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[Engsub+Vietsub] DIA (다이아) Busking & Seoul Girls Collection Behind

September 11, 2019

[This is Hongdae, the streets of youth]
[Why are all these people gathered here?] [Because the 7 magical girl, DIA] [have come to busk in Hongdae!] Hongdae (is the best)~ [Eunice also discovers the camera] DIA is busking!
Our 2nd time in Hongdae! [Chae Yeon is excited~] [Greeting all the fans who came to watch] [DIA finally takes the stage!] 2,3! Do it amazing! DIA! Hello, this is DIA! [The 1st song is DIA’s debut song “Somehow”] [The 2nd song is “On the road] [Even their fan song, “The Love…”] [A time to get closer to the fans] [Going to say hi to the fans] [The other members also thanking
fans for coming to watch] [Thank you for greeting us up close!] [The last song is the new title song “Mr. Potter”!] [Wrapping up the busking event
with lots of energy] [Right after busking…]
[This is DIA’s waiting room at
the “Seoul Girls Collection”] [Chaeyeon gets ready for the fashion show] [A photo with the designer] [Taking pictures during break time] The clothes are really pretty. [One more photo before going up
on the runway] [Let’s watch Chaeyeon’s walking!] [Please be understanding of the slight shaking
and enjoy the footage] [Hee Hyeon walks second] [Followed by Eun Jin’s walking] [Thanks to the AID fans,
DIA was able to finish successfully] Do it amazing! DIA!
Hello, we are DIA! – Good work today!
– Yes, really good work today! [DIA finally finishes up the day’s schedules] DIA, AID, you are all did well! Thank you so much for coming
to the busking event. The fansigning was fun too.
And the marathon event too. And “Seoul Girls Collection” was fun too. Today, Chae Yeon, Hee Hyeon, and I
walked down the runway. Thank you for giving us the chance
to do that. If opportunity allows us, we want
to do it again. It was so much fun today! We thought today’s schedules
would be really thought, but it was a lot more fun
than we thought. We were able to meet a lot of fans
and experience many things. Eun Jin, Chae Yeon, and I especially
went to the “Seoul Girls Collection” and performed as DIA and even walked down the runway
with models, thanks to a good opportunity. I really wanted to try it. I was so nervous. I was able to understand just a little
bit of what models feel. – The models’ presence was no joke!
– Yeah! They were so amazing.
We learned by watching them. Where do they come out?
I want to see them again. – The clothes were so beautiful too.
– They were really beautiful. – I wanted them!
– Thank you so much!
– Thank you! Before the members did the walking, we saw them waiting in the back. They appeared kind of stiff. – Yeah, we were so nervous.
– I bet you were really nervous. – Imagine how nervous we were.
– I comfortably walked down the aisle. Thankfully, we were able to
end it well. We even received compliments. And we’ll be continuing to
promote “Mr. Potter”, so please keep on loving it. We know you’re always on the move
to come see us. You’re all working so hard. Thanks to you, we’re gaining
a lot of energy. – We’ll cheer up too!
– Thank you! [DIA will also cheer up!] We’ll continue to work hard. Please watch Chae Yeon’s “Drinking Solo” drama! And please love DIA lots too! Everyone, now go home, wash up, and sleep! We will also be going home to rest. – Good work today!
– Good job!!

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