Exploring Oxford Mississippi as a Street Performer (Busker)

September 1, 2019

I had a chance to stop in Oxford
Mississippi this morning. I did some street performing, some busking on the sidewalk,
and I went and checked out found some live music. I had a good time and the
people were nice. So I pulled in Oxford I pulled in and I thought they had a
really cool town center a little cool square and I’ll be honest I came down
from Memphis I’ve been hanging out in Memphis and I just really wasn’t getting the
busking vibes there so I didn’t do it too much and kind of had to
bring back my enthusiasm. But I liked it here in Oxford. I was just
walking around checking it out and looked at some bookstores and then came upon
Rooster’s Blues house and I got a Bloody Mary before noon so had some alcohol and
other people were drinking it was really nice they had a band playing they were really good they were really
funny though they really emphasized who was related to who. They had to point out
all the relationships among the people on the stage and the people in the crowd
and things like that who was married or not. It’s really funny, one of the guys at
the bar, I heard him talking about how his wife made him a big breakfast and
the bartender, he’s a young guy you know just like 18 or something he’s like
“I’m jealous” he’s like “oh you got time you got plenty of time”. the family the
relationship the marriage things seemed pretty strong in that town I thought it
I just thought it was funny good for them do it keep that healthy family
going. I was feeling good about going and playing on the street. We’re addicted to information and we’re tempted by temptation and we’re electing our tribes,
we’re sticking around, some people want but they can’t have,
some people wanna burn it down. A police officer gave me a dollar I was worried
because he was walking by and I was like oh is this finally the time where
somebody tells me to stop playing but instead he gave me a buck that
was nice people looked at me and smiled. I had a
good time, I felt felt like Oxford is a cool place. This is the town where
William Faulkner grew up and he lived there.
William Faulkner the writer and it’s the home of the University of Mississippi,
Ole Miss. So I had a good time here I hope to come back and check out some
music when I’m not so hurried. I’m heading to Tupelo, birthplace
of Elvis Presley, hoping to see the Elvis Presley house. This is a Sunday, I was
busking around 1 p.m. it’s pretty hot, not too much foot traffic, it
was all right, but I could tell they have a good music scene in Oxford. So I’m on
my way thanks for checking this out thanks for tuning in if you like to hear
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