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“Eres Tú” by Carla Morrison BUSKING at Dolores / Tolima – Colombia

August 31, 2019

Today I woke up feeling like kissing you I have a thirst to caress you Entangle myself in you and never let go You’re so intoxicating It’s you, It’s you I wanna contemplate you without thinking about the time Draw you with just my memories Engrave your lips in my mind, your kiss Being here an other moment It’s you, It’s you it’s you I love seeing you, having you, cuddling you When I’m by your side All the goodness in me blooms That beautiful energy’s magnet Is your soul that sends Signals towards my body Because it still asking that scent from you That invites me to chase it It’s you It’s you It’s We have different plans But you, always on my mind Since my veins so subtly Enjoy so much loving you It’s you, It’s you you It’s you It’s you it’s It’s you It’s you It’s you

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