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Exploring St. Louis Missouri as a Street Performer (Busker)

August 28, 2019

I drove into St. Louis from Kansas City yesterday and I’ll be honest it was a little bit difficult getting into this
city. I kind of got lost and got frustrated and thought about just moving on, but I tried to persist. This is the third night that I’ve just slept in the back of my truck. I woke up, I don’t even know what time it was,
there was some employee, it’s a state park State campground there was
some employee there who opened his door and I was like oh man this could be the end
of me and my st. Louis experience I was thinking what kind of ticket do you get
for camping somewhere you’re not supposed to camp is the trespassing is
it I don’t even know what it is, instead of checking what ticket they left
I just want to right back to sleep I figured I’d check it in the morning and
see see how positive I was gonna be about seeing St. Louis. Today there was
nothing on my truck so I was super happy I made it in I walked to the arch last
night I explored Delmar Loop that’s a big place for busking I was
checking out the Grove, the Grove could be a place for busking too
although I haven’t seen it anywhere online, and then Central West End is
popular for busking but I haven’t checked that out yet but I was just walking I
wasn’t really planning on playing but I came upon the this Pride Parade and that
seemed really nice, it was outside there were people gathering so I
just really felt like grabbing my guitar and I sat down I threw out my hat for
tips and I only made a dollar but I played like maybe 7 songs, “everybody wants to
know where they’re going everybody knows what the cards are showing, everybody stands with their hand on their chin, everybody looks like they fit right in” I just had a
really good time with the openness and the bonding, the community of the
pride feeling, and this old world war two vet came and sat next to me on his chair with his cane and things and he was like “man things have changed a lot,
back in my days they just killed the gay people” you know and that
was amazing to appreciate how much things have changed and how
great it is that people can go out and celebrate and just be yourselves so it felt good to contribute to that
and just hang out on the grass and watch the people, somebody said she
appreciates what I’m doing, you’re just kind of like creating an atmosphere and
contributing to the people who want to get together and have a good time that’s
what it’s about I saw the arch, I forgot to touch it,
I told myself I was gonna go and touch the arch and then I forgot it’s
one of those things that I regret now and I’m never gonna remember about that
ever again I’m heading out to Branson Missouri now
hopefully a place where it’s easier to find some camping maybe some proper
camping like were I actually pay for it and get a shower that would probably be
nice. I’m on the fifth day of the second leg of the 2019 busking experiment and
I’ve been just been documenting all these places that I’m seeing and the
the music scene and my experience with the people through actually playing music in front of them, busking, thanks for
tuning, in thanks for checking this out If you’ve had any
busking experiences in st. Louis or surrounding regions or anywhere just let
me know how it goes, let me know what works out well for you and if you like
hit the like hit the share hit the subscribe in the bell for notifications.
I come out with one new video once a once a week where I talk about my
experiences I post my music I post my psychological ideas cuz’ I’m into that
kind of stuff. Yeah st. Louis was a little bit off, I went to a coffee shop
got a bagel with cream cheese and they gave me Greek cream cheese how is that
even a thing Greek cream cheese and then I went to this other coffee shop they
didn’t even have power to plug my laptop in
like what the hell st. Louis, then I went to Delmar loop, the parking meter wouldn’t take my suggested time and only gave me 20 minutes parking which is probably for
the best because there were a bunch of people going into a
Rush concert, they were wearing Rush t-shirts, they were Rush fanatics, there were people in the parking lot with Rush on their license plate

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