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Grace Music School | Music Lessons Melville & Fort Salonga

January 15, 2020

My name is Grace Heaphy, I’m a pianist and
music educator and director of Suffolk County’s premier music school. I believe that music
is an essential part to every child’s education and preparation for success in life. It’s a different experience teacher here because
the students actually want to be here and want to learn. And that makes a wonderful
experience for both the teacher and the student. When we opened our music school we wanted
to be more than just another music school but rather a music community where friendships
are made and every student young and old can develop their own unique musical talents. It’s really special when everyone gets to
see me play. I just see the happiness in my daughter’s
face when she comes here and music should be a happy, fun thing to do, not a chore. The teachers are so friendly, they come out,
they greet us. It has been a really wonderful opportunity to have her as a student here. Our teachers are what make the difference, and we believe that our teachers are unsurpassed in their ability and commitment to help every student
succeed. We consider it a privilege to share our gift of music with others and we are so
grateful to the hundreds of students and families who have already entrusted us with helping
them share their gift of music as well.

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