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Free Acoustic Guitar VST Instrument Plugins

November 14, 2019

Hey guys, in this video we’re going to test
out 3 completely free acoustic guitar virtual instrument plugins that we can use to create
an acoustic guitar sound within our computer. The quality of these free plugins varies,
and we’ll hear what they are all capable of. We’ll compare all of these plugins using
a MIDI track I created on the Akai MPK249, and I used the keyboard to offset the timing
of the chords to make it sound like a guitar strum. The first plugin we’ll look at is Spicy
Guitar by Keolab. This basically sounds like a cheap guitar
synth, even though we’ve done lots of work to make the MIDI track sound very natural
by varying the velocity and the timing of all the notes, so this is probably about as
good as we’ll get out of this plugin. Surprisingly, this plugin does have a lot
of presets and includes controls for reverb, steel vs nylon string guitar, picking position,
and much more, but the very fake guitar sound we get out of it makes it pretty much useless. Next up is DSK Guitars Acoustic, by DSK Music. This plugin is slightly better than the previous
one, but it still sounds like a fake acoustic guitar. The controls are a lot simpler to use, giving
us attack, decay, sustain and release, like a lot of the other DSK plugins, and we get
a level control. The best free acoustic guitar vst instrument
plugin that we’ve found is the Ample Guitar M Lite II, by Ample Sound. This is the only free acoustic guitar plugin
we’ve come across that can actually decently replicate a real guitar. For controls, we get stuff like, panning,
width with a doubling control, which I rlike for a stereo acoustic guitar, and a bunch
of various other controls. We can even do things like switch between
open and palm muted chords by hitting the C0 and D0 keys on the keyboard, which actually
corresponds to the C1 and D1 notes in our DAW because the keyboard is messed up. Even in the plugin the notes and labels are
of the wrong octave, but they do play correctly. When using this plugin, I like to keep it
in keyboard mode, which doesn’t consider the guitar strings a note is on, since it
doesn’t have the full range up the strings anyways for playing up the neck. This plugin also has a strummer tool, which
I don’t use, since I try to get everything nailed down in MIDI instead. It can also load tabs from a Guitar Pro format
that other software uses. Last we get a few FX pedals to alter our sound,
including compression, overdrive, EQ, chorus, phaser, delay, reverb, and wah. If I were to actually use this plugin in a
piece of music, I think I would limit it to something simple like a single chord strum,
since programming a full acoustic strumming section in MIDI with the note offsets would
be very difficult and time consuming, but overall the plugin does have a very decent
sound to. Thanks for checking out this video on free
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