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Exploring Memphis as a Street Performer (Busker)

August 29, 2019

I came into Memphis and spent the day in Memphis I checked out some live music, checked out some music history, and I played some music on the street The first thing I did is went to Graceland, Elvis Presley’s house Got some tacky 70’s furniture going on I admit that I lost some respect for Elvis seeing all the televisions, lots of TV’s Also, he drank a lot of soda Then I went to hit up some book stores and get some information about Memphis And I ran into the area called Cooper and Young Where found a plaque for the Church where Where Johnny Cash played his first public performance with The Tennessee Two Looking around Cooper and Young, you know the whole purpose of this trip is to interact with people and figure out cities by playing music in public In Cooper and Young and I saw a little public square area And I considered it, I got a drink and just sat there and felt the vibes for a while But it didn’t really feel right to do street performing there Then I went and hit up Beale Street Beale Street is the famous strip New Orleans has a street of music, Austin has a street of music, Beale Street is like that for Memphis It’s blues oriented So I walked around, kinda early, didn’t see anybody performing live music I did see somebody street performing they were doing cartwheels and things Then I rolled out of there and went to Lafayette’s Lafayette’s must be a little less touristy because I got asked a couple times if I worked for the newspaper Because I had my camera, before I went into Lafayette’s I walked around a little bit, I felt that this area would be a little bit better for street performing for busking Give me raw human emotion Give me something I can feel Give me a bottle I can lean on Give me discount liquor cigarette’s and beer There wasn’t too much foot traffic, I played three songs and got two bucks from a car that was driving by, which was the first time that happened And at the end of the third song this guy started talking to me He told me all about the music scene, and how much he loved Memphis And where to go, and he friended me on Facebook That is adding to my thesis and theme which is how music brings people together And it is a way to interact with people I went and found a campsite and here I am, the next morning Ready for another day in Memphis It’s Fourth of July, so it should be fun and exciting Thanks for tuning in and checking out my video I am going to keep performing on how you can street perform I can’t say I had much success this first day in Memphis It is pretty difficult, I know that Beale street isn’t going to work out that well There’s just so much going on and I didn’t see anybody else doing it I suspect it could be regulated, I think Memphis is probably one of the most regulated cities that I’ve been to Hit me up with the Subscribes, hit that bell if you want notifications on my new posts I come out with a new post once a week I talk about music, I put my songs on here I talk about my psychological ideas Hit me up with the likes if you like and the shares if you share It is early in the morning and I am going to have a cup of coffee And sit there and look at the trees and play guitar until it gets too hot to sit there

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