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September 9, 2019

We got this dude right here on a skateboard got no legs. He just starts feeling him out of nowhere. Oh My – excuse me. That’s my ass. It’s clearly not his butt you are yo he’s just gonna pick him up You must be a hundredseventy percent sure this man is. No there’s no legs. What is he doing? Where’s his legs? Yo stop, stop this is sexual harra(ssment) Is that a toe? yo this is not sexual harassment anymore this is (Laughs ) look at him paddle away Well you guys asked for a part two So here is a part two of Homeless People Getting Exposed if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you leave a a like This is gonna be fun. There’s some quality editing yoo this guy’s on to me over i’ma get out Look at that hand just stick out. He doesn’t even care it’s like peeking out. He’s running away This dude’s recording me. He’s just going to start run into the middle of the street. I’m gonna make like a car and run I’ve got you in my sights Your sister? I seen you guys a lot here in this corner your sister looks exactly like you she’s got a phone and a chair a camping chair and a phone And you ask him for money? She has a like twin sister that works the same corner Southside She asking for money over there too? yeah soon. What do you need money for this time? She doesn’t know what she’s asking money for what do you need money for this time? If you don’t ask for money at least then have an answer prepared the sign says funeral We had my cousin’s funeral here a couple weeks ago And they’re using the same sign to get funeral donations again You know I always see this and I’m like this is such Bullshit cuz this used to happen a lot in my old house like everybody would always have a sign that said they needed money for a funeral And it was always for a baby They were like baby died need money for a funeral and it was always the same people. There’s a few places out of your hiring right? (x2) Yeah, how come you guys don’t ask for a job? Cuz I’m disabled. You’re disabled? ( I’m disabled} So don’t you get a check? She said she just admitted she’s getting a check from the government. If she’s getting a check She has an address if she has an address she’s living somewhere. She has a house Why do you need to be asking for money? What are you doing here? You just chilling? I’m not asking for money You’re not asking for money then? No, I’m not asking for money my sister’s asking for money but but where’s your sister? What do you need help with? What’s she doing right now? what do you need help with? Yeah, that’s fake What do you need help with? There’s a lot of people that does it Yeah, that’s fake,Yeah but what you’re doing is fake, these people are so stupid Please donate to my stupid fund that’s what their sign should if you’re honest like that I would donate I would donate to your stupid fund. What is the funeral thing for? What is the funeral thing for? we already had the funeral Bro, they’re asking for money for a funeral they already had y’all need money for the after funeral okay This keeps getting better and better. We need money because the guy is dead still Oh good point and you got you got a better car than me I ain’t got a car. She driving a car I Don’t know what you’re talking about you asking for money in the middle of the street and you drive a 2014 car So you’re gonna tell me you’re not gonna drive this car? Your son is gonna come pick you up? Listen, I work hard for my money I don’t appreciate this shit And that’s why people like you get taken advantage of people like me. This is bullshit I see this car here tomorrow. I’m gonna fucking bust a window He’s like is this your car? No this isn’t my car.My son’s Gonna pick me up in a sec. I’m just sitting in it right now I I don’t know whose car it is. It’s definitely not mine. I can assure you. I am homeless. I don’t have a car And you’ve got you got a better car than me. There’s too many fakes This is what I’m telling you like I used to give money to homeless people all the time and now every time I see homeless people. I’m like I’m watching you Wow yeah, I would be hella mad too I would be really pissed like he’s giving her money every single day so she has money to Go get a meal and she’s sitting here in a brand-new car I’d be mad too cuz at first. I’m like why is he coming at this old lady He didn’t even have money to get food for himself I’ll give you 100 pounds if you say anything yeah, yeah, I’m gonna get a hunch. I’m sure He just started talking out of nowhere Ha ha ha ha Yo this guy has no legs, and the army guy is just picking him up. It’s just a kid oh, he’s got feet Dang! get exposed Yo people in other countries have no chill. What is this? They see somebody that like has a disability or like no legs, no feet, no something. They like grab him pick him up Are you legit? People would never do that in America Imagine actually doing that and the person was legit That’s why you don’t do it for the slightest chance that they are actually disabled I mean, how shitty would you feel? yo we got another one Yo why you tryna to fight him? Why you tryna fight him? Damn there goes all his money some got one of those fakes. Yo how does he even hide a leg in there? No ,no, no, this one looks real,this guy looks real why is he so mad at him? No, no, no, no way. He’s hiding legs in there. There is no way. If he’s hiding them He’s hiding them like this but, I don’t think he is. I think this one’s real. But this dude thinks he’s fake. What do you guys think is this guy real or fake? He just said her arm isn’t cut off. Yo that’s a little girl. Dang! he just goes Get exposed, he’s like I know she got arms I know she got arms under there. And then three guys just pick her up and they like Again people in other countries. Ohh, you can’t fool me. You got one arm. I don’t think so let me let me check real quick I mean then again, I don’t think people would actually do it unless they were a hundred percent sure that this person Was fake we got another one Somebody just walked up to him and started recording He just picks it up and starts inspecting it Bro, he’s got a brand-new outfit from Zumiez you let me get some how Thank you very much for tolerating me Gonna have to try harder than that oh look more, more we got another What’s up my dude? I know you squatting under there what you hidin under there? let me see He’s like don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t hurt me with that camera What? Bra, I’ll give you $5 if you give me good footage for my YouTube channel People in America wish they could get that quality ass content Yo is this jacksepticeye exposing somebody right now He’s begging for money and she has a phone. You’re a real beggar and you have a mobile phone Wow, are you calling your boss. You know boss come to pick me up. You know doesn’t mind harassing me Hahahahaha , we got the lady right here… nations and boy did her cup Runneth over Her territory was the avenue of avenues 5th Avenue Where stores like Gucci, Prada, and Tiffany’s attract wealthy and apparently generous shoppers One after another we saw them dropping cash into her cup So she just hunched over on some crutches asking for money shaking that cup Boy if you don’t he averaged an amazing fifty donations an hour 50 donations an hour?? Well that’s more than most twitch streamers what? Wh- what kind of sorcery is this she certainly looks like a sad and desperate lady, but we were a little suspicious So we followed her here. She is getting off a bus in Queens and hopping into a Minivan But it’s a totally different looking woman that emerges when the van pulls over wow. Why It’s a miracle Here she is walking perfectly fine and ofcourse the Crutches are gone. She like all dressed up got her gucci bag ready for a night out She’s walking. No crutches nothing. We saw her crossing streets, maneuvering upstairs Meeting up with friends. Wow a little shopping and she’s going shopping Stuck on her cell phone Her Uggs on. So how does she do it when it’s time to go to work? She changes into her “work clothes” in the back of this van voila She’s ready for another day. This new channel pulled the items they follow her around everywhere. they got you you’re done it’s over This morning she told our producer has me she hurt her back in a car accident. I decided it was time to ask her a few questions We’ve been watching you the last few days, and you don’t really need those crutches do you? We saw you this morning walking perfectly fine. But like any good actor she never broke character The Jig is up why don’t you just walk normally like you did this morning? Yo getting exposed I think it’s a scam what you’re doing here to actually other people actually you know Oh, it’s not you’re just scamming other people right? no i’m not scamming anyone Oh you just have a sign you’re asking for health care right, you know Tell me this dude doesn’t look like snape from Harry Potter? Wait, did he die? (Yes he did Alan Rickman, the character who played Snape died on January 14 ,2016 because of Pancreatic Cancer) I I Think he died like in real life anyway. It’s your job, but you won’t take it, right Yeah, but you’re taking money you have a job. I just saw you leave a car. You know My girlfriend’s car ohh first I didn’t leave a car next it’s my girlfriend’s car. You can’t tell me my dude right here has a girlfriend I’ve Cha. I just thought you leave a car. Yeah Well your girlfriend should be able to take care of you. It’s embarrassing right. No my girlfriend cannot take care of me He’s got that Ralph Lauren turtleneck. He’s got that comfy ass sweater He got a hat he got a dad hat some brand new Jeans brand new Sharpie to write that sign. Yo, where do homeless people even get sharpies to write their signs from? I Really don’t know you have to like go into a Walmart and get a sharpie They’re like wrapped up you have to like buy them or steal them or something. They’re not just sitting there by themselves I don’t know how they all get sharpies right on this stuff. Hey. He just drove a car Hey he just drove a car he just drove a car yo they just gave him some money It’s my girlfriend car I can prove it it’s not my car Well she should be taking care of you. She should feed you. Some girlfriend you have that can’t even feed you man she’s lost her job man I have to go out and help myself You ain’t helping no one man I’m helping myself You’re helping people from other people’s money. He’s really helping himself. scamming anyone with the signs from people giving you money I’m unemployed. Oh, man. You ain’t unemployed should bring your car park your car here my park your car here Park that car here and then scam em I already took a picture your car. You’re going to be on Shell 7 tonight They’re quite a better location actually where all the people give you more money Feel like a lot of these people are stupid enough after they get exposed if somebody records them they go back to the same exact place Sorry I only got 50’s Yo I got got change Sorry, I’m allergic to bullshit, and it really hurts my throat What is that? He’s got a cash register. Yo he takes credit card. He has a fucking credit card machine these people take paypal now? This dude in the third world country takes credit card donations Bro, but anyways, that’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to hit that like button in the face and subscribe to join the Wolf Pack I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching bye guys


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    Itโ€™s so sad that we have to live in a world where people pretend to be disabled and homeless even though itโ€™s a real thing that is very severe and bad

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    Dude, America needs less chill with "homeless" people. Always offer something other than money! The opioid crisis is real…and a good majority are addicts looking to score.

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    I can't believe people who are faking can just do that and act all poor and homeless, but then can just take there money

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    Our Economics teacher, she saw an infant that had a poster asking money, she donated some, and went to a cafe accross the street, and saw a woman that picked up the child, she followed her to see the woman using the money to gamble, eventually she got caught by the police, and the infant gets taken care in an adoption center

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    I know this is an older video but she asked where some homeless people get Sharpies from. When I was 18 I worked at a liquor store. The homeless people would come in and ask to borrow my Sharpies. After the third time of not getting them back I just started writing their signs for them. The guys that came into the store real homeless people though. There was about eight of them they all slept in the woods behind the store. Anyways there's an answer to how some of them get their markers.

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    You should also never give homeless people money because most of the time they took a drug and they messed up there life with that drug or drugs that they took and they could spend that money on the drug that got them homeless in the first place

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    One day my dad and grandpa saw a "homeless" man. They had some cheeseburgers and asked the man if he wanted food. He declined saying he only wanted money. Then a year ago my family and I went to McDonald's. There was a homeless man sitting. We always get left overs for my dad's lunch. So we took the leftover burgers and gave them to him. He cried and couldn't stop thanking us. It made me feel special to make someone happy and making sure they were fed.

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