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GMC SYCLONE / TYPHOON – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

November 1, 2019

(car engine revving) – Tubular! Radical! Bodacious! These are just some of the words that turtles with
martial arts training use to describe GMC’s high
performance compact truck and SUV. Two boxy American sleepers, so alluring even Jay
Leno and Clint Eastwood couldn’t resist their fender flare power. Conceived by Buick, shunned by Chevy and brought to life by GMC; this is everything you need to know to get Up to Speed on
the Syclone and Typhoon! (upbeat music) Making Up to Speed is a dream, but boy, sometimes it can get tough. And I couldn’t do it
without NOS Energy Drink partnering with Donut Media
and me, James Pumphery. Now NOS Energy Drink has
generously supplied the office with refreshing ice-cold
cans of NOS Energy, which is great! But it also creates some
in-office competition when it comes down to the last can. (rock music) I saw it first! I’m getting thirstier again! As the 1980s gave way to the 90s, Americans were transitioning
from acid wash jeans to hammer pants, and
yearning for more powerful, impractical compact trucks. There’s the compact 1989
Shelby Dodge Dakota, but that wasn’t really all that fast. Then, there was the
full-size 1990 Chevy 454 SS which sounded great, but was way too big and still not that fast. (454 SS engine revving) Luckily, just a few years earlier, Buick engineers had been
playing Frankenstein games with the Chevy S10 and
unknowingly gave birth to the fastest truck and SUV of a select few people’s dreams. Much like Raghav, the Buick engineers were kinda the bad boys of General Motors. They developed the
highly-coveted Grand National and were asked to help
Pontiac put the ‘oomph’ in the 230th Anniversary Trans Am, but the Grand National was retired by 1987 and the Trans Am was just, like, bleh… So the Buick engineers
decided to make a super truck! They took the 3.8 liter V6 engine from the Grand National and crammed it into a little S10 engine bay. Then they pitched the
souped-up compact truck to the big wigs and
small toupees of Buick, but those guys were like, “Nah.” So they were disappointed. The engineers thought they’d
pitch the truck to Chevy, since that was what the
prototype was built on but the bow tie boys
weren’t interested either! “Nah.” But then someone from GMC
happened to walk by the truck and asked, “Hey, what’re you
doing with that little truck, don’t ‘ya know?” The first thing on the docket was to come up with a cool name. GMC needed a moniker that
properly conveyed just how fast and devastating this
tiny truck was gonna be. Then one day, looking out the
window, inspiration struck. “Hey, we gotta get down to the basement. “There’s a freaking cyclone outside.” “Well, bring your
notebook to the basement, ’cause I think that’s
what we’re gonna call that new little truck we’re developing!” After that 100% accurate encounter, that I didn’t take any
artistic liberties on at all, they decided to name the new truck– – [Spokesperson] The
Limited Edition Syclone. It’s been called the
“ultimate specialty truck”. – But spelled with an
‘s’ instead of a ‘c’, because it’s based on the S10 Sonoma. Also, Mercury had trademarked
Cyclone with a ‘c’… So. With the perfect name, with the perfect spelling picked out, it was time to develop an new power plan. The 3.8 liter Buick V6 in
the prototype was awesome but required a ton of modification in order to fit under the S10’s hood. So, GMC decided to stick with
the truck’s original 4.3 liter Vortec V6. But the base engine only
made 168 horsepowers and 235 torques, which
wasn’t even nearly enough to give real car enthusiasts
that butt pucker. To turn up the wick, engineers swapped out
a few basic components and developed them with
high-performance versions. They got new pistons,
main caps, head gaskets, intake and exhaust manifolds,
a better fuel system, and a bigger throttle body from the Corvette’s 5.7 liter small block. Then came the real source
of more power, baby. Mitsubishi! TD06 Turbocharger with
a Garrett intercooler. (engine revving) The new and improved power plan was good for 280 horsepowers and 350 twerks! The engine was paired with a four-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive from the GMC Safari, AKA the Astro Van, which
you can learn more about in this video right here. All right kids, let’s
go to hockey practice. – Can we all stop at McDonald’s? – Yeah, I want some nuggets. – Yeah, I wanna get a Big Mac. – Yeah, we can get the McDonald’s. – Yay! Chunky butts on three! One, two, three– Chunky Butts!
– Chunky butts! The all-wheel drive system sent 35% of the power to the front and 65% to the back, where it hooked up to low-profile 245/50 performance tires on 16 inch alloyed wheels. This gave the truck a super sticky launch from a standstill and
the ability to lay down a blistering zero to 60
time of 4 1/2 seconds. In a freaking truck! In the early freaking (belching) 90s! (chuckling) (engine revving) In fact, “Car and Driver” raced it against a Ferrari 348 TS and the Syclone smoked
it in the quarter mile. Even crazier than that, it held the title of “Fastest
Accelerating Vehicle” at the time. That’s insane considering
a 348 was $122,000 and a Syclone was only $25,000. Aside from straight-line speed, the Syclone was much less Ferarri-like. There was no chassis engineering. 63% of the truck’s weight
sat over the front tires. It had a live rear axle and
cornered like a newborn giraffe, if we’re being honest. The suspension was basically cut springs so you couldn’t even think
about off-roading it, and towing with it was “not recommended”. It had drum brakes in the rear and it had the drag
coefficient of a freaking barn. You had to like black because that’s the only color it came in. Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, hi dad, said the interior had– – While although the interior has about as much style as
the gentleman’s lavatories at the Motorway Service Station– – Despite its flaws, GMC sold
just shy of 3000 in the U.S., including one to my, honestly,
probably best friend, Jay leno, who used it
as his daily for years. GMC knew they had something
good in the Syclone but they wanted something great! So they unleashed a second tropical storm on the automotive market; the Typhoon! (engine revving) This two-door SUV was the
El Nino of compact SUVs. It was almost identical to the Syclone, only it was in a GMC Jimmy body. For about four grand more, you
could now seat four people, have leather-clad seats, and
beat a C4 ZR1 in a drag race. Unlike its truck brother, you could choose from an aray of colors. Apple Red, Bright Teal, Aspen Blue; which color of Typhoon is right for you? Fans started calling the
truck-SUV duo “SYTYs”. The more practical of the SYTYs was also the more popular one. Bob Seger bought one; JFK Junior and Dirty Harry
himself, Clint Eastwood. (engine revving) The Syclone was only sold in 1991 with the exception of three 1992 models. The Typhoon enjoyed a
whopping two years of sales, that’s almost twice as much, in ’92 and ’93. But it didn’t sell much better with just under 4700 produced. Why did GMC quit making
such awesome vehicles? Mainly because the company in
charge of modifying the S10s went out of business and
the Mustang and Camaro were way cheaper, sportier choices than the pricey super truck sleepers. (engine revving) But even though the
Syclone had a brief run, there was enough time to make
two limited special editions. There were three indie
Syclone trucks with stickers used at the 1992 Indianapolis 500, but the most notable was
the Marlboro Syclone. And it wasn’t just an appearance package. There were only ten made
which had performance upgrades like a performance chip, a
BORLA stainless-steel exhaust, and a Belltech suspension
that lowered the truck. That’s all well and good, but look at this freaking thing! It’s a Targa-topped truck in Hot Lick Red with Recaro seats and
Boyd Coddington wheels and the only way you could
get your hands on one was to smoke pack after
pack of cancer-causing, Emphysema-inducing
Marlboros to try and win it in a contest. That’s like if Juul, today, gave away Special Edition Subaru WRXs to the guy who blew the biggest clouds. It could happen! While the SYTYs were short-lived, they helped launch a new era
in consumer truck development. Production pickups went
from being utilitarian and off-road capable to being street-only enthusiast vehicles. Who can forget the Chevy
S10 and Blazer Xtremes or the Ford Lightening;
the Dodge Ram SRT-10 with the freaking Viper engine? You guys kidding me? (tires squealing) Not all truck enthusiasts
care about practicality. Some just wanna look cool and go fast. I cannot stress this enough! The Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles are very real but also not nice! Do they fight Shredder? Absolutely. Are they nice? No! (laughing)


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