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Exploring Little Rock as a Street Performer (Busker)

August 24, 2019

I did some busking, I did an open mic, I saw some live music in Little Rock Arkansas I started with waking up in the Ozark’s in an RV park On one hand the RV thing makes a lot of sense to me Because you are living in a house in the woods, that’s great On the other hand it doesn’t make any sense to me because you are living in the woods and you are watching TV I found Macarthur Drive and hung out around there at some coffee shops And tried to think about where I would busk (street perform) but you can’t really tell until later in the day when it gets cooler out and you get the vibe and you catch the different areas I went to check out Little Rock Central High School In the 1957 desegregation there was the little rock nine It was nine black students who were the first to enter an all white school and they received a lot of backlash from 1000 white people students as well as adults when they tried to desegregate and then the next day they brought in the feds So I went there and looked at it and thought about that “Wow it happened right here, it was amazing, it still exists, it’s still here” I was thinking about busking in the River Market I got a scooter, scooters are really popular these days So you get a scooter and you roll around and that was really nice in that area They have bridges, there is a Bill Clinton thing But the market closed at 6, I was really planning on busking over there The fact that they were closed told me it won’t work out I went to walk around Macarthur Drive and found a place I wanted to busk at I thought very carefully about it, there was a psychic who was open past six So the market can’t make it past six but the psychic can And there was some guy cleaning the windows so it was the perfect place to busk Gonna get new pants, gonna learn how to dance Gonna get new pants Cause my baby left me and I need a new plan I gotta find new things to do with my hands I went to Stickyz and got a drink, they had an open mic there They had a quote from John Prine Right in the front when you enter so I was like “this is my place” We’re talking Tuesday night in Little Rock Arkansas I signed up for the open mic That’s the part of town I like to be in, the part of town where they have signs for discount liquor cigarettes and beer Give me raw human emotion Give me something I can feel Give me a bottle I can lean on Give me discount liquor cigarettes and beer Take me down to the river Where the people nearby are eating fish That was really fun, I had a good time Diamond Empire Band was playing The culture of towns living by the river, the southern river town Is something that I am really interested in right now Thanks for checking this out, hit me up with the subscribes And the likes and the shares I just pulled into this RV park or campsite five miles north of Little Rock Arkansas, it was a little shady at first but I’m always like what the hell am I getting into If this doesn’t work out it is already 10 o’clock But I pulled in and I was like “oh damn, I feel super comfortable here” On this trip I have been pretty safe so far but in Illinois I got chigger bites all over, tonight might be a risky night for me I don’t know what I am going to get bit by Listen to the sounds coming out here I’m serious I got bites everywhere it’s bad, it’s bad Did you subscribe yet? And hit the like, and the share, and hit the bell for notifications, let me know in the comments if you know of any other places to busk and play live music around the area in Arkansas, let me know what you think, I appreciate you listening Thanks so much

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