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Exploring Louisville Kentucky as a Street Performer (Busker)

September 8, 2019

I drove up to Louisville this morning from Nashville. This is the home of
the Louisville Slugger the baseball bat you see people walking around with
little mini baseball bats. This is the self-proclaimed home of Muhammad Ali and Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It’s also the the main bourbon
site, the main site of bourbon whiskey production. There’s some
history with the sit-ins in the 60s with the african-americans coming in sitting
in to establishments that wouldn’t allow them
this was along Fourth Street you could see some some plaques for that and some things about that. I guess a lot of the buildings that they originally sat in in
don’t exist anymore. But they have some plaques about it and I was
looking for where to busk and around fourth Street and Liberty which is right
by the visitors center there was some some buskers already there I saw them.
That’s kind of a general area, fourth Street seems to be, that was the happening street way back when decades ago. I wanted to go a little off
fourth Street and I stumbled upon, there’s bourbon barrels
that you walk by, the bourbon you can walk through a bourbon barrel basically. And so I saw that and it seemed like a really nice area. Anywhere where there’s
brick sidewalk is a cool area to busk These folks they won’t last forever I think
about it often On a Sunday lounging around the house,
pick up the phone and call them, hear their voice on the other line we shared so many
years together tell me how you been Dad tell me Dad, how’s the weather. I had a really good time actually I enjoyed watching the people a lot of business people a lot of
working people today is a Thursday. I guess it’s about 5:00 I was there
for maybe four to five I played about 15 songs made 17 bucks gave away one
download card and I had a good time, it’s a cool place, it’s also right by the
water which is nice I always like to see the water take a little
scooter out scoot around although I’m a little traumatized because some business
owner got upset at me where I tried to spark the scooter last night there’s a
little conflict between the scooter people and I’m pro scooter because when I’m visiting a town some towns are very easy to get around
with the scooters, Nashville was very night, Nashville was pretty nice, Tulsa was really good with scooters. Memphis was pretty
nice scootering around other towns aren’t as good Louisville is kind of
difficult there’s a lot of construction going on so I had a difficult time
scootering around but once you get to the riverfront and you’re you’re along
the river for a little bit that was pretty nice that was pretty cool so
thanks for checking out my video I’m going around all of all the places I’m
going all around the u.s. checking out cities and trying to figure out the vibe
of the city by the facial expressions that people give me when I’m playing
music on the street. Hit that subscribe in the Bell if you wanted in on some more
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