[ENG SUB] SF9 Rowoon’s TMI Interview with GQ Korea

September 8, 2019

Hello to the readers of GQ I am SF9’s Rowoon TMI interview that GQ has prepared for me with sincerity I’ll start it And I’d like to request to please subscribe and like GQ Q. If you were to describe your life in a sentence? A continuity of efforts. That’s what I think it is TMI interview is originally supposed to be done quickly according to what comes to mind first Q. If you could change one thing among what you have? I have a half-curly hair so I’d like to unravel that a bit bc it’s a bit too much Not straight but slightly curled Because my hair becomes like this as if Harry Potter got struck by a lightning Our hairdresser director is having a hard time (because of his curls) Q. Your favorite Sci-Fi movie? To be honest, I don’t really like sci-fi movies But I cried yesterday while watchingI watched it while covering my mouth Tony Stark… I watched it yesterday at the dorm by paying 11,000 won The password is 0000 Q. Nagging you often do to your members these days? I used to nag a lot but These days, I’m the one who gets nagged Dawon hyung goes like “Let’s at least wash it after using the frying pan” As I haven’t been able to pay much attention these days I think I’m the one who’s been nagged Q. If you were the interviewer, what kind of questions would you ask? If I were an interviewer at some corporation I think I’d look at the person before specifications I think I’ll ask “Are you a good person?” Oh, it’s a bit of an unfathomable question, right? Asking yourself whether you’re a good person or not If an answer comes out to be a yes or no, Then I think I’ll ask why do you think so, why not? Q. An embarrassing experience you’ve had that screams for a 100 blanket kicks? Ah, it’s something that happened recently at the filming set It’s a drama namedEveryone, it’ll be airing every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC The director said, “Who’s that? Let’s start after saying ‘ho'” and that guy did ‘ho’ So I also did ‘ho’ in order to cheer them up I thought they’d laugh but nobody did So that time, I felt like I acted up my inner feelings on my own I did blanket kick at that thought Honestly, I didn’t kick the blanket but Kind of… you know that, right? Hah… kind of a feeling like this? My ear turned a bit red Q. If you were to give a TMI information that even your members don’t know? I used to learn art For about 3 months When I was in second year of middle school? After I found out I didn’t have talent in studying, as I tried a variety of things, I learned art You didn’t know about it, right? Q. If there is a word or expression you often use? I think I often use ‘by the way’ ‘by the way’ if not, ‘ah’ ‘really?’ ‘by the way’ ‘really’ ‘imm’ ‘imm’! I often use ‘imm’ ‘ah’ ‘ by the way’ ‘really’ ‘imm’ Q. Among the novels you’ve read until now, the novel that has remained in your memory is? I used to talk a lot about this novel It’s a book I read everything at one sit It’s a book namedI’m not even somebody who reads fast but pages turned over pretty well for that book So I recommendFor a story novelI really wish this turns into a movie Honestly, I still don’t really know about the director but As for the actor, I’ll count on you Q. The weirdest event you’ve experienced as you’ve lived? Back in the days, there was a period where I could not sleep well I used to have sleep paralysis 3 days a week I’ve seen a ghost that time My mind and body must have been weak so I’ve seen gibberish Because I often got sleep paralysis, I know what kind of a feeling it is so I opened my eyes right away but The ghost was right in front of my eyes Staring at my eyes like this I felt like I shouldn’t avoid the stare so I stared right at it and swore a lot at it “Get out this XXXXXXX” As I stared right at it and swore a lot, it left Everyone if you happen to see a ghost during a sleep paralysis, I think it’ll be okay if you swear at it a lot Q. A song that comes to your thought right now? Park Hyo-shin sunbaenim’s*As I watch the evening that keeps drifting afar* The lyrics were really nice As I feel it, the lyrics are easy to relate to I feel that it expressed well the feeling of separation that anybody has experienced once It’s the same case for the music video too So I cried while watching the music video Q. Youtube video you’ve watched recently? I watched5 minute series Turns out there were 5 minutes-long clips for legendary videos HaWaSu (a partner team from Infinity Challenge) Compared to the “wow daebak” that you do atfilming set, BachelorClip of the dramaAnd Son Heungmin player’s highlight Q. A comment you laughed out loud at recently? I don’t read comments There’s my thought that I get a feeling from when I’m watching a video, right? But I’m afraid the comment will make it a fairytale So I’m the type who doesn’t really read comments I’ve never written one too I hope there’s a comment which says “I watched this with fun” under this video Q. If there’s a text that you’ve been seenzoned recently? It’s not up to ‘seenzoned’ but No, there isn’t I guess I receive text responses well There isn’t

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