that guy, YEAH! Excuse me, volunteer, listen up. It’s gona be a black guy. HIM! He’s gona be running 80 miles per hour. YES! With no police behind him! WOO WOO! And he’s going to attempt to flip over. HE WHAT? Flip over! HE WHAT? 1, 2, 3, 4 and 1 white guy. Give it up to the white guy, YEAH! Hey, hey, hey… don’t worry, they love you white chocolate. Now… If you guys are still ready to see it, everybody say “yeah”. YEAH! I didn’t hear that one, everybody say “yeah”. YEAH! Say “ho yeah”. HO YEAH! Do you think my partner can still do it? Say “yeah”. YEAH! How many people just don’t care? Say “yeah”. YEAH! You’re gona pay more. But we have one big problem. WHAT’S THAT? Now i already know when y partner run… … takes his jump… … all the people are going to leave. WHAT? Yes, we know this. So that makes a good time, my friends come around and get ready to collect… YOUR MONEY! No, no, seriously, we’re not asking you guys for a lot AT ALL. So, come on you guys, look besides your wallet, take out 5 or 10$ and give us the rest. Is that cool? So, what i’m trying to say, we’re trying to do some positive NOT NEGATIVE. So if you guys give us 5$, we’ll go home feeling good. YEAH! If you guys give us 10$, we’ll go home feeling like stars. OH YEAH! If you guys give us 20$, we’ll go home feeling like super stars. WOOO! But if you guys give use a 50 to a 100, we’ll go home… with you, i don’t care! So, please, show your love, not your anger. We’re doing some positive, not negative. COME ON, LADIES & GENTLEMENT, SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! THANK YOU! If you guys are ready to see it, say “yeah”. YEAH! Say “ho yeah”. HO YEAH! Everybody gave money, say “yeah”. YEAH! SOME PEOPLE ARE LYING! (so true) All right white chocolate, this is it! Arms up. All right, bend your knees, touch your toes & don’t fart. Everybody clap. Clap, clap. Everybody clap your hands, let’s go people! Let’s go! Hey, make so noooiiise… Everybody clap! Sorry for any mistake in the transcription. Thanks for watching.


  • Reply RC Wolhar November 10, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    Just saw them in NY by Central Park.. They did a great job and made a couple hundred bucks !

  • Reply Hitumate jeewite January 12, 2017 at 1:58 pm


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