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[ENG SUB] 배꼽 MISSING 주의!! TRCNG가 댄스 연기 버스킹까지 -팩트iN스타

September 7, 2019

Hello, we are TRCNG! You are now watching fun and enjoyable channel, tbs TV~! What are you doing? Can’t you see what I am doing? What’s the name of this thing I don’t know~ [Very frustrated] It keeps stopping at this point Guys, Mr. Kangmin is trying to go over 900 with this thing like a fool Don’t you think it’s possible if we use our fists? I think it’s gonna break Ouch!! It hurts… OHHHHHH BUT YOU WERE RIGHT! [Everybody is rushing to it to get over 900] BAAAAAAMBAAAAAAM Let me try and break this highest record First of all, in order to do good on this When you hit it with your flick You have to kinda punch it like this Look Look closely Ah….. Kind of like this okay? [Turned to rabbit eyes mode to see brother’s dumb actions] Uhhhhh very disappointing~ Again again [He is trying to continue with this like nothing happened but..] Look! okay? How to play this, is that you flick it but you hit it at the same time okay? [And Hayoung kept punching….] [Jisung is up] OHHHHHH~ [Got high score] After a long time! After 1 year and 7 months! We are back here at Fact iN Star It was really cold at that time Yeah right. It was winter at that time We were wearing thick clothes [When they were baby wolves] Last time, it was so cold so thatt our fans were inside the building [Memories with Champion flashing] It reminds me of old memories This place is must-visit place if you come back with a new song! Fact iN Star~ [True true] That is the FACT (Rapping) -Mr. Kangmin?
-Yes? It was really funny(Being sarcastic) I’m sorry Jihun! How does it feel to be back here at Fact iN Star after 1 year and 7 months? There are still so many games to play here There are even new ones There are remote controllers and… [TRCNG can’t get out of the game world] The name tag is still the same tho! We are back here after a long time but it feels familiar~ Thank you so much for inviting us again’ [TRCNG welcome!] They told us that they would put our logo sticker right here Okay then. We will meet you at the main studio! Bye~ Hello, we are TRCNG! Exploring idol’s charms deeply! Time to wake up Kpop fans’ hearts! Let’s watch Fact iN Star right now~! Hello, I am MC Jun here at Fact iN Star exploring idol’s charms! After a long break, they are finally back looking more mature We missed them so much and we had been waiting for them for so long! It’s TRCNG here today, welcome guys~ Fact iN Star viewers! let us introduce ourselves Hello, we are TRCNG! We are back with our second single album The title song of our new album, ‘Missing’ is a pop dance song and is about how we will pursue our dreams and hopes as we overcome the fears and anxiety And I heard that the sharp group dance you guys show in this song is amazing as usual I heard it’s sharp enough to make me get a cut Can you please teach us the highlight dances of the song? Since the theme of the song is ‘Dream’, we put sign language that expresses dream into the choreo A lot of parts of the choreo are so cool In order for me to upgrade myself, anybody wanna teach me dance your choreo? Ohhhh Wooyeop will do I can do hard dances too For hard dances, there is this part where it goes with b-boying The main point of this part is to take two batteries out of the mic Ohhh take out two batteries Okay, Wooyeop! You are off from work today! Goodbye guys~ I actually can do b-boying [Old man vibe] [Looks like American dance until now] [Edited out due to too much passion] When the lyric says ‘Fall asleep’ you just need to fall asleep like this From this pose, your hips bounce upward and it goes… [360 degree spin like a feather] Ohhh thank you for showing me your dance I’m back hah [Mr. Jo back to work again] Teach me something easy…..[regretting his choice he made earlier] This one you can easily follow The step goes like one~and two! You just need to make a circle and bring it back [Copy and paste completed] and your upper body goes this way and back so if you conect all the parts together Putting your hand in the pocket is the point here? Yes! [Creaking creaking] [MC Jun is overwhelmed] [Devastated] You guys are so mean… As you watch me creaking, he was biting your lips and like And this time, if you guys show us your performance all together… TRCNG’s sharp group dance[Lightly like a feather, sharply like a knife!] [Power dancers as usual!] [I can’t lose TRCNG uwu] Okay~ thank you so much As soon as your fans heard that you guys are visiting Fact iN Star, so many people, through social media, requested us to deeply explore your charms first of all, we should divide into 2 teams Wait. We are so naturally divided already It was so natural, right? and there is definitely going to be a prize for winners At the same time, losers get punishment The punishment will be a live performance without song being played, at tbs building square Let’s see this team first, 1,2,3! Heart! [Team Heart] What about this side, 1,2,3! Ori(Duck)! The game that will allow us to explore TRCNG’s charms is! Kpop quiz with TRCNG! We will show you emojis, and tell us the title of a song you can think of Let’s have a look at the screen! [A golf club of love..?] Love shot! by Exo! That is correct! wowwwww [Group performance for such good song like this] [Sexy charm loaded] [This is a group dance I wanna divide them in nano unit,,,] Okay~thank you Please show us! Ori! ICY by ITZY! I don’t really know the dance… Neither do I… [Everybody is excited to see their performance on the new song!] [Let’s go dance without hesitation!] [Every single move you make is a dance to me] [Full of grooves~] I missed the tempo and I was like Raise your hand if you think you know the answer already for the next question I give you 5 points Me! Have a seat! Let’s have a look Hakmin was faster! Getting Closer Getting Closer (Out of breath:Korean title) Correct ! [The power that fills the entire studio] [Their awesome look is pumping my heart…] [911? I am just hit by TRCNG…] Heart! [Shouting out ‘Heart’ faster than a light] He shouted out as soon as the screen is changed Please tell us the answer! [Why can’t you say anything] Ohhh Ori! Heart is going for the answer now 3,2,1, fail! Fancy! Correct! [Dancing with Taeson~] [I don’t care if I get it right or wrong~ I am just having fun~] [Cute charm of average age 17.9] [You little cuties!!!] Hayoung’s hips are amazing Look at that! that is literally amazing! Look at the range it moves [The art of hips] This one is pretty hard Please show us the emojis! Heart! What the heck is that? 3….2…1…fail! Ori! O..ori…! Uh… Beautiful by Wannaone! How come that’s Beautiful? OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! CORRECT! [View +Tea + Ful(Meaning leaf or grass in Korean] [The view here is also very BEAUTIFUL] [TRCNG has brought a something big. The cool look] [Peep peep Kanmgmin] [Very cool from a distance, but very cute if closer] Next question, here we go! -Heart
-Ori! Heart was faster UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Correct! [Snapping by CHUNGHA] Jihun! let’s go! Jihun is really good at this dance [Jihun takes the center] [Very seducing] [I see your moves even if I cover my eyes] [Dance triangle with perfect chemistry] [Very focused] [This feeling is like Chungha!] Next question, here we go This question is actually very hard Show us the emojis! -Ori!
-Ori was fast! [Kangmin frozen] 3… I will say the answer Dramarama blablalb by Monsta X! What was that? More precisely -The answer is…!
-Dramarama Correct! [TRCNG is bad at doing bad at something] [Why are they so goooooooood] [Senior Mon X! We love you! -TRCNG-] Okay~Thank you And we are now waiting for the last question This question will give you 10 points Here we go! [I will just shout out our team name first haha] 2,3! Moving to Team Ori Spectrum! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH Spectrum by TRCNG Very correct [Own song’s awesome look is at the peak…☆] [TRCNGs excitement level is beyond limit] [Guys….Just follow TRCNG..] [Open the spectrum~] There is a scene that you should not miss in your MV It’s actually crying acting scene [TRCNG…..sometimes……tears….] There were a lot of actings involved in the MV and who do you think is the master of acting in the group? 1,2,3! Who is it? [# of votes won dominated by] [Jihun the acting master] Hmm..I’ve been training very hard in my entire life so.. Please tell me why. Why is he the master of acting? Jihun is actually very whimsical and always seem very excited But there is a scene at where we got goosebumps It’s a scene at where Jihun cries as he graps his watch [This is the scene] the whole studio was in shock by Jihun’s acting He did really well Ohh did I do that well? I was actually dozing Woww you were dozing and you did that well~? Everybody used the artificial tears except Jihun But Jihun was the only one who showed the real tears I think I was very lucky that day It was right direction and the right timing I think it was a scene at where I was very lucky Tell us more about anecdotes about the MV filming There is a scene where Hyunwoo cries as he eats pineapple I keep watching it and I cant stop thinking that he is crying because he is like “Omgsh this is soooo gooodd :(((” That was really funny scene for me There is a movie called ‘Chungking Express’ We just hommaged a scene from the movie [Hyunwoo from, Keum SeungMoo from] [Aren’t those footage pineapple commercial by good looking guys?] Our fans don’t really know about that movie so… Fans are like “Are you crying because the pineapple is so good?” “Was the pineapple too sour?” “Too sour hahaha” [Fun anecdote that is happened because people don’t know about the movie lool] [But it was fun hihihi] [Thanks to that, this cool scene is made] Ohhh and Wooyeop’s nunchucks There is a scene where Wooyeop does Nunchucking and Wooyeop is really good at it because Wooyeop is taekwondo black belt [This is the skill of the black belt] He was doing it as he was doing the kicks as well and the nunchucks hit his nose! He got like a scratch but the scratch actually made him look very cool as if he purposely had got it through make up After I finished the filming, I came out of the studio and I was like this because It was really painful -And Kangmin walked to me and he was like
-I told you it’s not me! It is you!! It is you, sir He was like “did you get makeup for this? it looks so good!” When I was in pain! -I told you it wasn’t me!
-It’s me actually Ohhh it’s Taeseon We went through the same thing at that time Okay we solved a case here today This mission is called ‘Acting Idol competition’ [The team who does better acting on the given word wins the game] The first topic is An umbrella Ohhhh I think I know what this is Please send one person up here Let’s send the most good looking person first Let’s send Siwoo then [Eh….? what are you talking about?] [I don’t know what’s going on but okay] [Your opponent is me!] We will do RPS to decide who goes first Rock paper scissor! Do you wanna go first or second? You go first Let’s have a look at the screen Ohhh yeah we were right [The textbook of an umbrella scene] [A scene Dongwon Kang showing up in] Can I take the actress’ role? I just simply need to smile? Do you get the feeling? Okay I got it [This is an umbrella. Not a bubble wrap] Okay shooting in a second(talking like a director) Action! [Laughter burst] Keep going keep going You have to look at the camera! Please look at me once [HEY HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING] Okay shooting in a second(talking like a director) [The actress is working harder than the actor is] Yoooo it’s scary!! hahah not that kind of eyes Focus! x4 [Very gentle] [Failed] Taeseon, please step forward The second scene, let’s check it out Yeahhh I knew it The front teeth is the point here [Getting tuned for the scene] [The perfect change in his eyes] It’s scary the blank for the warning shots was only for the first round astutely.. [Our leader is doing so good hahaa] I AM CRINGING The scond topic is ‘Fussy’ fussy fussiness fussy goes to Wooyeop for sure The person who will stand up to fussy Wooyeop is [Kangmin is up] This is a big match so please shake hands before we begin Ouch!! it hurts Wowww very fussy The first footage of ‘fussy’. Let’s check it out Because it was an acting of being possessed! Do you even know what putting heart and soul into acting would be like? What are you to look down on a ghost acting being posssessed? Are you that good?!?!?!! [Don’t know what to do] You have to put your feeling into it very well okay? Starting in a second Because it was an acting of being possessed! Do you …..even know what .. Hold on Are you okay~? Only your mind is ready [Director Taeson is watching] Because it was an acting of being possessed! Do you even know what putting heart and soul into acting would be like? What are you to look down on a ghost acting being posssessed? Are you that good?!?!?!! [Well done little chicks…] It was cute hahah [Very exhasuted after the putting heart and soul into the acting] What? looking part by part? Ha….You are judging my look now…wow….I am speechless I think he is gonna do it so well I think the line perfectly fits him Which camera? Should I look at this camera? Look at the second camera please [Fussy Wooyeop will teach you something] What? looking part by part? Ha….You are judging my look now…wow….I am speechless [This is the acting with hearts and soul,s this is the textbook of method acting] [That was awesome] [fussy Wooyeop doesn’t accept highfives] The ending was good The next topic is male protagonist [This kind of look?] [Excellent acting?] If I give you a hint, this acting requires a good voice It’s Hyunwoo then! Another hint! [Jihun is up from our team!] and you have to be able to put emotions into the voice very well [Hyunwoo is up] [TRCNG’s sweet voices are up] [Turns out to be ‘Snappings’] you have to read that [This time, it’s a paragraph, not a video] [Very famous line from an internet fiction] This line is very well-known I can’t breathe~ Shoud I do A and B both? One person, two roles please I can’t breathe…
-Breathe? why not? You can’t breathe? You have runny nose from the cold? [We are the ones who can’t breathe as spectators haha] When you look at me…I can’t breathe.. Good voice~! The voice was good but if you watch this show at home, you will see a miracle how everybody turns around as soon as you say “You can’t breathe?” Please get the vibe [Sad eyes..] Could you please do me a favor? Champion? Could you please…kill….my heart? [Fully focused] [Big applause from the crowd] [THIS IS ACTING] Woww that was really clever [This is why he is the master of acting] We have prepared a game that requires a good team chemistry It’s called TRCNG Two Bodies One Spirit! [Succeed the mission if do the same pose on a given word] If you pass, the sound you will hear is but if you fail He is very strict We will play the game now and since you are going first, you get to pick one from categories Do you wanna play female idol or male idol? There are two categories Do you wanna go for female idol or male idol We will go for male idol! Wolf Baby! [Wolf Baby is?] [TRCNG’s debut song with full of their fresh charms] 1,2,3! Stay like that~ [Hyunwoo….you are so wrong ….] [Boy with Luv by BTS] 1,2,3! Ohh you want me to tie your shoes? It’s very well tied! You are the loophole in this team Gangnam style! 1,2,3! [Finally succeeded!] Taemin! 1,2,3! [Siwoo’s Taemin is kinda standing out..] Stay as you were [Mumbling] I thought I was right! haha The next quetsion! Humph! by Pentagon! 1,2,3! Stay like that~ [Walking alone] Goodbye! [Time out that is absolutely no help] Shower by NORAZO 1,2,3! [Our kid is on mirror mode…] That was it! Team Ori! What is your thoughts after watching Team Heart playing? I think that we can easily beat them in this game DON’T YOU THINK THAT’S TOO HARSH SIR?! Who do you think was the loophole in that team? Hakmin….should’ve thought simpler We will do 8 questions for Team Ori Dance the night away 1,2,3! [Fail with smiles!] Did you see Jihun’s eyes shaking? [Master of teasing. He call him self the devil of the bully] Snapping! 1,2,3! [Requesting for VAR] Because of who? Jisung was late than others! Let’s see what the judge says [beep!] Gashina by Sunmi! 1,2,3! [Team Ori is not so different from the other team..] [They are even startled by their poor performance] We thought you guys were gunna do this What is this btw? The part where she says “Gashina” Tell me your wish by Girl’s generation 1,2,3! [Kangmin…..loooool] What is this?hahaha This one is very acceptable right? But this is… I was thinking about the lamp thing.. This one you have to know You will be like “Ohh this one” as soon as you hear the word IU I’m sorry x4? What was that? You know who IU is right? 1,2,3! I don’t know!! Do you know IU or not? Ofcourse we do Bungee by OH MY GIRL 1,2,3! [A chaos] Let’s go over one by one] Stay as you were Jisung is before the bungee Kangmin is also before bungee He is going down He is…. [Hoola Hoola~] That was it We are putting the score together but there is a performance we need to watch I heard TRCNG is really good at B-boying.. Please shout it HEY DJ FACT DROP THE BEAT! [Go Kangmin!] [A Spin easily done like a squirrel] [Faster than me spinning a compass with my hand] [wooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa] [Hakmin LET’S GO!] [Guys, how are you guys so good at spinnig?] [Wow this store is really good at dancing] [MC is so impressed and donated a shoe] And we have to announce the winner and loser The winner is! Congratulation, Team Heart! The prize for winner! Is it chicken? I was hungryyyy wow [Enjoy guys] [Today’s late night food is Chicken!] [The interview is done….] Great job today guys! Okay guys, Fact iN Star is finished. Great job today guys But it’s not finished until it’s really finished~ What was the punishment for losers? Live performance without song being played at the outdoor square! Let’s go! [No fighting on the way] How do you feel? You have to dance in this hot weather Where should we dance? over there Ohhh okay [Absorbing sunshine] Okay the punishment mission begins now! [The support is as hot as the weather is!] [Forced live busking] [Move it move it] [THE PASSION] [HEAT WAVE] [GREAT JOB TODAY TRCNG!] Did you guys have fun todaY? Yes~ How was it? I feel pressured since it was a ‘Punishment’ Hopefully you get a chance to take revenge on them next time In winter! until one of us freeze to death [That is scary] It was Fact iN Star with TRCNG! Guys we just finished the show~ -It was really fun
-That’s true This show is just a place to hang out Before we were on the show, we always tell each other “Let’s just have fun” And we really did! Promise us that you will invite us here again when we are back with another new album! Good thing about Fact iN Star is that we can spend time with our fans! I think this is the best thing Live broadcast~ And before we say goodbye, don’t forget to subscribe and give big thumb up to Fact iN Star! Set the notification on for the channel as well~ Please listen to our new songas well! Bye~~~ Hello, we are TRCNG! don’t forget to subscribe and give big thumb up to Fact iN Star and Set the notification on for the channel as well~


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    Full버전 너무 감사합니다ㅠ 드디어 공백 다 넘어서 이젠 진짜 리얼 시작이에여ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 항상 고생하는 티알둥이 너무 고맙고 사랑한다ㅠ 하영이도 사랑해ㅠ mc분 너무 귀여워요ㅠㅠㅠ 아아악ㅠ 잘봤어여ㅠ

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    Omg yes we got eng subtitle!!!

  • Reply Chaialoves September 7, 2019 at 5:13 am

    Fighting TRCNG!!!!

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    TRCNG and Champion let’s rise together! 🏆

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