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Fatichar – A song about busking | Buskers of Sydney | #shawas project

September 10, 2019

Roams on the streets, alone, all by himself , a busker. Brings smile on the sad faces Becomes the source of happiness for strangers A busker breaks the shackles of gold… …to ornament the dirty streets
of the city with his own voice. 5 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents would tip the rich Weighs humanity against hefty profits , the rich The rich splurge on the shallow materialism and
on the cure of diseases. Yells at the busker, “Get outta here!!!”. The busker stumbles, fumbles and falls… … yet he rises again to give away his
treasures of happiness on the corners of every street. What was yesterday? Will there be tomorrow? Laugh even in pain, this is the teaching of busking. When the world falls asleep. He stays awake to hone his craft. ‘Rejection’ which the people are afraid of. A busker faces it everyday. If you could look outside of your phone’s camera,
just for once at the world with your own eyes. Then learn from a busker,
how to live the life in a single moment. Everyone has a place in his heart. He burries pain in the oceanic depths of his heart. He is free from the fake life of the people. Taller than the tallest walls made by the society. “Keep your dreams alive…” “… and keep blowing in the wind”, says a busker. Dances on the sounds of the streets, laughs and sings. Gives away his treasures of happiness
on the corners of every street. Every busker!!!


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    Beautiful😍💓 🙂

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