English Addict Live Lesson 15 – Learn, Listen, Chat – NEIGHBOURS – SUNDAY 8th December 2019

December 8, 2019

yes you better hold on to your hats
because it is very windy here in the UK batten down the hatches if of course you
have any hatches to batten down hello everyone and welcome yes can you believe
it here we are again it is another live english addict coming to you from the
birthplace of the english language that is of course england hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in
England how are you today are you ok I hope so
are you happy well are you happy I really hope
you are here we go then oh my goodness what a week how is your
week being my week has been a little bit hectic to be honest I’ve been doing all
sorts of things going all over the place not only with myself but also with mr.
Steve as well because we have a new project that we are both working on I
can’t talk about it because mr. Steve now has made me sign a piece of paper so
I’ve had to actually sign a piece of paper that says I can’t talk about this
thing so it is like a non-disclose contract or clause so so mr. steve isn’t
letting me talk about it which i think is rather unfair to be honest because i
really want to share it anyway guess what everyone it is officially the
weekend I hope you are having a good weekend here we are coming towards the
end of the weekend for some people it might already be the end of the weekend
however here in England it is still sunday we have a lot of things to talk about
today I’ll be honest with you there are so many things that I have to discuss I
have a feeling I might not have time to do it all so many things coming up first
of all did you see me yesterday I was live in the center of much Wenlock
and I was at the local Christmas Fair it was interesting some very interesting
moments here is an interesting moment that I would like to share with you
right now and this is something that happened yesterday at the local
Christmas Fair whilst I was broadcasting live on YouTube lots of Christmas items
gifts lots of toys for sale for children of course when we think of Christmas we
always think of children don’t we because I suppose it would be fair to
say that I think it would be fair to say that Christmas is for children isn’t it
really I suppose hello hi there you want to say hello there’s something a young
lad has just come up to me and he’s given me this so this is mr. pelikan
hello mr. pelikan hello how are you I’m very well thank you
now you have to go back now okay bye bye bye did you see that a little child came
up to me and and gave me his toy sorry about that I have a feeling that might
happen a lot I have a feeling that might happen quite a few times today so it’s
English addict but slightly different because I am surrounded by other human
beings I think the kid has just come back he’s trying to he’s trying to
appear on my livestream hello that’s nice I have a child who keeps
running around me and it’s very distracting well this is great isn’t it
this is wonderful I’m enjoying this live stream mr. Duncan how are you today you
are so funny and a great person thank you very much I have a young child who
won’t leave me alone okay you can go now bye bye well they always
say be careful who you work with they always say that you should never work
with children or animals that is so true so that was yesterday whilst I was out
in the middle of Much Wenlock during the Christmas Fair that is held every single
year and yes it is true I was bothered a few times yesterday even though it
didn’t really disturb me too much I am of course the consummate professional if
you are a consummate professional it means nothing can disturb you nothing
can break your concentration when you are doing something that is your
occupation so here we go then hello to the live chat I suppose I should say
hello right now to everyone on the live chat hello especially to grace chin
guess what grace you are first on today’s live chat very good
I think grace has a very fast finger grace has a very quick finger when it
comes to clicking on her mouse I think so
also Chris Morales is here and also Vitesse a man
Rafi Rafi has written a very long message here hi everyone hello mr.
Duncan I am religiously watching you from the
Dominican Republic as every Sunday since you started this project called English
addict yes this is the name of my livestream and you can catch me on
YouTube every Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m. so every week Sunday
Wednesday Friday I am with you live on YouTube from 2 p.m. UK time so that is
when you can catch me here on YouTube although I have a feeling during
December you might see a lot more of me as well did you see the other thing that
I did last week I showed you rather sad moment of time and this little video
will show you what we all said goodbye too so on Friday we said goodbye to
these they are the local cooling towers at a nearby power station and on Friday
we said goodbye to these cooling towers at the local iron bridge power station
now the power station stopped generating electricity way back in 2015 and they
have been waiting to be demolished so there you can see them and now we will
have a look on the screen as we say goodbye to the cooling towers and there
they are awaiting their fate they are about to be blown up oh dear
any second now here comes the Big Bang Wow very dramatic and the thing I love
about that is how quickly the chimneys or cooling towers to give them their
proper name how quickly they fell to the ground however we can always make them
come back up of course we can always bring them back up
back Oh they’ve gone again no they’re back no they’ve gone they’re back no
they’ve gone they’re back no they’ve gone definitely gone sorry about that so
lots of things happening last week with the cooling towers being demolished and
also I was live with you on Friday afternoon and also I was live yesterday
from the Much Wenlock Christmas Fair by the way I’m going to show you one of my
older videos a little bit later on where I visit the Much Wenlock Christmas Fair
and that was recorded in 2013 so that is another video that we will watch a
little bit later on so we can see what really happens at the Much Wenlock
Christmas Fair thank you very much for your company today it’s nice to see so
many people here also flower Espoir nice to see you Luis Mendez Cristina Jackson
did you have a good Saturday night my Saturday night was okay after I got back
home I was freezing cold and a little damp but we had a lovely afternoon mr.
Steve sat down and also I did as well and we had a lovely meal a lovely
Christmas meal with some turkey and no we didn’t have Brussels sprouts there
were no Brussels sprouts with our Christmas meal yesterday however
apparently there is going to be another Christmas meal in a few days time and
that will have all the traditional vegetables with it as well so that’s
something I’m looking forward to eating so yes we did have a nice time yesterday
thank you Christina for your inquiry hello to Japan
hello also to Palmyra massimo vin raj of vin rouge hello to you watching in
Pakistan also Marella and Hyderabad hello Hyderabad watching next door to
Pakistan watching in India hello mr. Bruno Eric also Lina is here
and for dosa hello to you as well so many people are already saying hello
I do love seeing you here with me every single week and I suppose I should
mention the big events there are many big events taking place this month in
December 2019 we have Christmas of course are you going to celebrate
Christmas I know many people don’t for various reasons but I kind of I will
kind of celebrate it even though I don’t really follow any religion I love the
feeling the celebration of Christmas time because everyone seems very happy
that is the thing I noticed yesterday if the Christmas Fair everyone was in
good spirit so the feeling yesterday amongst the crowd at the Much Wenlock
Christmas Fair was lovely and I love this time of year people tend
to be a little bit more friendly and kind to each other at this time of year
so I quite like that really also the other big event not so friendly and not
so pleasant is the general election which is taking place this Thursday so
this Thursday the United Kingdom will be voting for a new government and to be
honest with you it has been driving me crazy we’ve had lots of political
messages on television people coming to our doors knocking on the door and
saying hello I am your local representative from the party I’m not
saying which one will you vote for me on the next general election which is
taking place on the 12th of December and my answer is I haven’t decided yet I am
a floating voter I love that expression so we normally describe a person who
hasn’t made up their mind or if they haven’t decided on who they are going to
vote for we often describe them as a floating voter a person who hasn’t made
up their mind who to vote for now this is my theory and this is only my opinion
I believe that many people don’t decide who to vote for until they are about to
put their cross on the paper so I think that many people go along to vote but
they really haven’t made up their mind up until the very moment that they put
their big cross on the ballot paper so that’s my belief and I’ve spoken to some
people who say the same thing they say that they didn’t know who to vote for
until they were about to put their cross on the paper right up until
that point they had no idea who to vote for so I find that rather amazing
franceska hello to you as well Ralphy that kid and the drunk man made
my day says Rolfie can I just mention the guy that was behind me and I accused
him of being drunk now I’ve watched the video again and I can safely say that
that man was not drunk even though I thought he was in fact he was reading
the tombstone that was behind me so I didn’t realize until I watched it again
that he wasn’t staring at me he was actually looking at the tombstone in
front of him he was actually reading it and I thought he was staring at me so
that’s why I felt a bit a little bit nervous but of course I also had a young
child come over and bother me with his little toy by the way some people said
Mr Duncan that toy was not a pelican it was actually a stork
well I can tell you now that stork identifies as a pelican so there I’m
getting very trendy with 2019 so either than though that was a stork
I can tell you now that that stalk actually identifies as a pelican so
there and there’s nothing you can do about it hello Julie hello pal Mira
again Christina says the little child running around you was very funny hmm no
that wasn’t my child a few people thought it was my kid I don’t have any
children trust me even though for some reason I don’t know why children like me
I have no idea why no idea hello Lois again hello you win to watching in
Vietnam hello Lois Belarusian hello to you as well nice to
see you here today so now we are up to date with the live chat a demolition of
an important monumental building is as if a piece of history has been erased
yes on Friday the local landmark it happens
to be a power station was demolished well part of it was and many people in
the area were trying to save the cooling towers I’m not joking they were actually
trying to save these things so that sadly is no more those buildings have
now gone they were demolished like well like this there we go
hope they come down they go up they come down up down I know that’s very annoying
I’m sorry about that I couldn’t resist you know how I like twiddling and
playing with my controls hello also satury No hello mr. Duncan today is the
Immaculate Conception day my mother said that about me
when she had me that’s what she said that was her excuse Jacy Jordi hello you
forgot to mention me JC Jordi watching in Brazil I haven’t
seen Pedro has anyone seen Pedro Belmont he must be around here somewhere we are
talking about a lot of things today we have a few subjects to discuss we are
talking about being a neighbor neighbor I love this word by the way
it’s a lovely word even though it has two spellings so you might sometimes see
this word spelt like this so the reason why
you might see this word spelt this way is because that is American English so
they often spell words differently and that is British English so we often
spell it like this and in America they will spell it like this
the word is neighbor neighbor so I’m always fascinated by how people get
along with their neighbors do you have neighbors do you live next
door to someone do you have a person living nearby maybe you live in a house
and perhaps you have someone next door or maybe you live in an apartment and
maybe you have neighbors living next door above you and maybe also below you
as well so neighbors also we are going to play a little game today it’s called
uh-oh and so when we talk about something in
particular where we talk about an article or a thing and we often call it
an indefinite article we often use AA or an however when you use these depends on
the word that you are saying or the thing you are naming so that’s something
we are looking forward to doing later on is it aa or and so later on I will show
you some words and I want you to tell me if you use a or an oh very nice what a day we have some violent storms
on the way so there is the view outside the window at the moment and you can see
it doesn’t look very windy however it is it is blowing a gale at the moment even
though the weather at the moment isn’t even bad
apparently tonight we are going to get lots of very strong winds they are going
to batter the UK so we have a tropical storm coming our way now I have been
very lucky to get hold of some satellite footage that shows this storm so here it
is here is the storm that is now on its way and there it is storm
attea I hope I pronounced that right so storm
attea is now approaching the UK and tonight it will hit the UK and there you
can see some very strong winds so there will be winds approaching 75 miles an
hour so it’s going to get very windy where I live over the next few hours as
the storm approaches storm at here is approaching the UK and can you believe
it we are actually in the worst area so where I live is actually going to be one
of the worst affected areas so I’m going to be honest with you I feel a little
worried about this already some of my Christmas lights have
been damaged can you believe it I’ve only put them up a few days and already
some of my Christmas lights have been slightly damaged so this afternoon I
will have to go onto the roof and repair some of my Christmas lights because the
wind already has blown it away hello ell Cory hello L Cory nice to see you
here today so yesterday I was at the Christmas Fair
in Much Wenlock and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at one of
my old lessons and this was a lesson that I filmed during December 2013 but I
hope you find it interesting because in the video I am walking around and taking
a very close look at what happens every year had the Much Wenlock Christmas Fair oh hello there hi everybody this is mr.
Duncan in England Here I am again with another
December drop in how are you on this fine day are you okay are you fine and
happy I hope so well Christmas is definitely on the way
and as if we needed reminding here I am in my hometown of Much Wenlock and can
you see what’s happening behind me it’s all going on today because here they are
holding a Christmas Fair well the crowds are out today for the
Much Wenlock Christmas Fair during any special festival or time of year fairs
are held the tradition of holding village fairs goes back hundreds of
years these events give local people a chance to get together and it serves as
a great opportunity for farmers and other traders to show off their produce
and wares the local fair also allows money to be
raised these days many charities can be found collecting for their causes at
local fairs it is interesting to note that the word produce can be used as a
verb or a noun to make something is produce the thing grown or cultivated is
produce the spelling of fair is the old-fashioned spelling of fair these
days the word is rarely used in its archaic or old form except during these
occasions there are many things on sale here today
tea and sandwiches burgers and hot dogs and other hot refreshments are on sale
here today these hats caught my eye and you know
how much I like hats the focal point of today’s fare will be
the switching on of the Christmas lights many people will gather in the square
for the switching on ceremony there are lots of interesting things to
do in see here today this man is called a town crier a crier is a person who is
employed by a local council to make public announcements these days the role
of a town crier is mainly ceremonial they are only present during special
events in the past a town crier would announce local events and court of law
decisions in a very loud voice that is why they are called a crier to cry can
mean to shed tears and weep or it can be used to express shouting yelling and
calling out this man is busking a busker is a person who performs in a public
place this busker is playing several musical instruments at the same time he
is performing as a one-man band quite often people will give money to the
busker as he or she performs that is how a busker makes a living small donations
are given by the audience these days buskers also helped to raise
money for charity they are also known as street performers many festive events are taking place
during the run-up to Christmas the word festive refers to a happy celebration a
jolly time a joyous occasion the events are described as festivities today’s
festivities are connected with Christmas the Sun is setting over Much Wenlock and
people are gathering in the main square where the Christmas lights are about to
be switched on normally a countdown will take place
before the switches thrown and the lights come on so the lights are on and everyone is
happy there is no escaping the fact that Christmas is on the way of course not
everyone celebrates Christmas there are other faiths besides the Christian one
Christmas is just one of many religious festivals that take place during the
year some religions do not observe Christmas while others do with slight
variations it is not unusual for those with no religious beliefs to join in
with the Christmas celebrations it is a joyous time for all a time for people to
join together and be happy well I hope you have enjoyed today’s
December drop-in it’s been a little bit different with me out and about at the
Much Wenlock fair this is mr. duncan in england saying
thank you for joining me today and of course on behalf of everybody here in
Much Wenlock sitar for now don’t worry I’m not going anywhere I hope you enjoyed that something a
little different something different for you to look at the Much Wenlock
Christmas Fair that took place yesterday and that was a lesson I made way back in
2013 but to be honest with you the Christmas Fair here in which Wenlock is
pretty much the same every year so similar things happen no matter which
year it is to be honest so I was there live yesterday as well a very busy week
and I have a feeling this month is also going to be very busy as well so when do
we use ah and when do we use and when we are expressing an indefinite article so
for example here is one word that I’m going to show you now Apple Apple Apple
so when we say Apple and we are naming one Apple do we say ah or an apple
which one is it which one do we use the answer is and we actually say an apple an apple an
apple not at Apple so quite often with vowels we were up we will often use an
an apple I am eating an apple an apple so that is what we use when we say Apple
as an indefinite article we are saying one thing something we are doing with
that here’s another one horse horse so which one do we use do we
say aa or an AA or an which one do we use I will give you a moment to answer
Christine says who was the man who was shouting at the people waiting for the
lights to turn on he is the town crier and that particular
town crier is the tallest town crier in the UK apparently and he is very tall
he’s taller than me and not many people are taller than me so which one is it
is it a or an the answer is if I can get the piece of paper it is ah a horse I am
sitting on a horse a horse a horse now I suppose it’s fair to mention why there
is a difference so I will put it on the screen so you can look at it closely and
carefully now the reason why we do this well first of all they
a lot of arguments taking place and they have been taking place for many years
especially amongst English aficionados and people who really are quite strict
when it comes to the use of the English language so it is a historical document
or is it an historical document a hotel or an Hotel there is still some
diversions of opinion over which form of the infinite indefinite article should
be used before words that begin with H and have an unstressed first syllable in
the 18th and 19th centuries people often did not pronounce the initial H for
these words and so an was commonly used today the H is pronounced and so it is
logical to use a rather than an ax however the indefinite article an is
still encountered before the H in both British and American English
particularly particularly with historical so you will actually say am
historical not ah so you don’t say a historical you will say an historical
even though there are people who disagree in the Oxford English corpus
around a quarter of examples of historical are preceded with an rather
than aa so there you can see there is a definite difference in some cases but it
does depend on which word you are using and I think I’m going to mention that in
a moment so with horse we say a horse however
many years ago many people would pronounce words beginning with H and
they would leave out the H sound they would actually
leave it out and they would say orce so they would say a Norse however nowadays
we do pronounce the letter H so we say a horse I’m sitting on a horse so I hope
that clears that one up here’s another one
which which one do we use though if we are using an indefinite article which
one do we use is it a or an oh I enjoyed that moment of silence so we say an O
ah I am eating an orange I am eating an orange so there it is an orange I’m
eating an orange not orange an orange I’m eating an orange another one now tree tree so which one do we use do we
say act free or am tree this one’s easy I know it’s easy I know everyone is
going to have the right answer to this it is a tree I am climbing a tree a tree
a tree I am climbing a tree and here’s the one I mentioned earlier
for those who have already forgotten historic historic so what do we say do
we say ah or an a historic or an historic which one do we use now there
is a big argument and it has been taking place for many many years almost as long
as these words have existed ah historic or an historic so which one is it
well I did give you a clue earlier on it is in fact an historic so many people
believe that you should say an historic even though in modern grammar most
people think that it is a historic and historic and historic moment
so am is preferred very strange I know so a historic moment or an
historic moment there is a lot of debate over which one is correct here’s a good one no I’m not describing
myself is it ah oh and is someone an idiot or an idiot an idiot or an idiot
which one is it the answer is and he is an idiot an idiot
he is such an idiot an idiot so again it might sound as if we should use an idiot
he is an idiot he is an idiot an idiot very nice in a word combination an
honest man a man but honest H so the sound is not pronounced honest is an
adjective so in the combination we say an honest man see yes well that’s
because quite often the H is also included included so an honest man even
though the H is not pronounced we say an honest man and that’s one of the few
words that is still pronounced with dropping the H so we don’t say honnest
no one says honnest however we do say hotel so quite often again in the past
people would say and hotel and hotel however not many people use that
nowadays however with historic people do so people still say an historic moment
even though technically it isn’t right and even the oxford dictionary says that
it is correct so yes an honest man is honest and
honest because the H is not pronounced so I hope that I hope that pronounces that answer the question idiot thank you
very much to Noemi who says mr. Duncan you are not an idiot dents so which one do we use do we say
and dance or do we say a dance I am going to a dance a dance I am going to a
dance so we don’t say an dance it doesn’t come out of your mouth very well
instead we say a dance I am going to a dance tonight I am going to a dance not
I am going to an dance oh here’s a good one
talking of the election taking place this Thursday independent independent so
independent which do we use do we say ah and so which one is it is it ah
independent or an independent which one is it the answer coming up in a few
moments time ah independent or an independent and when we talk about
independent in politics it means that you don’t belong to any political party
you are standing quite often alone so you don’t represent any political party
you just represent yourself you are standing as an independent candidate in
fact I just gave you the answer there so it is in fact and you are standing as an
independent candidate an independent candidate so the answer is an an
independent candidate the word candidate by the way means a person who is
standing for election a candidate someone who is
standing for election they want your vote they will be representing your area
if you vote for them bicycle here’s an interesting one so a
word beginning with B is it aa or an a bicycle and bicycle which one is it a
bicycle or an bicycle thank you very much to Eric and Anna for your answers
there do you represent yourself or your voters thank you Valentin yes quite
often a person who stands as an independent candidate it means they are
representing themselves however they will often stand for four different
issues so maybe an independent candidate who doesn’t belong to any other
political party mites but might be standing for particular issues bicycle
so is it an or AA the answer is a bicycle I am sitting on a bicycle so we
say ah not an we don’t say an bicycle we say a bicycle I am riding a bicycle I am
riding a bike finally we have one more and then we are talking about being a
good neighbor what about you are you a good neighbor do you have good neighbors
nearby so here’s the last one you know ah or am game so is it a or an
is it a victim or an victim he was a victim he was a victim which one do you
think it is the answer is Harold says I want to ride my bicycle well that’s a
different thing altogether and it’s possessive of course we say evict him he
was a victim of crime a victim of crime so we say a victim he was a victim she
was a victim victim so we say ah evict him he was a victim a victim of
crime a victim of assault a victim of the Second World War a victim so I hope
you enjoyed that a few examples there there are many others in fact I could
probably stand here for two hours giving you lots of examples but now you get the
idea so quite often if we have a vowel quite often it will be M such as an
apple and if it isn’t quite often it will be ah a bicycle a boy a love letter
I just thought of that JM rich says yesterday mr. Duncan was a
victim of a child yes I don’t know why there was a child yesterday that
wouldn’t leave me alone even though the parents were watching the parents were
standing right next to me and they were laughing they thought it
was hilarious that their child was was coming up to me and bothering me
whilst I was trying to do my lovely livestream yes this dynamic is great mr.
Duncan Thank You Erik it’s very kind of you to
say I always like to do something a little different during my live streams
I will be going in around about 10 or 15 minutes so I will be going but don’t
worry I am back again on Wednesday and also Friday I’ve also noticed s– that
in December Christmas Day is on Wednesday
so Christmas Day this year is actually on Wednesday don’t forget also next
Friday it is the 13th Friday the 13th next Friday
are you superstitious we’ll have to wait and see so here we go the word is
neighbor we are talking about being a good neighbor do you have good neighbors
or do you have bad neighbors the spelling of this word depends where you
are in British English we say neighbor and we spell it like this in American
English they also say neighbor but they spell it
differently British English American English so the meaning of neighbor it’s
very simple and I will show you on the screen so you can get a good look to be
nearby or next to close proximity or alongside so if you are nearby or next
to something or a person or a thing you can be described as the neighbor you are
nearby quite often when we are talking about things that are related or very
close to each other so to be in close proximity or alongside
so quite often if you live in a house quite often there will be another family
or other residents living in close proximity nearby or next to and we
describe those as your neighbors they are your neighbors the word neighbor by
the way did you know that the word neighbor originated in Old English and
means nearby peasant so nei is an old use of near and boor originally spelt be
O R means peasant hence the word neighbor so a nearby peasant someone
close to you who is a commoner can be a neighbor and that’s where the word comes
from did you know that well you do now quite often we will describe our
neighbors as the people next door so when we talk about those who live very
close to us but not with us so they are nearby but they don’t live with you they
are the people next door your neighbors the people who live next door they live
next to you or alongside you a person who is a good neighbor a person who is a
friendly neighbor a person who is a pleasant person and they are always kind
considerate and they love their neighbors very much they love saying
hello to them they live to say hello in the morning they are very neighborly so
if a person is neighborly it means they are kind considerate
generous they are concerned with the well-being of the people who live nearby
they are very neighborly we often think of people in the United States as being
very neighborly so we often see especially in movies you will often see
neighbors waving to each other morning neighbor good morning neighbor I’m not
sure about here in the UK I think here in the UK we are not so neighborly a lot
of neighbors like to keep to themselves they don’t like to talk to other people
and sometimes maybe they will pretend not to see their neighbor so maybe they
are outside in the garden and perhaps you go outside as well the neighbor next
door will pretend not to see you they will pretend that they didn’t see you
because really they don’t want to talk to you
so neighborly means to be kind and considerate to those who live nearby
however you can also be unneighborly so maybe you ignore your neighbors hello also to Mohammed nice to see you
here hello also to Erik I have very good neighbors who show solidarity in bad
times I think it’s very good I think you are very lucky if you have good
neighbors I think you are lucky and you should keep them happy that’s all I can
say keep your good neighbors happy I am living in this flat for two years and I
never see my neighbors next door I never see them at all says flower Espoir I
don’t think that’s unusual I will be honest with you
so next door to me there there are some new neighbors next
door now and they are really nice so my new next-door neighbors they moved
next door about two years ago and they are lovely they’re very friendly very
active and quite often we will we will have a chat in the garden together so
I’m very lucky that we have good neighbors next door
however the neighbor that lived there before wasn’t very neighborly he didn’t
want to speak to us at all he would pretend not to see us in fact one day I
caught him going through the back of his garden he was squeezing between two
trees because he didn’t want to speak to me so we used to have a neighbor next
door who really did not like talking to me I don’t know why I can’t believe it
Satur Eno says I live in a building and in this building there are a hundred and
ninety seven families as well I hate the owner of the dogs because their dogs
will crap everywhere and also they will go for a wee-wee everywhere it is
revolting Thank You satury no I did mention this yesterday during my live
stream in Much Wenlock there is a game that I play when I walk into town and
the game is try not to step into the dog poo a lot of people round here have dogs
and they allow their dogs to do their anywhere they poo all over the place so
there is nothing more annoying than stepping into dog poo so I agree with
you it is one of my dislikes as well and I’m sure there are many arguments
between neighbors over maybe the dog barking or the dog pooping so I can imagine that
there must be lots of people who get very annoyed at their neighbors if they
own a dog I think so hello dev dev good ara hello I’m new here
welcome dev to my live chat for a Sunday and I’m live in England don’t worry that applause wasn’t for me
it was for you dev so welcome nice to see you here today great to see you
Mohammed Mohammed II says I have a lot of neighbors and I never speak to them
so I see my neighbors but without speaking so quite often we avoid
speaking to our neighbors I always find that very strange now when we first
moved here too much Wenlock I decided that I was going to be friendly to
everyone so I really did try very hard to be friendly to everyone who lives
here in my little village sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t so there
are some people who live in the village who who ignore me when they see me but
that’s fine I don’t care I’m not all that worried Sally says I live in the
building with my neighbors and we are all busy with our lives but in general
they are nice good for you I’m glad to hear that Sally so you have
nice neighbours so your neighbors are very neighborly so to be neighborly
means to be nice to the people who live nearby however not all neighbors are
good neighbors you can have bad neighbors as well maybe you have a nosy
neighbor nosy hmm they are always prying into your private life maybe they watch
you when you go out in the morning maybe they are always watching you behind the
curtain they are watching what you are doing
uh-huh where is mr. Duncan going Oh mr. Duncan is going again he’s going out I
wonder where Duncan is Duncan is going oh there’s mr. Steve oh what’s mr. Steve
doing oh he’s out as well oh oh they’re not going out
together oh maybe there’s a problem oh I better tell my other friends so there is
nothing worse than a nosy neighbor a nosy neighbor is someone who will often
try to find out your private business what is going on in your life so yes I
know in the past I have had nosy neighbors mr. Steeves mum is always
complaining about one of her neighbours because apparently one of her neighbors
is very nosy here is an interesting action do you know this one so here is
an interesting phrase pop in if you pop in it means you will suddenly appear you
will pop in or we can also say pop round so if you pop in it means you go to one
of your neighbours houses and you knock on the door even though you haven’t been
invited so you just pop in or pop around or pop round so if you pop in to your
neighbor or pop round to your neighbour it means you go there without being
invited or without being asked so you just pop in or pop round you call on
your neighbour but quite often without being and VAR invited you pop in hmm so
are you friendly with your neighbours here is the most worrying type of
neighbor I don’t know about you but two years ago when we had new neighbors
well in fact to go to the beginning of the story when we first realized that
our neighbour was moving we felt very worried because you don’t know what your
new neighbors are going to be like maybe your new neighbors will be nice
people maybe they will be noisy maybe they will be horrible maybe they will
make your life very miserable so having new neighbors can be a very
stressful thing even before they arrive because you worry
just in case they are not good neighbors so if you have new neighbors it can be a
very stressful time I think so Julie G says a person who is always
looking through their curtains is called a curtain stretcher a curtain stretcher
is a person who is always looking from behind the curtains
they are watching very closely here we call them a curtain twitcher so a
curtain twitcher is a person who is always looking from behind their curtain
they are very interested in what is happening with the neighbors they are
very nosy almost all people in the USA are afraid of their neighbors says Eman
I’ve never heard of that I always get the impression and one of my neighbors
is actually American so one of my next-door neighbors here where I live is
actually American she comes from the USA and she came here many years ago to get
married so yes one of my neighbors who lives very nearby is from the United
States and she always says that the neighbors in the United States are very
friendly they will often pop round they will often inquire to make sure that
their neighbors are okay and happy which i think is quite nice mr. Duncan I would
like to hear one lesson with the pronunciation of young people in London
because I found it very difficult to follow
what they said to me thank you Liliana Liliana Beatriz
hello to you thanks for joining me well when we talk about London when we talk
about different parts of the UK we are actually talking about accents so yes
you might find that in London some people speak very quickly or maybe with
a very strong accent you might even find that certain British people might have
difficulty understanding other British people even though they both speak the
same language however their accents will be different yes if you pop around if
you pop round or pop around it means you go to your neighbours you will drop in
that’s another one you you can use drop in so if you drop in it means you
suddenly appear you haven’t been invited you haven’t been asked you just go round
to your neighbor without them realizing that you are coming round you drop in
you pop round you suddenly appear Tran new Winn is here hello to you as well
yes you are right people in the US are quite friendly
maybe more friendly than people in the UK yes I would say so I would agree with
that this is something I mentioned yesterday quite often in the UK we are
very suspicious of other people we are quite wary of what other people are
doing and that happened to me when I first moved here into this area because
I’m a person who likes filming the nature and also making my lessons
outside so when I first moved here many neighbors were very suspicious of me
because they didn’t know what I was doing so yes it did cause a lot of
problems I must be honest dev says I always give candy to my
neighbors to make them stop being noisy I like that that’s a good one I like
that idea always stay friendly with your neighbors because you never know when
you will need them that’s what I believe anyway hello Anna
hello pachu I will often see my neighbors outside in the garden and at
Christmas we always meet up and sometimes we have a meal together so we
have had quite a few meals with our neighbors we will join them for a meal
sometimes we will have a curry or maybe something at Christmastime we will go
round to their house so quite often some of the neighbors around here will will
join each other especially at this time of the year so around Christmas time
people will normally join together they will join together in groups because
it’s the period it’s the season of goodwill apparently I’m going in a
moment as we come up to quarter past three on a Sunday afternoon Thank You
pal Amira thank you also to Belarusian Belarus you is going see you later and I
will be back with you on Wednesday 2 p.m. UK time and also on Friday Friday
the 13th is coming what about you are you superstitious do you think that
Friday the 13th is an unlucky day Chris Murrells says some people say that
foreigners love to live in the Philippines because Filipinos make
friendly and kind neighbors I think you are right yes especially in Asia I
noticed this also in China so in China it’s the same thing because I lived in
China and I I did notice that many neighbors
are very kind and considerate and there are many rules that exist in China for
example if you go round to one of your neighbours houses
you must always take a gift quite often some fruit may be something very small
an item of food so quite often when one neighbor visits another neighbor they
will often take an offering quite often fruit so that’s something I did learn
when I was living in China thank you to Luis
Thank You sweetness Thank You Marta thank you mr. Duncan thank you
also Mohammed thanks Pat to Nabil nice to see you here as well today thanks for
joining me thank you very much to everyone in fact it’s been a very busy
one so many things to talk about today at the end of a very busy week I wonder
what next week will be like well I have a feeling that next week is going to be
very busy because here in the UK we have a general election so I will see you on
Wednesday 2:00 p.m. UK time and also for those who
want to get in touch here is my email address my facebook and also my address
for any donation that you feel like sending so now there is no excuse before I go here is another word that I
didn’t mention but I’m going to mention it’s a very big one look at the size of
that word it’s a very big word neighborhood so the neighborhood is the
area in which you live so if you live in an area and you are surrounded by people
living in their houses we will often just describe it as a neighborhood so
the neighborhood or you might also hear it described as district so the district
or the area is the neighborhood the surrounding area in which you live the
people that live around you so this is a very general term used to describe the
area in which you live and that is definitely it bye bye flower
bye vocabulary list bye sweetness bye Lilliana thank you very much apparently Liliana has been staying in
London very nice I hope you had a good time there thank you very much Anna
Alamgir I am definitely going now don’t forget
to Like and subscribe as well I know it sounds very desperate but like and if
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nice see you on Wednesday 2:00 p.m. UK time this is mr. Duncan in
the birthplace of English saying thanks for watching see you on Wednesday
2:00 p.m. UK time and of course until the next time we meet here on YouTube… ta ta for now 😎

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