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(ENG SUB)LUNA HYUN VLOG #9 | 롤로주아이와 함께 한 유어써머 페스티벌 공연 현장

September 7, 2019

Manager: This is Luna Hyun V-log. Luna Hyun : No, nononono!!! Yiso : I’m Luna Hyun, and Luna Hyun is Yiso~
Luna Hyun : No, nononono!!! Today is the day of ALiEN’s performance. Luna Hyun : performance is not far away. Luna Hyun : We’re warming up. Yiso : She’s my youger sister. Many people are saying that Luna Hyun and Yiso are sisters. Yiso looks very excited. Luna Hyun : Where are we? Yso: ParadiseCity Hotel, Yoursummer Festival. Luna Hyun : We’re here to perform at the festival. Luna Hyun : We’ll be on stage soon. Luna Hyun : Please enjoy it~ Luna Hyun : HI, Leeon. Luna Hyun : Why are you here? Leeon : To perform. Luna Hyun : Leeon joins ALiEN and her first performance is today. Luna Hyun : How do you feel like? Leeon : It’s very popular outside, Leeon : I’m looking forward to it. (Serious) (Sisters teasing the youngest) We’re warming up in the waiting room before the stage. Yiso : Underarm hair! The concert will start soon. We’re going backstage together. Luna Hyun : Oh, the cheers are amazing! Luna Hyun : The entrance we enter. Luna Hyun : Now we’re on stage. Yoursummer Festival with. Lolo Zouaï (Luna Hyun : Walk on eggshells.) Luna Hyun : How was the show? (Trying an interview) Luna Hyun : How was the show? Miu Kim : Very Exciting. We ended performance on this day with an ALiEN vacation. JuJu : shuts down their contacts while on vacation. Miu Kim : Don’t contact me~~ Today’s Artist Lolo Zouaï Memorial pictures with Lolo Zouaï Yiso : @#$&%^&@$%???? Luna Hyun : I can’t hear Yiso : I’m so excited!! Luna Hyun : I’m out after the show, and Rita Ora is performing. Luna Hyun : I want to play! Yiso : From today on vacation.
Luna Hyun : Vacation~ Luna Hyun : Leeon, how’s the show? Leeon : I want to play more!
Luna Hyun: Yes! look funny. Luna Hyun: It’s really fun. Leeon : I think it would have been better if we performed at night. Luna Hyun : It’s really fun to perform at night. Luna Hyun : There are more people. Luna Hyun : Unfortunately, bye bye ~ Luna Hyun : There are so many food trucks here. Luna Hyun : Cube Steak looks tasty. Luna Hyun : I’m going to eat with chili shrimp and chicken gangjeong! (Chillis shrimp couldn’t be eaten.) Miu Kim: It’s like a dance Luna Hyun : why are you fighting?
JuJu : Earlier~ There was a man passing by, JuJu : Miu is winking! JuJu : Why do you wink at an unknown man? Miu Kim: No, it’s not. Miu Kim : Suddenly he’s talking “dance”, so I think he talk about ALiEN, Miu Kim : I looked back and my eyes met the man That’s why I winked. Luna Hyun : Why did you do that?
Miu Kim : Because I’m attention seeker, lol Luna Hyun : Chicken Gangjeong and French fries! Luna Hyun : And~ Blue grape ad! Luna Hyun : Hi, Leeon. Luna Hyun : Enjoy your chicken skewers. Leeon : chicken skewers? Luna Hyun : chicken skewers. Miu Kim : That’s Chicken Gangjeong Luna Hyun : Sorry Luna Hyun, Miu Kim : Bye


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    저도 공연가서 에일리언 볼래요ㅜㅜㅜ 이영님 너무 귀여우시고 항상 공연 끝나고 뭐 먹는 에일리언 즐거운 휴가 보내셨길 바랍니다❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    아 오늘 힘들었는데 에일리언 분들보고 힘이 나요ㅠ

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    흐긓ㄱ 이런브이로그 넘조아여ㅠ

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    마지막 미우님 의상 쇼 하실때 입으신 의상 같아요….!!!

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    이영님 인스타 알려주실 분 …

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    이영님 에일리언 새 멤버 되신건가요?

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    아 너무 멋있고 예쁘고ㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜ ㅂㅡ이로그 체고

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    But is that true?? luna and yiso are sisters?? They're similar😂.

    Me and my friends are curious about that😂

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    I've always liked Lolo and alien!

    The cross over was totally insane for me ! 🤘

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    Loving the English subs

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    공연 올라가기 전까지 루나님 땋은머리 계속 옷 구멍 안에 들어가있는거 너무 귀여워요.,ㅠㅠㅜㅜㅎㅎㅎ🥰🥰😘

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    i heard desert rose at the back!!!

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    Eng sub plz

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    suerte alien gracias por los sub chao fan chileno

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    2:54에 나오는 노래 아시는분?ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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    이영님이랑 이영님 놀리는 언니분들도 넘 귀여웤ㅋㅋㅋㅠㅠ

  • Reply Aelin Ashryver September 4, 2019 at 6:54 pm

    Thankfull for eng subs 💗

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    Thank you so much for Eng sub🙏

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