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Get started on guitar: What guitar should you buy? Guitar Lesson for Complete Beginners (BC-102)

November 5, 2019

Hi, how’re you doin? Justin here. In this lesson today we’re going to be checking out the different types of guitar that exist in the world. Well actually, just three kind of main types, and talking about the pros and cons of each one. If you’re a beginner guitar player, looking to buy your first guitar, what sort of thing you should be looking for. So, there’s three main types of guitar. The one I’m holding in my arms now, is a steel string acoustic guitar. Which is what most people kind of think of, like guitar players think of, when they’re thinking of an acoustic guitar. The other types of guitar are an electric guitar and a classical guitar. And a classical guitar is also a type of an acoustic guitar as well, so we end up in this funny area where things are not quite falling into one of the three categories. But that’s the most important three. Now, when you’re choosing which one of them you’re going to play, there’s a few things that kind of set it off straight away. If want to play rock guitar, get an electric guitar. Full stop, easy, done, sold. If you’ve got not very much money to spend and you’re really looking at as cheap a guitar as possible, get an electric guitar. I know that sounds kind of funny, that you think “oh, it’s an electric guitar, it’s got more fancy stuff in it”, but actually the problem is, with acoustic guitars, especially steel string acoustic guitars, when they’re really cheap, they’re really difficult to play. They’ve got what’s called a high action, which means that the strings are quite far away from the fingerboard, usually, and so they’re really, really difficult to play barre chords on. They tend to not sound very nice as well, cheap acoustic guitars, ’cause they’re made of laminated wood and my general opinion is, that if you’ve got not very much money, an electric guitar is a far better way to go. If you want to play classical guitar, you should definitely buy a classical guitar. Hey, a little bit obvious that one there, Justin, thanks! But it’s true. You don’t want to be trying to play classical music on a steel string guitar or an electric guitar. That said, I’m not really a classical guitar teacher, I don’t cover classical guitar as part of my course. I don’t really think it’s the best, most fun thing to learn guitar on, classical guitar ’cause it’s all like learning to read notes and playing one note at a time and stuff and it’s a bit easier to kind of just get going if you’re playing chords and stuff. Anyway, so, this is a steel string acoustic guitar. The things to look for when you’re checking out an acoustic guitar is: 1: does it sound nice? Now, the best thing you can do when you’re going shopping for a guitar if you’re a beginner is: take somebody who knows what they’re doing. Right? Take somebody who’s played guitar for a bit, can strum a few chords, you can have a listen to it, see if you like the sound of it. If you’re a complete beginner and you know nothing, you kind of have to rely on the sales people and a lot of the time, they’re kind of full of it and don’t really tell you the truth because they’re trying to sell you something, right? So, On the website, there’s a link from the BC-102, which will give you some links to some products and stuff and some stores that I recommend. But the big thing you’re looking for here, on a steel string acoustic guitar, is that that action is not too high. And that’s like the distance here, between the string and the fret. If you press the string down, you know, you probably don’t want it to be more than, I don’t know, three or four millimeters at the twelfth fret. Right? Definitely not five millimeters or more. Because you will get them that high on a cheap guitar. So I wouldn’t be looking at really cheap steel string acoustic guitars, but you can do if you want. You can get a thing called electro-acoustics as well, which is an acoustic guitar with a pickup system, which this is. I’ve got a little volume controls and stuff here. This guitar has actually got a little microphone built into it, you don’t really need that when you’re a beginner. If later on you’re going to do gigs and stuff, you can retrofit it later. You can get the electric system put in afterwards. Or, you can buy yourself a guitar. So, another guitar, a better guitar maybe. So if you’re learning on one guitar, you can get a fairly cheap one to learn on. When you decide that kind of professional now, you want to go and do a gig, then buy another guitar. You know, I’d be more inclined to do that than spending a whole lot of money. Especially on a budget guitar, you don’t want to waste money on an electric system. Because it’s a budget guitar, the electric system’s not going to be very good either and it’s going to take more money away from just having a nice guitar in the first place. So, that’s a steel string guitar. Okay, this is a classical guitar. And these are quite easy to play. I learned on a classical guitar. Also, they’re called a nylon string acoustic because the strings aren’t metal anymore, we’re talking about nylon. Used to be made of cat gut, believe it or not. Definitely glad my cat wans’t around in the days when they did cat gut guitar strings. Anyway, the strings are made of nylon now so you don’t have to worry if you’re an animal lover. These can be quite cheap. I’ve started off on a Yamaha GC-100 I think, or 110. And it was a fanstastic guitar. It didn’t cost very much. Yamaha make really good nylon string acoustics, highly recommend them. I don’t play them anymore, but for beginner’s guitars, they’re really wicked. Don’t worry about getting one with an electric system, you don’t need it. They’re slightly wider in the neck here. The height, or no not the height, the width of the neck can be considerably wider. You know, 10 mils, I suppose, wider, so quite a lot. So a nylon string acoustic guitar can be great for people with big hands as well. That’s a really, really helpful thing there if you’ve got big hands. And the strings are also a little bit further apart. So it can make it a little easier to fret your chords out when you’re starting again if, you know, for a big handed dude. You’ll have a lot of trouble getting further up the fingerboard here, because you don’t have any access to the higher frets which could cause you problems, but probably not. A lot of children learn on these because of the nylon strings and they’re a little bit softer on the fingers. Don’t really recommend it. They’re good for, the one thing they’re good for is people with big hands. Right, a classical guitar is great for that. Or really young children if they’re worried about playing on the metal strings and their fingers, the skin on their fingers is too soft. Generally nice, they just don’t kind of have the same sound. Classical guitars have a very different sound . . . to a steel string acoustic guitar. A lot more suited for . . . that kind of thing, or you know . . . you know, for doing that kind of guitar, more so than kind of strumming along, they don’t tend to sound so good when they’re strummed. So, that’s a classical guitar. Okay, the last type of guitar we’re going to have a look at, is an electric guitar. Now, this is a Fender Stratocaster. Which are a really good, kind of standard electic guitar. You know, they sound good, they’re quite versatile. There are thousands of different types of electric guitar and the one that you choose is really up to what you like and what sort of sound you want to get and what guitar players you think look cool or whatever. You know, there’s not really a big deal about electric guitar. But there is some big deals on electric guitar that are really important when you’re considering buying one as a beginner. In fact, I really recommend getting an electric guitar as a beginner guitar player, for a few reasons. First of all: they’re easier to play. Generally, the strings are closer to the neck, so it’s easier to press down the chords. The neck is a little thinner, which for most people is an advantage when they’re trying to stretch out for the chords. It’s a little bit easier to start off with. They’re a lot quieter. You can still hear an electric guitar without an amplifier. So don’t be under the impression you have to buy an amplifier if you get an electric guitar. You don’t, you can play acoustically. You’re not going to be very loud, right? Which is maybe a good thing for your neighbours when you’re learning guitar. But you’ll hear like . . . it’s perfectly audible for you to hear while you’re playing. You know, no question. So, getting an electric guitar is good for that as well. There’s some really good quality budget electric guitars around. The Yamaha Pacifica is the one that springs to mind. Ibanez do some really good budget electric guitars, Fender Squiers are okay, there’s been a few quality control issues in ones I’ve seen lately and they’re really cheap ones, but definitely like the Pacificas great. I don’t have a deal with Yamaha, it’s just I think they’re really, really good, cheap electric guitar. You know, pretty decent sound, play well. So it’s really, that’ll be the thing that my personal recommendation is that if you’re going to learn guitar, you’re just starting out, you don’t know what sort of guitar to get, get an electric guitar. Simple. Don’t worry about getting an amplifier and stuff yet, save that for a little bit later when you know what you’re doing, what sort of sounds you want to make and stuff. Don’t worry about anything fancy, just standard, you know, Yamaha Pacifia or Squier Stratocaster or, I don’t know what the Ibanez one’s called. Or whatever, you know. Any of those. Again, there’ll be some links on the website for some specific guitars that I recommend and why. And I just wanted to discuss with you the ideas of the pros and cons between the electric, classical and the steel string guitar. Another thing that you might see is a semi-acoustic guitar. Or a hollow body electric guitar. Which are kind of a regular electric guitar, they’re mainly used in jazz. And their bodies are a little bit thicker and they’re actually hollow inside. So they’re kind of somewhere between an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. But definitely, in my opinion, in the electric guitar family. Not a bad thing if that’s what tickles your fancy, then that would be a great thing. Otherwise, just get yourself a nice, simple electric guitar and off you go. And instead of thinking about, or spending too much time thinking about what guitar to get, think a lot about doing loads of practice and getting good real quick. Much better idea. Okay, hope that’s helped you in your dilemma a little and I shall see you for another lesson very soon. Bye bye!


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    Justin, I couldn't agree with you more. Beginners on cheap acoustic guitars are almost certain to fail and give up. Electrics are a lot easier to play. The idea of buying a cheap guitar doesn't always pay as they are usually harder to play, like Justin said. Actions too high. I also agree with Justin's comments around Yamaha guitars. Yamaha makes some excellent guitars that aren't that expensive. I used to have a Pacifica 412 and I wish I had never sold it. Squiers are OK if you get the better ones ie. standard series or better. Affinity or Bullet series not worth the money. Overall, I always recommend Yamaha when someone asks me what to learn on, particularly if they have a fairly limited budget. 

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    i dont think an electric guitar is the best for a beginer really. acoustics are more playable, 1) electric guitars definitely need an amp, the sound without an amp is totally weak and surely turn you off from practice. 2) when you are a beginer you will not sound good so you will keep wondering is it me or is it the amp settings, so this will turn you off, also a bad playing will sound even worse,especially cause amp provides louder sound 3) the greatest time you will have with your guitar and maybe the most valuable in learning is when you are  just relaxing and playing around, this will not happen that much with an electric cause you have to plug in to the specific place you have placed your amp, the guitar is more heavy too, it's far more possible to grab your acoustic and lean on bed or anywhere and just mess around. I know many people who start on electric guitar  abandoned it

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    Any guitar will be ok for a beginner. The main thing is that you start playing. Learning a few songs to build up your finger strength and coordinating your right and left hand is the task at hand(lol) I reccomend going to your local pawn shop and take a look at their guitar section. Don't spend more than$100 on a starter electric guitar. I started on an old Squire Electric i bought for $60 and i played it for 6 years before i bought another(because my family was poor) but even with sub-par action and not-so-good sound i was still able to learn all i needed to learn and work my fingers to be able to play barre chords, bends, and hammer-ons and pull offs. Good lesson.

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    A, because I want to play folk and B, I cant afford to buy a guitar just to learn the basics on then have to buy another to play the type of music I like.
    Being a novice I would have thought going from a light actioned electric to a reasonable heavy action acoustic requires some re-training of the fingers, were going the other way from heavy to light would be a piece of cake, am I wrong?
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    CAT-GUT: I'm not sure, but I suspect that the name "cat-gut" originally may have been a contraction for "cattle gut." I think cattle were more likely to have been the animals that the original strings were made from. After a while, people may have thought that "cat-gut" was a snappier name than "cattle gut." The fact that the word "cat" also describes felines may have been a coincidence.

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  • Reply Enraged Chihuahua November 18, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    I am a really cheap bastard when it comes to the things I buy for myself and I am always hunting for value.

    After a long hiatus I did some research, watched a bunch of vids, read even more threads from fans and detractors alike and returned to guitar playing with a newly purchased "route 66" Les Paul clone from monoprice for about 130 bones. I figured if this turned out to be a bad idea I had 30 days to return it.

    Out of the box my 66 played way better than I expected for the money I spent. I was pretty happy and shredded with delight.

    Six months later I found myself still playing and after watching Gary at Folkstone Guitars perform some gnarly upgrades on his 66 (sadly the videos are down wtf man?) I grew some courage and modded mine with some discount parts from and this dog learned some new tricks like how to replace a pair of humbuckers, how to file a bone nut, and how to properly set the action and intonation of a guitar.

    Then the bug bit me again and I found myself searching for that next cheap guitar and 90 duckets later another box from monoprice arrives and inside it was a beautiful black strat clone called a "california classic".

    Played it loved it bought another one on sale so now I have the black one tuned down a half step for Hendrix goodness and a 2 tone sunburst tuned and intonated to open G so every time I want to channel Keith Richards through my jazzbone I just reach for the burst. With the stock setup these sound and play great in fact I found these guitars to be easier to play than the 66 and I would recommend the california classic over the 66 for any beginner attempting to learn this great art or for anyone who like me is returning to playing after a long spell.

    Monoprice has sales with some frequency and the lowest I seen the cali go was around 70 bucks. They also have discounted axes that have been scratched or dented right now for 75. I have absolutely no affiliation with or am being compensated by monoprice guitarfetish or folkstone guitars I just wanted to share my positive experiences.

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    I want an acoustic guitar. I like the idea of playing anytime anywhere and even though many songs are played on an electric guitar, you can still learn how to play it on an acoustic and it actually makes the song more beautiful 90% of the time.
    Anyway though I already have a first act guitar I got when I was little it's acoustic, nylon string, it's kinda small, and it's PINK (not the problem though) I broke it's third string because I was a crazy kid that "tuned" it and suddenly heard a snap! The thing is tuned so horribly the strings are all messed up aside from the broken one I let kids that I babysit manhandle it and it's seriously dusty. I wanna learn now but I know absolutely nothing about brands or if someone is giving me a good deal… I'm not even 100% sure if I want steel string or stick with nylon since it's my first time playing and might be hard on my "beefy" fingers says the weak girl with tiny fingers
    If I like playing the guitar enough I'll definitely buy other kinds of guitars to try them all but… The first guitar really kinda sets the stage for all experiences later on… For me at least.
    (my brother just put "cash, cash and uh… more cash" on his)

  • Reply suzanne Reed September 21, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    Hi ! I was 13 when I got my first guitar (This is realllllly long 'comment" –but just want to encourage anyone to play guitar or whatever else you want to learn! and I CHEER you on !

    Young or Old ..even if you just want to learn a few chords –for fun and your own enjoyment at home, or you are starting on a music career.. YouTube Vids are so helpful! Thank you Justin and all those out there on YouTube for helping people learn.

    Im 66 now and have had an ongoing life in music that's still going! I taught myself via chord books and just listening to old records. I was so grateful there WERE chord books out there in 1963! My parents couldn't afford to get me lessons (also I wanted to learn to play BY EAR) and teachers refused to teach anyone who resisted reading music) (that's a long story and one i'll tell in my book! ) Anywayyyyy

    . I loved singing so I was determined to be able to accompany myself on guitar . This was during 1963 to 66. Folk Songs were BIG.. With 3-4chords you could sing a bunch of songs! Then late 60s into the 70's amazing Singer/Songwriters like CSN and Joni Mitchell and Eagles etc all started putting out amazing songs and harmonies… more detailed chord progressions , GREAT stuff. My timing was good. My mission was to learn 200 songs and start working full time life in music singing to audiences — I wasn't even thinking about writing or recording but singing to people WAS my focus,
    And Im happy, and VERY grateful, to say that at age 18 that's what happened and I've been busy ever since.

    I'm now 66 yrs old. Im not "well known". but I've had the most bitchin life playing music as my career .
    I sang full time 4-6 nights a week., 4- 5 sets a night for 24 yrs , making a good living at it ( i even bought a house up in Monterey late 70s (sold it too soon DAMN).. ah well)
    Back them every hotel and restaurant and bar in SanDiego and up and down Calif and US, had music in them in the late 60s, all of 70s and 80s. There were great ongoing -gigs if you had memorized a ton of songs and knew how to sing and play well and just s importantly how to sell a song on stage and entertain a crowd. We who worked these gigs made a great living $50 to $75 a night (great money back then ) playing Restaurant chains that would have you play 1-10 mos in one place then the Booking Agent would book you into another one of their places elsewhere around town or out of town.. and this just kept going.
    n the 90s it all started to cut back a bit but it was again good timing for me. I had married and had my two (now grown ) sons. So i had more time with them when they were young. But all along i' kept music part time in my life too I'd do 8-15 gigs a month.
    My road still continues. Im on Soc Sec now .. and do about 8 gigs a month. What a road it STILL is. I can honestly see myself at age 100 out there somewhere with my guitar singing songs in Cafes or in my Senior Center! why stop playing if i can still play?

    I've kept a journal since age 13. I love reading the entries . So glad I have that journal . because one's memory fades a bit and to have the stories wrtten down and the dates and info right there is a good thing. (my two grown sons enjoy the stories too. They keep saying I should write a book and have it published, They can do that once I'm gone! I'm busy right nows still living my life and making more ENTRIES in the journal I tell them!

    Both sons love music The older one didn't want to play music or perform (no stages for him likes being an introvert! Good for him I say!) But he truly knows who's who out there in the underground! music scene. We go to him for who's the latest unknowns out there that people are talking about! He works in Law offices or Credit Ck offices and happy there!

    The other one (Michael Philip Reed (ck him out on YouTube!)!! knew at age 10 he was going to be a multi instrumentalist musician singer songwriter, We saw him sit at a piano and "figure out " by ear some great melodies like Pink Panther theme and Chuck Levelle parts on Eric Clapton's Unplugged album.
    Michael and I even play shows together once in awhile here in San Diego or in Europe at friends house concert etc. what a trip — SO fun! He's busy in his own music career but still finds time to sing with his OLE ma now and then. People love those shows. 🙂

    He went miles beyond me on guitar by time he was 17 . He . taught himself great stuff and is just one of those who can play all over the neck and figure out beautiful chords on the spot! He also taught himself piano and drums and bass, and harmonica, banjo, mandolin and pedal steel etc. )

    But anyway What a journey THE GUITAR has taken me on all these years!

    I encourage YOU to give it a try. Buy (or borrow ) a decently made guitar and see if you like playing guitar! Give it a shot. Make sure the guitar is well made. otherwise it's killer on the fingers and you may quit before you even get going Altho when one is determined–it's amazing what we can tolerate! Right? (My first guitar was horrid, My fingers BLED .. but i was determined to play . I got a Nylon string guitar later and that was so much easier on my fingers.. but had to get used to wider neck) I have some lovely guitars now of course But I wish I had that first awful guitar around to remind me that we can overcome anything when determined! (it got stepped on at a slumber party ! It was crushed, so was I! )

    Anyway no matter what your ( healthy) passion is.. (music , dance, visual arts, acting, writing, cooking, trekking, basket weaving.. stamp collecting, whale watching , .et al.. Find a way to pursue it EVEN if its been years since you picked up that saxophone or stamp book Get back to it,. It's part of YOU!

    YOUTUBE VIDS are out there for you to learn more about your interests and that's so cool!

    . Our work takes us places and introduces us to people and interesting things… but it's our HOBBIES that also take us to amazing chapters and interesting people in our lives! And the best part? They take us to our true "SELVES". ( Im lucky my work was my hobby ..but again I encourage anyone to have fun learning a new skill or instrument etc. JUST for the fun of it !

    Ok this is YAKKY SUZANNE saying HELLO and thanks to JUSTIN (and all the other "teachers" out there on YOUTUBE )encouraging others to enjoy life . NIX any vids that are NEGATIVE messages. and OPT for those that lift your life and spirits. Corny ? yes I guess I am !
    but I'm all about cheering YOU on to be your best self no matter who you are. We are in this human "family" —millions of us out there. I cheer you on to your best self. Then get out there and share your positive info with others too and cheer them on! IN SPITE OF the craziness out there in the world today there is THIS going on.. human to human cheering each other on. one person at a time. I believe in the power of that.. it's massive! OK happy cheering! 🙂 Sooz

  • Reply Darryl Johnson September 30, 2016 at 10:09 pm

    I wish I watched this before I bought my cheap-ass acoustic. I thought I was just terrible at doing bar chords.

  • Reply Kovy November 20, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    Fuck! Wish I saw this before buying acoustic.

  • Reply veridisquo December 20, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    As a beginner who started with an acoustic guitar just because I already had one at home, I'd like to reinforce your tip about getting an electric guitar. I got one after just a few months with an acoustic guitar, and it's so much easier to play – thanks to the electric guitar not being so huge, you can actually see what notes you're picking, and your strumming hand doesn't feel awkward, and of course it's super easy to get clear notes.

  • Reply Dahlia Harris January 6, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    So I have classical guitar, my uncle let me have his. I am 20 years old and I have never played guitar before so I thought I would try and teach myself. I have to say when I'm playing, it is quite hard to play, when it come to reaching for the strings on the neck. I thought it was just because I have never played before and I have to get use to it. But he said that the neck is wider on a classical guitar, so that just makes it harder cause my hands are not that big.

  • Reply hmu Philly January 16, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    what I learned

  • Reply oquillo February 8, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    What I learned
    but I already bought an acoustic guitar……….. for $1. So take that electric!!

  • Reply Flayshon August 6, 2017 at 4:45 am

    I got a semi-hollow telecaster as my first guitar and it was the best thing I ever did. It's really light-weight, confortable to play and sounds great without an amp. Highly recommend them for anyone 🙂

  • Reply YoungQwuanOf HxD February 2, 2018 at 12:03 pm

    lmao i have an american made strat

  • Reply James Field February 13, 2018 at 4:29 am

    All I have is a classical will I benefit from this

  • Reply Judith Armstrong February 13, 2018 at 8:33 am

    Fantastic information. Thanks Justin

  • Reply Sherrie February 20, 2018 at 10:09 am

    I really appreciate the lessons.  I like the happy easy going style and great information for beginners. Thank u.

  • Reply HellBang June 1, 2018 at 3:06 pm

    Шапка как у гопника ))

  • Reply chris4072511 August 31, 2018 at 10:33 am

    My tip for anyone who wants to try out guitar but only has access to an acoustic is to get it strung with lighter electric strings ie what is knows as "a set of 9's". This will be much easier to play than the typical heavy strings found on acoustics and not really that much quieter. Just don't smack them to pieces with a 1mm solid plectrum! In some cases it may be necessary to adjust the truss rod but it probably won't come to that.

  • Reply Nguyễn Khánh November 7, 2018 at 2:15 am

    Which Beginner Guitar Today?

  • Reply How I See The World November 13, 2018 at 1:44 am

    My first guitar was £50 off Amazon, and my second one which I have now in Australia is $200. I have exactly what he mentioned with the strings being far away from the fret and it was very frustrating. I thought all guitars were like this until I played on a more expensive one and found it way easier! The same way learning acoustic and then playing an electric is easier, I'm glad I stuck it out on the cheap guitars because Barre Chords are easy now 🙂

  • Reply Isabelle March 1, 2019 at 1:57 pm

    I just asked my dad if I could get his electric guitar (he has like 9 so it was fine haha)

  • Reply petesy May 9, 2019 at 12:02 am


  • Reply Dave Armstrong July 9, 2019 at 10:03 pm

    I want to add (as a beginner) that I found neck feel VERY important. I have thick hands from construction and Schecter's thin neck works although it's tougher to not touch the other strings. Overall, I like this. Second and third neck feel is Jackson and Ibanez. I like the longer necks and a bit more distance between the strings but overall… it's schecter. I just got a diamond series hellraiser without the Floyd Rose bridge… I'm not ready to tune those! But for beginners, neck feel for the win.

  • Reply Yair Diaz August 23, 2019 at 2:58 am

    Basically an electric is easier because the strings are lighter while acoustic strings are a little thicker but once your used to acoustic, electric will basically be nothing to you to play because your fingers are used to the thick strings

  • Reply Stabgan - Music October 29, 2019 at 3:12 pm

    ordered squier affinity montego black metallic hss config

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