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Evil Trans Women

December 8, 2019

Greetings mortals this is Ursula
Princess of Darkness and this is a call out post! I am a proud transgender woman
which wasn’t a problem until recently but now we have all this trans
positivity everywhere. I go up to someone and I say hey listen I am a
transgender queen darkness and they say oh you are my ally, you are my sister here
have some free condoms and lube and I say no you listen to me I am evil I am
dark royalty it used to be in the 00s that people were quite scared when I
came out more so frightened of the transness then like honestly you know
the cleavage it is vital evil propaganda to you know show you that your titties
can touch each other this is because the patriarchy demonizes womens sexuality but
it is important to me you know how much money you pay for hormones over the
years to grow breasteses and you just end up with these tiny little titties
and you’re still shoving socks in your bra Oh come here cute little pussycat So youre a real vampire then?
No I am not a vampire, why do you ask? it is my overbite isn’t it I do what
I can to convey a sense of evil this of course includes a decent amount of
eyeliner which is just so fucking easy to do god fuck damnit fucking how did i do this how did i do this I utilise this generic Slavic accent to
convey how truly evil I am are you actually slavic? No, I’m American
hence the evil you can’t sound like you are from America because there’s too
many Hollywood movies where Americans sound like the superhero but you know you got
a good Croatian accent not even Croatian coast like the wilderness. You
think you have seen evil before have you seen undercut grown out this far you have
never seen a lesbian so angry until she has seen undercut grown out this far, haha! Whats the most evil thing youve done? well you know, I kill people just people all
the time babies I killed five people today at breakfast for breakfast
you know and I eat them up and I use the skin to make a cover for my
couch I use every piece so that’s quite good
oh no that’s good no I don’t use any of the pieces I just throw it away
yes you know in this day and age people say all men are evil men are evil men
are evil, what because they are fucking couch potatoes that’s not evil do they spend every day squeezing themselves into a fucking corset no they
don’t this is lazy evil the laziest fucking evil
that I’ve ever seen corsets are incredibly good for your posture you can’t
slouch, you try to slouch it hurts which you know I like the pain so I try to
slouch a little bit so you know I am trying to join this League of Evil and
I’m trying to get recommendations I want people to say “oh yes I’m terrified of
how she was very scary transsexual” and all I get is these fucking allies
saying “oh yes she’s so good I love transgender they’re so good at being
gender” I’m not trying to be good at gender I’m trying to be good at murder
and evil thank you. But these aspects of my personality are overlooked you see
because when people look at me all they see is incredibly beautiful woman. My
message to the world is simply, before you say like a trans woman is my
sister and I love her and I respect her you know
maybe ask her her consent first make sure that she is into that sort of thing
you never know she might prefer to violently kill you and make you into


  • Reply Dusty December 5, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    your cat just said 😳

  • Reply Jay Wiese December 5, 2019 at 11:45 pm

    I'm sorry about your eyeliner 🙁

    I have hooded eyes, so ICR

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