Exploring Richmond Virginia as a Street Performer (Busker)

September 23, 2019

I came into Richmond Virginia yesterday from Charleston West Virginia And came here to check out the city and to see how people like me based on the facial expressions they give me while I play music on their streets I went straight to see JD McPherson at Richmond Music Hall and Capital Ale House And this morning I went looking for the farmers markets That’s one of my favorite places to busk, that is, to street perform And I couldn’t find the one downtown And I couldn’t find the one in Carytown either, I just followed the GPS on my phone So the farmers markets didn’t pan out this morning And then I came upon Carytown area though And that looked like a pretty good area to busk, it was kind of nice A little bit too nice for me, this is a Saturday Around noon time around one o’clock time It’s bloody mary brunch time And I didn’t really feel Carytown I went into this neighborhood called Shockoe Slip To find some coffee and hang out And they had cobblestone streets and brick sidewalks, those are the kind of things that Iike I figured that that would be where I would play, I just hung out and tried to get the vibe And I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do it Sometimes I want to be professional and I put out my case And the dollars and the free download cards and things like that And I put amplification But I wasn’t feeling amplification for this area I wasn’t even feeling bringing out my case It was more like, sometimes I will just take off my hat and put some dollars in my hat But I lost my hat somewhere, I think I lost it in Nashville And when the greasy hands they rattle your cage And when you’re holding up your wall Together, we’re going to give it a go And together we’ll fall I wore my sunglasses, usually I don’t like to wear my sunglasses when when I busk because I like to see people, I like to look people in the eyes But I wanted to do something different this time Today was a little bit more of the hobo, the poor person, kind of thing As opposed to the professional kind of thing And that was the vibe I was getting out here These are all things I think about when I street perform And I get a little self conscious when I do it sometimes I don’t think there is any time where I really wanted to play in public And I was talking to somebody about this yesterday, I don’t really get nervous when I play gigs or when I play open mics, when it is a set thing And it is socially expected that you are going to go up there and play I get nervous in these type of scenarios where there aren’t really any rules. There are a lot of variables to consider I already talked about whether you sit or stand, whether you use amplification whether you use your guitar case for tips whether you put out your free download cards whether you wear sunglasses or not Whether you dress nice or not flip flops or boots that type of thing, they all convey different things to me And they’re all part of the consideration So all these variables build up to my anxiety of trying to figure out where where I should play at and how I should play I try to calm myself down by realizing that people don’t analyze and focus on you as much as you think that they do But anyway, I came into Richmond Virginia I have this weird feeling that I haven’t experienced it fully But I don’t really know what to do The two farmers markets didn’t work out, I just didn’t see them I wasn’t really feeling the Carytown busking vibe I wasn’t really sure about the vibe in Shockoe Slip But I’ll hang out and try to catch the river, see the river feel what Virginia is like There was a Thomas Jefferson quote about the freedom of religion which was interesting, you get the kind of America, we defeated the British vibes here In these type of areas It’s a lot different coming up from Birmingham Alabama to Nashville Tennessee, to Louisville Kentucky to Charleston West Virginia and into Virginia where we are really close to Washington D.C. Thanks for checking out this video If you want to get in touch with my videos I put out one per week On Sundays, I talk about my experiences And I talk about my psychological ideas And I post my songs So hit the subscribe button, hit the like button and the share if you want to share And thanks for checking it out Richmond Virginia I got stuck behind some geese I don’t know what to do Oh you drive through that’s what you do

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