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[ENG SUB] Stray Kids EP8 – ‘Hellevator’ 8 Member Ver. @ Guerrilla Busking Mission

August 29, 2019

JS: Lets go! HJ: Lets do it properly! Aud: Jeongin-ah hwaiting! Aud: hwaiting! (the first stage being performed in front of the public is ‘Hellevator’) (mystery listeners that are watching the Stray Kids) (‘Hellevator’ Stray Kids) (‘Hellevator’ is a song that combines the concept of and elevator and Hell with the meaning that they are riding a elevator in hell, which is their trainee life and going up towards their debut while shedding blood, sweat and tears.) (wow, awesome) (attentive) (Changbin’s mic has fallen) (stable vocalization while doing the choreography) (they’re good) YK: BANG CHAN~ SJ: how is he? BB: Chan’s voice has completely changed since back then (attentive) (they’re good) YK: that one (Jisung) doesn’t seem nervous at all (pleasantly surprised) YK: OH NOOO!!! (Changbin’s voice cracked) (nervous) (finally the changed Minho part starts) (t/n wow that makes me so sad) (the ending is going well because of their constant practice) (awesome) (t/n as expected, youngk has the best reactions) YK: its obvious that Chan has improved (t/n he has such a fatherly smile I’m- (the first busking performance ends well with the dance break) (I love it so much) (Stray Kids first busking performance of ‘Hellevator’ 8 member version comes to an end)

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  • Reply Yeonjun's healing August 29, 2019 at 5:14 am

    Ohhhh noooo my baby changbin voice crack. I don’t I’m gonna laugh or feel sad for him i canttttt

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