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[Eng Sub][BANGTAN BOMB] Let’s play guitar! – BTS (방탄소년단)190923

November 17, 2019

Jin: He’s been playing that for the past three years , JH: there is it. (Jk sing Love yourself by Justin Biber) RM: if I knew this ,I put on by myself ,I just wanted to say sorry ( Talk in background) Jk: Heyyy , JM: Ready begin ….. JM: okay ready begin… JM: ok Ready start JM:.if you want that pitch I have to…okay ready begin… RM: What song is this playing?….Ah… LoveYourself, this is LoveYourself JH: it was Legendry song that Jiminie was try of cover this song ? RM: he not making, Jk: (Start play Busker’s yeosu night sea) RM: wow..Jungkook playing guitar so well? JH:Please put mr on his cover RM: Right.yea… RM: wow it’s really good wow.. Jin: WoW, SG: when did you Practice like this? RM:wow I just saw you yoesu in New York right now, Jin: cherry blossom ending. JM: he Looking cool , it’s feel like play correct. ,RM: it’s really feel like playing correctly ( teasing jk) Jk:if you want something else? Jk:( Sing Butterfly) V:(Staring playing guitar) Jin: oh I played this a long time ago but I don’t remember this at all anymore. Jk: where are the buttors ? , SG: it’s not easy to play Even I try hard. V: why doesn’t chords change even I try this neck like this? How do I take this? JM: it doesn’t look cool, look like it’s made uncompleted. JM: I think it’s only made for display. JM: is it tuned up? It’s hardmade guitar


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    Army CC ENG SUB is complete open CC and Chose ENG SUB

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    Thank you!!

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    Thank you so much!!!!

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    awww too cute, all of them. thx so much for this. 💜💜💜

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