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FORTUNATE SON 🔷CCR 🔷Guitar Lesson – Beginner

November 7, 2019

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is printing my guitar lesson series So today I’ll show how to play fortunate son by CCR So I’ll play it first Then I’ll play show house waiting up for not using tabs Okay, so it plays an intro first there it is Okay, I split made played mainly on the 4Th and 2nd strings Okay, so 4th string slide up to the 9th fret second-string a threat let’s light [up] for the 4th string 7th fret 2nd string 6 fret Okay, that’s the fourth string third fret slide up to the fifth second string fifth fret The [fourth] string [second] fret slide [up] the third second string Third fret into the fifth string first fret [oh] six string top string third fret [again] slowly you Okay, now the verse okay the rhythm after [it’s] song is like this So it’s one two and three [and] four in so many of the feel later on you can get a little more eccentrically Okay, so I’ll play it first [ah] first verse Okay, so that’s g top string 6 fret top string third fret It’s a power chord basically then f which is the top string first fret Then to the C. Which is this death string third fret? then two back to G top string third fret and That’s the course I Mean so that’s the first Okay, the chorus is almost the same. It’s this is it here Okay, same as before g power chord top string third fret [goes] to d. Which is the fifth string fourth fret And slide down two frets to see fifth string third fret then [2g] top string third fret Okay And now the bridge at 1 minute 18 minutes in the song I’ll play first you Okay, that’s on the second and third strings Okay, so slide up to third string seventh fret and 2nd string 6 fret Then down to down on fret on each Which is the third string 6 fret [fifth] fifth fret on the second string? Then with the same pattern slide down So that’s the second string [first] fret and third string second, right? slide up two frets To the second string third fret and the fourth string. I’m sorry the third string for threat And that’s pretty much the song look. I hope this lesson has been helpful and thanks for watching


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  • Reply Rashed Al R August 5, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    A classic

  • Reply Frankie Barr August 5, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    awesome video quality bobby! thanks for the lesson!

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    You can learn knock me down by Red hot chili peppers? And obviously make a video lesson, please:)

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    Great lesson 🙂

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    ever thought about doing any dire straits?

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    I can see a metallica poster in your pickup xD great vid bobby 🙂

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    love your vidz Bobby!!! keep it up

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    excellent lesson ,

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    Yea more CCR, maybe Green River?

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    I'd love to see a Brothers in Arms lesson Bobby!

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    How about 'Up around the bend', or 'Green River'?

  • Reply IAmJawz August 6, 2012 at 1:45 am

    Bobby, why didn't you do the song I asked for? Okay, I'll post it on every new video then, which the song is Learning to Fly by Pink Floyd.

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    That's awesome. A fan made a request and you pretty much instantly made a tutorial. That is cool, really shows you care.

  • Reply Toxische Fleisch August 6, 2012 at 3:17 am

    Hey Bobby, what do you think about teaching us how to play S.A.T.O. by Ozzy osbourne?

  • Reply TheMusicLover1959 August 6, 2012 at 3:55 am

    Thanks, Bobby! As always, a great and easy to follow lesson. I appreciate you taking the time to do these videos.

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    I'll second Up Around The Bend

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    You're on fire Mr Crispy! Lots of good lessons.

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    love this song thanks for posting really good vids

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    Thank you so much Bobby amazing lessons and can you please do Psychosocial – Slipknot next ?

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    Diiiiiiiireee straits!!

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    "Hi im Bobby Crispy"

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    Hi Bob! What happened with your lesson about Little Wing? Congratulations for the channel and I'm sorry for my english errors, because I'm Brazilian. Thank you for your lessons.

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    you need to do more ccr

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    Nice! Now, ZAPPA! 😉

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    The Crispy one strikes again! – Nice lesson sir – thanks

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    nice lesson adding the tablature is great

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    do you think you can teach us some early UFO stuff with mick bolton? 😛

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    he did your request

  • Reply mojojasons February 14, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    Hey, Bobby… Great lesson but you're actually playing it completely wrong. The tuning for the song is DGCFAD. That's how he is able to get all of those pull offs to open strings. Do yourself a favor and watch a video of Fogerty playing it live and it's plain as day.. The guitar is tuned a whole step down.

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    could you do BAD MOON rising virson?


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    awsome bobby I have just started to learn the guitar (aged 38) 😉 present from a mate and in 2 weeks have learned sooooo much from your easy lessons!!

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    Very nice and really understandable

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    Awesome I never thought i could play the opening riff Thanks I just have to work on speed of it now.

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    Yes !!!

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    Mr.Crispy , could you possibly do a Grand Funk tutorial Inside Looking Out?

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    One of the better lessons for this song.

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    nice and slow, great for easy picking up on this one, wrote it all down too, thanks

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    stop giving lessons !

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    Great lesson man! What effects are you using? Sounds great! I don't need brands just type? Chorus, delay?

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    con poxipol me hice un buen soufle

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    I'm learning guitar independently, and your videos are a great help.  Thank you.

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    Good video…..Thanx!

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    More like Bobby Lispy

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    got this whole thing down with 1 view! great tutorial.

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    Bobby you stuff is always so clear and concise…thanks for all your efforts…

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    thanks very moch bobb is my song. from mexico

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    What guitar type do you have to have

  • Reply Giacomo Bergonzi September 11, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    Is the original in standard E tuning?

  • Reply Nick February 6, 2016 at 1:00 am

    YOU MY FRIEND are an outstanding teacher. I'm a newbie to guitar and I picked this song right up……………. I want to say thank you for helping me enjoy the guitar……………………….

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    BOBBY CRISPY…… not a name I'll forget, know this has been out there for a while but, thanks, really !

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    Very easy song but It´s great. Thanks for the lesson!

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    thank you X 226.929, great guitar lesson

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    I am self-taught (aside from some basic lessons for open chors WAY in the beginning) and rely on tutorials like yours, Marty, etc. and for some reason, as simple as this song is, I could never get it. not sure why until I realized I was playing all open chords instead of power chords. Thank you for your tutotial. New fave. Subscribed!

  • Reply Ricgard Smith March 28, 2017 at 2:21 am

    love your channel. your a great teacher and thx for tabbing it out slow, makes it so much easier then most nonsense on here, best teacher on you to, by far

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    Been watching Bobby Crispy for years, he's the man, much better than most

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    where were the tabs

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