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[ENG/INDOSUB] NCT 127 VLIVE 190607 – 1πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

November 10, 2019

Whoa, that shocked me too. Surprised me. Is it already started? Let’s go to this side more. – A little bit to the back.
– We’ll move back. NCTzen! – Oh my god!
– Oh my god! We just heard the news too. We have amazing news. – Johnny brought amazing news, what is it?
– We went #1! Got #1! – The moment we heard the news.
– It’s really amazing.
– We had to do V LIVE. It’s weird not doing V LIVE. – Can’t not do it.
– We cannot not see our fans. Doyoung’s shoulders are #1 too. He’s gotten them extra pads. – We have to do V LIVE we all said.
– Yes. – Must do. – Haechan you…
– Don’t stop us. We heard that we went #1 on Music Bank. Mark cried a lot. – He’s wiped the tears.
– I teared up a little bit. – We were perplexed.
– You teared up? – Mark, say something. Our second Music Bank… – #1 on the show.
– Don’t cry, don’t cry. Thank you so so so so much. Thank you. – Let’s go around and say something then?
– Shall we? – From Yuta. We went #1 thanks to so many of our fans,
so many of NCTzens, I truly believe that. So thank you so much. We will keep up the momentum going forth. – Go us!
– Go! Go! – From where?
– Taeyong. Is it me? I have to think a little bit. – Then Jungwoo? Jungwoo?
– Jungwoo. – First off…
– Don’t cry. Jungwoo doesn’t cry the second time.
He really did the first time. – You grew up, huh?
– Everybody… – He grew up a bit. – Thanks to all of you fans,
we were able to get #1. – I already said that. – Something new, has to be new.
– Can’t overlap. What’s so wrong about overlapping? We all are on the same page so
it can overlap. Thanks to our fans, we were able to get
such great, such meaningful award.
Thank you. Taking this opportunity as our stepping stone, we will become NCT127 who strive for the better. Wow, now on to Taeil. – Taeil.
– Yes, Taeil. I believe there is one and only NCTzen. While we were up on the stage, I’m about to say the same thing you already
said, but it’s inevitable. You can just cry then. You pass if you cry. Tears are welling up. But I don’t want to show our NCTzen
my weak side. He’s the oldest brother here, you know. It was too weak up till this moment. Thank you so much for supporting us, and making us #1. We know it was
you who made this. We get energy from you, and please know that we can do better
because of you. Thank you more than anyone. Everybody… “Superhuman”. You are “Superhuman”. Okay, okay, sorry. First of all, we really prepared for “Superhuman”
from very long ago. We went around doing tours
and spending lots of time overseas. So we were worried about not seeing you
as much. But you showed us so much love first. Thank you so much for that. As you love it so much,
we love “Superhuman” as much. But we can feel that you love our song
so much, thank you so much and we will try to do
our best while we promote “Superhuman”. So please keep on supporting us
and root for us. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you. – Yes, I would like to list up the people
I’m thankful for…
– One year older now. – Yes, I just turned 20.
– Yes, 20 now. This is Haechan who became the real adult. So I would like to thank all of our SM family
including Mr. Lee Sooman. More than anyone, I would like to thank our
members who went through all of this with me. – Great. – And the parents of all of us, 9 members’
parents, including my parents. And family, brothers, sisters, cousins,
thank you so much. – Mom? Okay.
– You prepared it? Did you have this prepared? Mom says thank you. I’m trying to make it hard for you who didn’t
go. Mom says she loves you too. And I love you all NCTzen who are all over the
world. Thank you. Thank you NCTzen who gave us
such a big present of making us #1. And so many people helped us while we
prepared for “Superhuman”. I would like to thank all of you who supported
us. Let’s all do our best from now on too. And for getting such a great gift
of going #1, we can do better as we go on. This is all thanks to you
and we promise to do our best so
please support us with love. Thank you, NCTzen! Thank you so much for loving
“Superhuman”. We’re so happy that we went #1. We came back yesterday. And getting such good news of going #1
right after coming back. – Right. – How can I say this?
We feel so relieved I guess? – Relieved?
– Relieved. Our eyes shine even more. – Shine. – Like we are born again?
– Eyes. It feels like that. We can see more clearly. Red looks more red,
something like that. My hair color looks clearer to you? – Like you got your eyes lasered.
– Right. – Lasered.
– They say their eyes opened up. – Like I’ve gotten new eyes then?
– Eyes are open? Is this for sure? – Feels like eyes opened up.
– Eyes are opened up. – Eyes opened. – Feels like it.
– It feels like my eyes opened up. It feels like that.
And I want to say thanks to all of you. And thanks to all of our members. It feels like we’ve all become one
under “Superhuman”. I love you. Blue DY. – I… What?
– Blue DY. – We didn’t get the news of going #1
live, you know? – Right. So why don’t we do a little skit right now? – Like we’re on the stage?
– Yes, right now. Who’s the MC? MC right over there. – Let’s just do the MCing ourselves too.
They say “Text message votes”, right?
– Today’s #1 goes to… – Preliminary votes..
– Preliminary votes. Today’s #1 including real time text message votes! goes to NCT127 “Superhuman”. Mother! – Trophy! Here’s the trophy.
– Mom! – I didn’t know this would happen today.
– This is not a dream, right? – Please say a word. – Today… – We made it!
– Please pinch me. We didn’t know we would go #1 today,
thank you to NCTzen for making us get this. Since you gave so much love, we will promote ourselves even better
next week. And show the best of us to you. Mama, I made it! Mom, thank you! We’re always thankful. Good. Good, Doyoung is good. It felt real just now. – I really got emotional.
– Johnny was cut off a bit. I was going to the left the whole time. – We have to adjust.
– Okay, okay. Taeyong. – Last. – There was so much time
for me to think. But I can’t think of anything that will
amaze you. Because it’s already been 4 years
since made our debut. And though a half of this year has
passed, – so much happened this year. – Right. Where are you going? Please continue. – I’ll continue when you sit down.
– Please continue. You’re preparing an event, right? – What were you going to do?-
– Please continue. – So… What were you going to do?
– Continue please. – Do it then.
– No no.. So then… What was it… So there were so many things
that happened to us this year. I want to make this sound like
it really means something amazing… Is it the way I talk? – It’s all good.
– Good. Emotion. Sentimentality. What? There was so much happening to us… And we spent so much time in the U.S. We didn’t even think about going #1,
to be frank. But you making us go up to #1
really touched our hearts. Thank you so much for keeping on thinking
about us while we were gone. Thank you so much. Doesn’t matter whether we’re far
or near. – It makes us focus more.
– Suddenly…- Yes, makes us focus. – I felt the power of BGM.
– The power of music. The fact that you continued to root for us
regardless of our distance. Thank you so much. Half of this year has passed. I’m sure there are many of you who are
expecting great news too. So we cheer for you too. And we will continue to show you
the better sides of us too. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Good, good.
– It was good. Now let’s make the mood to
“Amor Fati”. And you know how we
worked hard this time too. Right. – In the U.S.?
– Right. Please get excited for the thing
that’s coming up, everybody. Please get excited! – This time… it really is exciting.
– How do you feel? – I’m hyped. – Jaehyun…
– I believe there will be a masterpiece. I want to go to heaven. That will make you go to heaven for sure. I can’t wait. I can’t wait. One on one. Now shall we wrap up here then? – Okay. – We’re really about to see you all. – Fan signing.
– We will see you with the news about
our performances. We will now go to get prepared for our next
event. – Then.
– Everybody, have a great Friday! – Let’s finish up by saying “Thank you”
when I count 1,2,3. – Okay. – How’s this? I wanted to say goodbye.
– Okay. – Good.
– You know how we say good bye. Let’s say our thing then we go thank you. 1,2,3!
To the world, this is NCT! Thank you! Thank you so much. – NCTzen, thank you.
– Thank you.


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