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GOJIRA GUITAR TONE & GEAR – Charvel Guitars, Peavey 5150

October 14, 2019

It’s a … There’s a red dot here What is that? Hey guys, I’m Ola Englund and welcome
to my new video Gojira is a band that, even though they existed for a good while, are kind of driving their own path in metal and my favorite album is definitely The Way Of All Flesh The production of that album is just something else Like, the guitar tone of the album is crushing But if you get into detail and listen to them carefully, they’re a bit mushy sounding but with the production and how every instrument
fits together in the mix, altogether It’s just an absolutely slaying sounding album Huh? Yeah This video will be a little different than my previous ones about artists’ tones because I don’t really have that much info on what gear was used on the album The Way Of All Flesh From my research, it seems the album was recorded using a Jackson guitar that they borrowed from Jackson, loaded with a Seymour Duncan JB pickup Today, I’m gonna use this Charvel that I borrowed
from my good friend Jensen that plays in The Haunted with me I borrowed this mainly for the fact that Joe now uses Charvel guitars and it also has a JB pickup in it. Also, tonewise, they nowadays use EVH amplifiers But they’ve also used 5150s and Rectifiers together
in the past So, not entirely sure what they used exactly,
but seems for … The All Way– … The Way Of All Flesh, most people claim they used 6505, which is what Peavey later called their 5150s But seeing how the album is sounding chunky as hell and the pickup being a more medium output pickup I guess they used some kind of overdrive
to boost the amplifier. I have no idea what type of overdrive. For the cover I did together with Delta,
check it out here by the way, of Toxic Garbage Island I used the Fortin 33 pedal to boost the amp, which resulted in a bit tighter sound than what’s on the album but for this video, I’m gonna try
a couple of different ones I have the Fortin 33, I have an Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9, I also have a Horizon Devices Precision Drive And in my cover I also use the Solar Guitar E1.6 ETC because I didn’t have this guitar
when I recorded that cover, that’s just how it is. You just have to live with that. Huh? Huh? Come at me bro. Anyway, a lot of talking, let’s just go. I’m also using a ZUUL Fortin noise gate in the loop, okay? Alright, I think that I’m done and I have sound going And this right here is the green channel
without any overdrive engaged Then red channel Engage the Fortin 33 overdrive Okay, let’s try- Let’s try the red channel real quick Neighbors love me It sounds really good Let’s try another overdrive then F*ckface A classic TS9, this is made in Japan of course. Yes It’s fine. Breathe in … breathe out … It’s fine, I’m happy today. I think, right away, this sounds more like on the album because the album is kind of like …
Yeah, it’s not really that tight sounding I mean, it sounds tight altogether, but you know,
the actual guitar sound is not super tight It’s … this sounds more like what was used
on the album So, probably they used a classic overdrive pedal like the Tube Screamer or something like that into the amplifier. Maybe less gain? That’s nice, I like that. That sounds killer. Which sounds best to boost? Green or red? You decide. Okay, you decide, I’ll wait. The only problem I have with this guitar
is that the volume knob is so close to my hand So, whatever I do I’m always kind of like … like this on the volume knob and you know, when it’s there I kind of like … I want to try and see if I can turn it all the way up
all the time, so I’m not like That’s kind of cool though, I can do that. Which I don’t really necessarily need Like, it sounds really good, I think there’s
too much gain going on and usually when you mic something up, when you mic up a cabinet, and you listen to it afterwards you will hear that you were using too much gain but it’s not as prominent when you sit next to the amp and play, it just sounds super awesome. So … Usually, when you record something for an album,
you don’t have to use as much gain as you think maybe But I mean, just sitting playing with the amp like this,
you know, you just gain it all up Okay, let’s try the Horizon Devices Precision Drive Yeah, I think that out of these overdrive pedals I definitely think that the Ibanez Tube Screamer is more true to the actual Gojira album tone to be honest And yeah, there you have it. It was a lot of fun this video, in the end,
after all the problems I had And obviously, as always, my picking technique is shining through all of this gear So whatever I do and try to … You know, I will never be able to exactly replicate any band or artist as long as I sound like myself But I’m still getting, you know, the good vibe here,
from the Gojira vibe I would say Guys, thank you so much for watching this video. If you liked it, please subscribe to my channel and give me suggestions of other artists to do a video like this for And … Come on, subscribe already, the button is
down here. Look, it’s down there. Click it, okay? And like this video.
Thank you so much guys, see you next time.


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