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Enable Filmmaker Mode – This is Only a Test 533 – 1/9/20

January 14, 2020

for Thursday January 9th 2020 welcome to
this is only a test the official podcast of tested dot-com hello and welcome to a special we’re not
at CES episode of the podcast we’re in our studio I’m not bummed out about it
yes I am bummed out about it but let’s be bummed out together
or maybe not you haven’t been to CES in years in two years so this was the third
year you seven for third year and past two years two years ago Jeremy Williams
here in the podcast two years ago I was in New Zealand I believe I was we’re
filming the cot that wow that was 2018 January 2018 was Adam Joanne our New
Zealand we were filming at that short film spending week with what a workshop
and so perfectly good excuse not to be able to skip CES that year that was the
great CEOs blackout I miss the great CES blackout and then last year I had a baby
that’s right and he would I couldn’t I couldn’t spend a week away when he was
these flimsy excuses old so and this year my excuses well we just made the
decision not to go no right you didn’t know what would be announced no I mean
never know what’s gonna be announced festivals TVs that’s not what I was
excited for but it’s I completely understand that CES is not the type of
trade show that you’re expected to see world changing technologies unveiled I
don’t think it’s ever been that show yeah maybe decades ago you saw some you
know you you had some game consoles shown there and when Microsoft had a big
presence there you got some announcements you got the first look at
Windows new versions of Windows there but a lot of big companies software
companies have their own conventions now and really the last big tech CES
consumer electronics the CVX was good the checkout was HD TVs and maybe even
you know 4k TVs TVs kind of have anchored CS and that’s been on the wane
you guys used to go and cover the 3d printers when that was a thing right and
we saw that become a big section and then it scaled back down yeah a very
small section so definitely you know ups and downs in
in terms of trends I think cars are definitely a big trend the car companies
who do the the Auto Show circuit have the money and infrastructure to set up
but concept cars not like real cars not real cars yes yet mostly concept cars
and there there is a whole section just for cars and Audi and BMW zh we have
some some interesting things to show and we’ll talk about all that stuff because
sure welcome to podcast as well I am also here yeah how are your guys past
weeks it’s really good yeah yeah I got his they’re back at school I saw
Hamilton ah you did yeah I the I took my my kids and some friends I took I took a
yam my mom and stepdad couldn’t make it so I invited will and Gena hmm and they
had not seen it before that was such a privilege to share that with them I was
so happy to be able to do that because they really liked it and it was a
stellar performance it was a stellar performance when we got seated by the
usher she said how many times have you seen the show and I and I was
embarrassed to say I’ve seen it Ford this will be my fourth time Wow and she
was not impressed what she’s not sure she said you know hundreds of times
potentially she said when you when you’re double digits come talk to me
well but right now you’re still a newbie anyway I thought it was Oded into buying
more ticket we were a little concerned we sat down both Hamilton and burr were
understudies okay we’re like what are we in for yeah
stellar stellar absolutely you gotta believe so I understood he’s there nots
picking people off the street yeah people who could lead the show that
you’re basically in the top ten Hamilton performers worldwide if you’re an
understudy for the show and they’re raring to go right but they’re not gonna
miss their shot so to speak right sure like they they want to be noticed were
you nervous about Marx and chemistry and and yes yeah you were anxious because
drunk it’s an understudy and they have the chemistry with other performers the
way they start out the show is the same way they did with the with the last time
I saw it which is Hamilton plays at a little timid he’s like not sure of
himself he lacks confidence yes and I was worried that that was the actor
you know but it turned out no no no this guy brought it and it was the best
Hamilton I’ve seen Wow all right high praise I wonder if that is that will be
the new Hamilton for this show because a lot of this company right are moving on
and doing other projects or moving the different productions of Hamilton I mean
in the San Francisco San Francisco is that still playing through May 31st here
I also saw Hamilton last week yes it’s a time since we’ve talked and I didn’t I
got the understudy for burr but not for Hamilton and so for me it was great to
see how that Hamilton performer had evolved my memory since I saw him last
year or last February to now in January and he did a great job
good yeah definitely made his own different very everyone looks super
comfortable yeah they know the shells and and and it’s if you’ve listened to
the libretto if you’ve listened to the sound the album the cast recording which
was recorded now what five years ago yeah the original Broadway cast it’s and
you kind of have it it’s unique in a performance because it’s an audience I
imagine if they’re it’s the first I’ve seen or if it’s their fifth time seeing
it or ten times seeing it the canonical performance in their head is the cast
recording yep it’s something they listen to dozens of the hundreds or maybe
thousands of times and it’s so delightful to see the variations and and
you don’t feel like you’re being shorted the Hamilton experience
yeah I actually relish the the subtle difference is me to onstage me –
absolutely but and I also stand by the notion that like Shakespeare the work is
bigger and better and you know more impressive than any one performance my
aim when it comes to Hamilton just hearing this performed by any cast is
going to be a good experience yeah – sure how was your past week I didn’t see
Hamilton what are you doing here I don’t know I have to leave this show I
had a good last week I’m readjusting to normal life now that like kid is back in
school yeah I to go to sleep at normal hours I can’t
play video games all night as much you know things I have to be an adult again
that’s hard I can relate it’s why you come the
podcast where I don’t have to be don’t help being an adult there are no adults
in in this room I’m doing this coffee thing you know I’m doing a kind of a
diet I’m trying you know new year I need to lose 20 pounds so back me up
Wow I have I have a system I can introduce I know yeah so I’m trying to
do like as limited carbs as possible so I got this I put stevia in my coffee and
it that’s the green and stuff gross I’m really having a hard time with it dude
it’s gross that’s why yeah and I am something that drinks like my weight and
aspartame stevia is the worst so your yellow stuff oh yeah I’m mighty – I’m
yellow stuff all the way okay I might do yellow Nick yeah red stuff is gross the
blue stuff no green stuff it seems overly fancy it’s a little bit and then
the the brown packets that’s just real sugar
well that’s sugar yeah yeah yeah that’s my favorite are there any colors left
for a sugar alternative they claim plenty of colors I’m waiting for the
vantablack color you’re packing it a black hole of
calories yeah yeah yeah that’s good bright orange
I go with that no I’m all about this the aspartame the Splenda yeah
but I mean if you’re into raw sugar it’s hard to get off it are you ready for
everything with real sugar to taste weird to you I’m what I’m ready to
forget what sugar tastes like and be okay with the fake sugar I went to the
grocery store yesterday and I asked for where the fake sugar is and he said what
and then he was on me like you just gotta have regular sugar he’s like he’s
not supporting me in my whole diet initiative here and I didn’t appreciate
that but I had to like do it on my own and I
didn’t even go home with it cuz I felt so like it was gross I didn’t want it
there are a whole there is a what it’s a crave is a sugar alternative for for
baking crave or something like that but yeah there are some like fancy yeah like
plant base sugar alternative sweeteners that you can find the sweetener they try
to fake you out like this good work that’s what it is there’s like fig sugar
you know or bait sugar that’s sugar I know I know
but they make it sound so natural and no no I mean it’s not high-fructose corn
syrup but it’s still yeah it’s got the only advantage with some of those sugars
is the ratio of like fructose to dextrose and and some of the other
complex yeah sugars is is different yeah so for some people that actually aids
right some of their processing and the the weight that’s on your liver same
without that Oh God but that’s like that’s pretty minimal like you know the
the key is just and this is coming from me so take it with a pinch of sugar it’s
just moderation it’s all about calorie intake in the end I will say a
intermittent fasting which is a fancy way of saying this stuff it’s a fancy
way of saying don’t eat before you go to bed no it’s I mean there is actually a
study that came out in the New England Journal of Medicine I think two weeks
ago about the five-two intermittent fasting where it’s basically you do five
days of normal caloric intake in two days of intermittent fasting and that it
actually had some some statistically significant how good were those
intermittent fasting days how trim so it’s usually like if you’re on a 2,000
calorie a day let’s just say yeah the fasting days are about 500 calories well
that’s no that’s that’s for me it’s more about just eat dinner early and don’t
eat after let’s say 6:30 p.m. and then oh I thought you’re gonna say don’t eat
after midnight well Marissa you don’t eat after 6:30 that would be hard for me
I eat early dinner yeah put the baby to bed I will have tea in the evenings
enough tea with with my fake sugar and then in the morning I will eat at you
know a it’s 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. a little very light protein heavy breakfast of
eggs or you know cheese in and then not eats a lunch and that really helps oh
man it’s the feeling hungry part of a diet I don’t like do you need to feel
full to go to bed yes I mean gonna have a big dinner don’t we
all there’s there’s no there’s no there’s no reason you couldn’t have a
big dinner you’re just having it earlier okay and you’re not stuffing yourself
with you know sugar and desserts before you go to bed okay well we’ll keep
tracking you usually use Knapp Jeremy yeah there’s an app for
that okay all right top story this week all right top story
CES yes so much out of there it’s happening right now we’re recording this
on Wednesday and CS goes through Friday all the press conferences are done
though so presumably all the announcement from big companies are out
there and I’m excited to see what all the reporters there and bloggers there
what they’re interested in and on and their content coming out of it but a few
things every caught my eye and now I know how we want to go down this list
I’m not gonna go through press conference by press conference but let’s
start with let’s start with some some weird stuff we got from Samsung
we got a robot Bali Bali Bali I’m gonna do it oh yeah a video so this was
described as like bb-8 come to life it’s it’s not bb-8 no it’s a ball well bb-8
stu-balls a ball in a hemisphere yes this is not
that this oh my oh my we’ve got live audio so the audio it’s a
big tennis ball that rolls itself around on the ground and I gotta tell you like
this video is so unbelievable I you think there’s a string it’s imagine I
mean it also tell her it’s not the rolling around that that is not
believable it’s in everything else yeah it’s like who’s house looks like that my
house has never been that clean and minimalistic
there’s there’s a beautiful woman who lives by herself on the seaside mansion
okay she loves her robot if you see the way you want this is for her Corgi this
is him you want someone to look at you the way she looks at her robot there’s a
peloton ad all over again so it rolls around it wakes her up you know
supposedly and she’s delighted to see it she talks to it you did you just see in
the video there’s also Samsung’s product integration rotating TV yes we’re gonna
talk about that too okay so then you know I don’t know she goes off to work
the robot sort of entertains the dog the robot looks at the dog sees the dog is
upset or bored and turns the TV on for it the dog loves that comes over and is
so excited to have something in its life it knocks something over the dog knocks
up of surrealcereal over the robots sees
first of all it’s Fruity Pebbles and there’s no way that woman’s eatin Fruity
Pebbles the robot sees this and then decides what to do about it
uh it looks over at the robotic vacuum activates it has the robot vacuum come
over and clean up all the fruity pebbles and then go back and then it plays chase
with the dog first of all lets us agree no dog has reacted that calmly to a
vacuum cleaner in the history of mankind I thought you were gonna say a rolling
tennis ball there you go there’s no dog that’s not devouring this robot on sight
and then eventually sweetly the dog takes a rest and robot what’s the con
valley valley bali bah-li nuzzles up against the dog and they sleep together
does it emit warmth is it like yeah is it discharging energy I think it
videoconferences the owner as well and she’s of course delighted again hmm on
her Galaxy Note 10 no but this is that’s the promise of
this isn’t just the mechanical ball rolling around with the camera system
but in in this ad and they have not been forward about any of the details of how
any of this supposed to work this is very kin to one of those research videos
like the dream of the future although on stage you know Samsung CEO had Bali yeah
in five colors behind him it’s all a eye driven so theoretically their API is a
owner can tap into and say I have these number of Samsung or Samsung affiliated
devices in my home and it can do things like be a remote control IR blast the TV
right you know direct for some some reason a a Roomba Mechanical Turk is
there someone remotely controlling this it isn’t the controlling of the devices
that’s unbelievable it’s the contextual awareness to control the devices that
are contextual need who wants or needs this type of
robot I think we should go to an expert witness around this G Bo what do you
think about Shiva’s been deactivated I wish I had legs I mean we saw the robot
come on stage it was there you can roll I can roll on stage it rolled towards
the CEO when he walked away from it it followed him and then he walked he like
approached it and intimidated Bali and in Bali backed up that’s all we saw and
then he said Molly’s got to go but let’s see what else Molly can do and that’s
when they rolled the video they don’t need I think they overreached right it’s
like when Amazon first released the the echo devices all need to do is be one a
good speaker and it the first generation one to some extent was an OK speaker you
don’t need to sell people on a promise of an AI that’s gonna do all these crazy
things all these look on each fee shirts sell it on one thing
echo did well because it was a good Bluetooth speaker and then slowly the
features came out and they put you know however many thousands of engineers
behind it now it’s a whole platform hey don’t leap before you can walk I
don’t roll disagree with that but I think there’s something about the
concept behind this which is AI that can move with you or move that is mobile
that we haven’t like sort of proven out as a core like problem area or need i
mean accepting our phones which we travel with like i don’t think there’s a
use case for a eyes being like you being a physical device that moves in your
house versus the Star Trek computer which is just always on and and with you
in every which is o2 eka which is what echo is and infer meant for other
devices for other companies it’s the smart assistant in the phone that you
have on you at all time samsung has that already I think if you’re talking about
a mechanical device that you want interactivity with the base level
feature because the customer base with this is not going to be you know
a family of four who have tons of bills to pay and are smarter than the new from
new phone for everyone right it’s gonna be someone who has a thousand dollars to
spend on some crazy luxury good the most utility they can get out of that is it
just being cute and novel and responding to you get that part right first and
then you can add the features Gebo the best part of Gebo was the fact that it’s
kind of looked at you when you moved around yeah and you made faces it’s
smiled at you that’s an all it needed to do to to feel like you’re getting some
kind of you know some utilities some happiness out of it yeah I I actually
think the with the ubiquity of in home smart cameras I think that’s actually
the play here is like here’s a a a I enabled camera that can replace all the
cameras surveillance mode because they just sent all these century mode I mean
it’s ridiculous but I think that’s actually that’s interesting like that
might be a reasonable place like a Roomba that’s just a camera sentry mode
is a smarter smart camera and something you could maybe tap into to check the
monitor your pets when you’re away mmhmm yeah AI controlled can’t go upstairs can
roll downstairs I’m not sure that can go on shag carpet like yeah yeah that’s a
it’s really small ball and your I mean whatever mechanical did you see the way
it works it has these two tread yes yeah but that’s not give you enough torque to
what or clearance I mean it doesn’t it’s works on wood right a tile yeah yeah
do you have hardwood and 5g on either for your Wi-Fi throughout your house we
may have a device for you and a tame dog we’re gonna stick with Samsung because
they have a bunch of again this is like this is why I want to be at CES well
this weird stuff impractical products the prototypes we’ll see the one time
that matin that we’ll probably never ever get released but Samsung also has
an artificial human avatar project project nyan this was leaked before CES
people found hints of it in in in social media and in and then dug into found
some videos that then put out so how does this work what
is this an AR thing it’s it’s a fully generate it’s it’s a video of humans
look like humans in a video that are fully digitally created they are not
real oh wow beginning I thought maybe one of them was and we had to decide who
was the imposter so but it’s essentially there they’re deep fake generated
avatars you know as opposed to creating a 3d model and using a kind of the old
way of creating digital avatar which was to to model and rig a in a volumetric
model right this is just video and it’s done using you know deep learning and
just databases of imagery and so none of these are representative of real people
but they can you know using essentially deep fake technology they can emulate
voices and and movement and this would be the visual avatar to whatever
Samsung’s you know their Syriac whittlin would be are they gonna put some sort of
stamp or encoding to kind of prevent this for technology from being used for
ill is there a way to even consider that so you know it’s not a real person
because I think that makes a difference to me like I can imagine being on an
airplane and watching the safety video in it being a digital person now yeah
yeah no matter though be a I think I want to know why would you want to know
like the safety video is an interesting thing like the people who doesn’t matter
exactly people in commercials like again it doesn’t matter doesn’t matter there
are literally avatars for the marketing or for a specific service it’s because
of the the potential for ill the technology being used for ill for as to
being able to identify it I actually think there’s people from Facebook
testifying in Congress this morning when we’re recording about how they’re able
to analyze deep fakes on the platform and the LLC’s have you know
removing all deep fix unless they’re political ads of course because they’re
not going to go verify those but I think the neon project which is under STAR
Labs they’re claiming that this will be used as initially as service
representatives financial advisors concierge services so you go check into
a hotel as opposed to having you know someone
behind a desk people are already doing expedited you know of a TM style
check-ins for hotels they can put some type of avatar there which may give you
it’s a robo call it’s the robo call but video in person now when if that moves
into what they hope its move into it’s a TV anchors spokespeople movie actors
companions and friends in their in their parlor it’s like that’s where I feel
like this is gonna be insufficient TV anchors that’s it that’s where it can
get scary because you are building a relationship as a viewer with a person
that you trust you know the TV anchor isn’t there just to read the
teleprompter you know they assume ibly can think for
themselves and have an opinion I think anytime there’s a presumption that
you’re talking to a real person and so even in the hotel check-in as long it
needs to be really clear that this is not a real person you’re just talking to
via teleconference because it changes the entire perception of the experience
well if the expectation isn’t that you’re gonna be chatting you know making
small talk with this this be fake robot you get to that or or maybe they’ll give
you the small talk if you’re checking into a hotel at CES and you see and they
have a neon avatar checking you into the hotel they might give you some buffet
options or discounts or whatever this is this is Minority Report all over again
it’s it’s the avatar at the side of the gap you know wall
calling out your name and asking you about you know the pants you recently
bought and the whole reason I’m bringing this up is that it’s easy to just say
like this technology is amazing and I think with this kind of technology we
just can’t keep doing having that conversation stop there we have to talk
about the the ramifications of it it reminds me of mica from magically do
you remember that yeah which they’re still pursuing right now I’m supposed to
exist in your you know in the magic verse in in most reality right exists
you know as a one-to-one companion and but that you can interact with are they
saying that you’ll be able to interact with this yes mmm yeah and they want to
generate in real time and in your responsive the type of interactions that
you know again with the expectation set that you are interacting with the
concierge or you know a health care representative it’s a robocall
expectation yeah it’ll be certainly interesting to see how that interaction
of balls because right now with with echo it’s almost like prompts it’s like
an adventure game and that’s fine because again your mind you’re expecting
that yeah you’ve trained your language so you go back to the Star Trek computer
the voice commands that Picard and Riker giving the stars computer were all you
know calm response they weren’t interrupted each other it was no it was
typing and entering and there was an expectation that you would have no es
you would have natural language you could queries but it wasn’t
conversational right exactly you know I think again but they’re betting on here
is that the visual look of the Avatar somehow gets you to engage with the this
robocall you know the robot better and I don’t know if that’s necessary for some
people might be it might may be the research will show that that will make
them more comfortable or or you know ease the interaction well you were just
telling us that all they needed to do is create a face and make G Bo look at you
as if it had a personality that’s true yeah
but that’s but that’s an uncanny valley thing again it’s like when I look at G
Bo I know it’s a robot right good yeah it is is it better to have is it better
to have photorealism or is it better to have something it
just has the gestures you know they’re right the G bowhead nog for me to
acknowledge that I’m finished talking is sufficient for me do I need something
that looks maybe like in the uncanny valley well that’s what deep fakes have
done is they’ve crossed that line right out of the idiom Betty Nellie yeah I
really want to go to that Salvador Dali Museum exhibit where you could have a
conversation with their deep fake yeah dolly and
wonder because that probably the closest where the expectation is set that you
are interacting with an artificial deep faked human but they have this
conversation tree that you can go down and in the minimal interaction now this
feels like the evolution of that intel had a big presence over at CES a wide
range of things they are showing an AMD of course I will start with with Intel
Intel’s next-gen you know ice lakes already been out but then they showed
Tiger Lake CPU so the big things were Intel where Tiger Lake is their ten
nanometer but plus plus CPUs and mobile that’s the big thing yeah I mean it’s
gonna be in their next generation Y class and you class CPU it’s like you’re
speaking in another language but what is Tiger Lake is that is that current
generation the next generation nobody has tiger like no one is tiger
like ok hi girl ache was shown for the first time I mean not desktop or mobile
ok correct so and they’re gonna release mobile alongside desktop is that right
is that were you saying I think you’ll probably mobile first
that’s how sometimes usually a little behind I lease on the if we talk about
six cores or eight cores gotcha ok a lot of the Intel presentation they were
touting the tiger lakes while holding laptops and like they have a lenovo like
bendable laptop thing you’d like you could foldable screen i mean that had a
tiger lake in it until so how’s the thing called project Athena
this is their new kind of certification you know before when you wanted to call
gosh like ultrabooks right if you wanted to call it an
ultrabook they had to meet certain specs and maybe use certain chipsets coming
from Intel so project Athena from Intel is further for the laptops they that’s
last year but it’s now we’re gonna see theoretically more more notebooks and
know people manufacturers fall into project Athena like qualified status
certified status you think this is gonna open up more laptop gaming because
that’s a lot of the demos they showed a lot of the big visualizations they did
we’re Tiger Lake driven of like an ultralight laptop I think
that’s a go back to the Ultrabook analogy the tiger like stuff in the
project alien stuff is not for gaming that’s for all day battery life that’s
for you know hundred-person responsiveness with like with you know
always connected Wi-Fi six gigabit LT options Thunderbolt three the extra
Thunderbolt 4 also as well and it’s more about like long use performance targets
for you more like office and Photoshop I kind of stuff like yeah 16 hours of
video playback nine hours of wireless web browsing charging a certain you know
under 30 minutes for four hour battery charge those kind of base specs that
they they want to elevate and of course have everyone used their their chips for
so the the speed race is kind of over now we’re there’s still the speed race
but I think now that they’re on a 10 nm your process you have efficiencies or
where they see the advantages yeah on the high end like the the age class so
on the intel side you have the wide class processors which is a two core
previously that’s what you find in like a macbook air or the the like the
m-class processors UK you class is like what you find in a macbook pro 13 inch
and an age class what you find in like the eight korsak’s core processors and
those are still I think on a 40 nanometer process not on tonight process
yet but they also have a new Nook next unit computing do you order the
Intel nook I have one in one of my gaming
little cabinets they’re small yeah right the whole idea was that they have this
form factor they’re as big as about like an Apple TV they’re very small very
small you buy a kit where it comes with the processor you provide your own RAM
and storage and OS but then you have a tiny computer that can use to drive a TV
drive you know basic computing modular and some expandability but it’s
essentially all your face it’s got like a powerful x86 expensive
Raspberry Pi that’s not what their new one is their new one is not that because
it’s while still small it looks more the size of
a speaker subwoofer when it takes you a full-size graphics card that’s that’s
one of the reasons why the chassis it’s called ghost Canyon and it uses your up
– it uses their up until processors up to a mobile core nine
it has a modular compute element it’s called the Intel compute element card
that fits into a PC Ice PCI slot and that part is rich exchange what and
that’s what holds the CPU the RAM and the chipset and storage so it’s kind of
upgradable it’s a it’s it’s almost like a server style design where you have a
blade right that fits in but you have to buy their blades and the blade is would
be the expensive part because the computing element that blade is what
they’re gonna upgrade over time with their new chipsets the new processors
that’s what they promised it that’s what they promised – but the chassis itself
again what’s the form factor of this it’s uh looks like it’s about six inches
I mean looks like a lunchbox much loved a little bigger than a lunchbox yeah
yeah big lunchbox big a lunchbox size but it needs to be that big because it
can also fit a full-sized graphic hold dual slot
you know graphics card obviously graphics card comes in different sizes
so you got to make sure that you’re within the length requirement yep and it
can’t be a 2.75 slot card has to be a two slot card but if you got that you’re
good to go I mean PCIe x16 up to 225 watt GPU can’t you put like 4 SSDs in it
I think it’s so they say that they will support that it will support any
graphics card any current gen graphics card that will fit in it the power
supply that’s present that’s pretty good yeah yeah so who’s this for
I mean if you could see this for people who want to build VR systems desktop VR
system but why are you prioritizing size just because you can put it in a
backpack and go yeah why do you do that are you going to land parties are you a
M owing VR to people on the road maybe for installations
maybe location base yeah right you don’t you if it needs to be slotted and you
need you can’t have a you know a big Tower it’s kind of like it’s
their version of the mini ITX system but it’s easily upgradable and they’re
selling it as a kit yeah well upgradable with their parts
with their parts yes coming out later this year
other things from Intel other the DG one the GPU yeah
discrete graphics are back on Intel what I mean they’re both in there they’ve no
they have integrated graphics what’s the difference oh we’re gonna sell video
gotcha yeah huh not a lot of details they did show
running destiny too and it will be part of the typer light platform on notebooks
so until the scree graphics I don’t know what else to say about it there isn’t I
mean they just showed an image yeah there’s nothing but it’s been long
rumored so it’s so it feels like it’s in what the next probably 18 months we’ll
see this for probably for sure is it gonna compete with NVIDIA yeah I think
that’s their hope I mean that’s not easy no but I mean they have a massive
advantage well they can design integrated systems that right it’s a
bundled this so people don’t have to yeah I don’t have to and then and still
make it upgradable – yeah yeah yeah okay cars couple cars shown it’s the Sony
fake cars yes prototype concept cars well this is the
least fake of the fake cars the sony was 100% fake its fake but it’s the least
fake because it looks like a car at least you want it no but I mean it looks
like early car yeah it’s like four wheels and a steering wheel and stuff I
thought those are the things you need for a car yeah I don’t want this car I
like this car it’s called the vision s who do they make this with yeah it’s
partnered Magna I think is the name of that’s ready yeah bitin no no bitin is
made the other evey I thought I was right it’s got screens everywhere it’s
like it’s just what this is is a demonstration by Sony for what they
could do for the auto industry and if the auto industry sees this they’re
hoping the audience industry might call I imagine and
and use their electronics yeah it’s only connectivity instead electronics and an
image sensors but I think really like partner on a low level and integrate
this stuff you know into the design of the interior not as an afterthought and
not it’s just interior but also on like sensible facing sensors absolutely so
for car service we talked last week what it would take for a new electric car
start up to to overtake a company Tesla you know they might have not have the Rd
to spin up all you know all the UI and all Daktronics that you need they maybe
they just want to focus on the drivetrain right on the motor system the
battery or something they could then partner with a company like Sony to
integrate you know that the cameras needed for for Thomas driving or the
entertainment systems needed on the inside for the dash and for the HUD yeah
and for the the passenger seat entertainment systems so Jeremy and I
were watching the the Verge’s video where they went inside this and their
screens everywhere like fully across the entire dash and but they’re sort of
separated so the driver has like a different system than then the passenger
front what do you think about this like and this is a move and we saw in
multiple cars of having a screen just across the entire front of the of the –
first of all I don’t think in terms of distraction it’s much worse than what
norms got going on you know any car that has a massive computer monitor which is
clearly the way we’re all going this is just stretching that monitor across the
natural physical structure of the dash which i think is more aesthetically
pleasing I actually like this one thing that they show here that I was surprised
cyber truck didn’t do was they have side mirrors but they’re not mirrors they’re
cameras and they put the displays on the inside tilted towards you kind of you
know knight industry two thousand style where you’ve got little basically
monitors of what the side mirrors are see that’s what Tesla really wanted for
the Model X always on cameras a little tiny drive away with those monitors be
that’s a good question I like this this is like that they added two displays
yeah it was on very left and right but you still don’t solve the the parallax
problem that eye tracking no that’s true and the rear view mirror is also a
monitor but I imagine it’s like like the bolt where it’s
interchangeable mm-hmm it’s cool I mean I think this is a beautiful design you
like the idea of a ultra-wide yes you know and there are cars a car companies
doing that startup Kharkov electric car companies I think when we talking about
last week doing that like a 42 inch display what from a UI perspective yeah
what does that give you I know I like I mean why shouldn’t it be if first of all
it looks seamless then it looks like instead of like all these button and
buttons and knobs everywhere you just have one clean minimalistic look that’s
continual I Drive a model through I’m down with the minimal yes so like but I
don’t know why you would need that expansive a canvas divider divided up
however you want you know that’s not more room for failure isn’t like
replacing one giant screen if you have any type of damage more troublesome than
if you had like yes three screens sure sure I mean what does the passenger need
the screen for entertainment oh I imagine a passion you would rather look
at that screen do you think so yeah yeah imagine especially if they can maybe
even project their car play up on it who knows but it’s just you know I just
imagine having that space used for basically like doing what Steve Jobs did
to the keyboard which is just like make it digital like just make everything
digital and then it makes sense and by the way I’m totally not a proponent of
digital interfaces until we have self-driving cars but this is such a
concept I imagine one would be much closer to that by the time you start
seeing this I don’t I mean I know Tesla’s putting all sorts of
entertainment options on their cars for the screens right like that you can play
games you can watch Netflix when you’re a park you can you know browse the
Internet but I feel like with phones yeah you don’t need that and incurred
and I don’t know if the people if people are gonna gravitate toward wanting to
interact with the entertainment systems like they do like they’re watching TV in
a car when there’s so than when one yes they already have their phones or
tablets and two there’s the world you can look at I’d rather have more glass
let’s look at the world what but that’s not covering up the world it’s it’s not
but it’s but it’s about the design intention like when you’re putting that
big risk screen there yeah the intent is look at me in Iraq with me we put this
here so that you as a passenger are encouraged to interact because that’s a
selling point I belong if you speak for all millenials when you say if you put a
screen in front of me I must look at it I must interact think that’s that’s a
design intent yeah yeah right why would you have this beautiful screen there if
not that the purpose was to forget Iraq with it pretty soon consumed by songs
download movies look at as a Sony concept car so of course that’s what the
intent is yeah but I kind of agree with Jeremy like even it like make it digital
and then you have a modular space to do whatever you want with like it could
simply be used to control some of the things I’ve always been on the driver
side like the air conditioning settings the the windows all that you have
wall-to-wall logo door-to-door screen for that you have a car that literally
has karaoke mode for its passenger okay I’m just saying like that is something
that you have I don’t think it’s it’s something but you that need to be you
imagine if though if that karaoke mode was right in front of the passenger how
much better would that be I I guess my question is how much of the riding and a
car experience do people and the future want to be basically another computer
that they’re interacting like an airplane look like an airplane yeah
isn’t that where we’re going that’s what self-driving cars are I guess everything
we’re ours it comes more dystopian and there’s less reasons to fewer reasons to
look out into the world yeah distract yourself with Moana maybe you’ll be able
to do a FaceTime with the passenger oh my god yeah why turn your head yeah why
then why have you here you could have you can have spatial
audio with that so you can make it sound like it speaker is that the passenger
you’re talking to is actually coming from behind you I don’t know I mean
there’s nowhere near as futuristic as Mercedes as car oh yeah that okay stop
with the avatar inspired car named what the avatar
av TR AV F star so hip temperature after after dot car
so this puerile concept car it has well and to be feared like there’s Sony is
not gonna make that car okay yes the visual division yeah that said this this
is the same thing yeah yeah Mercedes isn’t gonna make this car guess so we’re
playing the video of the verge has and you can see in the I guess been stop it
now but the tires are those real tires they light up they go no it’s like your
tank they’re omni direction that’s that’s the interesting part okay is it
you could actually go size i horizontally horizontal i guess if you
think about it from the driver’s perspective so you can go into a
parallel parking spot yeah directly yes the back also has this
pulsating kind of a breathing aeration what’s the author it’s a bunch of panels
that can move in various directions and and they describe it as a communication
tool so that you can communicate with pedestrians and other cars to me it
seems like an aerodynamics feature it so you could increase the force down on the
car into an overt rift you seen iRobot those cars go fast yes yeah I guess yeah
I mean assuming that the wheels aren’t magnetic it the there’s no steering
wheel it’s got a single what do you call it like it’s not a joystick it’s it’s
almost like you hold your hand over like a control module and it lit up and it
senses you yeah and then it becomes you become one with the car and that’s how
you direct it of course it normally is driving itself the cabin inside looks so
much like like a cave is that a projected image or yeah that’s supposed
to be a screen it’s a projection mapped okay Center College over the center it’s
like a giant T it’s like a organic curvy T that’s I don’t know a little Tesla
logo like and then you it gets projected who knows what but it’s that becomes
your dashboard and the by the teehee means like the the down part of the
teague by sex they the the driver and passenger front seat and then turns into
the dash it’s this massive thing the wheels are lit up with these pulsing
lights that sort of that inspired by the plant life on the Avatar
planet it’s uh it’s out there I can’t wait for this to be the next Batmobile Batman 1966 was a repurposed concept car
like this is never gonna hit the streets I feel like this is the the beautiful
cousin of the cyber truck like it’s it’s clearly from the same comic book
well if yeah if we’re gonna play along with the the kind of ridiculousness of
this what do you think about instead of screens projection mapped on the surface
that you can actually you know interface projection inside cars contrast is not
good yes my solution isn’t good enough yeah we’re talking about a car that can
go sideways let’s just make the assumption that they can get it solved
it yeah throw projector you put your hand over projecting shadows oh no
shadows everywhere yeah and I could no I’m not a fan of
projection projection for displays inside I made it kind of it was back
maybe rear projected yeah if his rear projected yeah I thought it was so cool
you’re not a fan you like this even less in the Sony car yeah you’re not
impressed yeah no I press all right I’m gonna glad they made it everyday I think
that like for their team of prototypers and fabricator it’s like good for them
but like the message you’re trying to get across it doesn’t tell me oh
Mercedes you’re forward-thinking like time time to invest in some Mercedes
stock because the vision they have going forward is is how I see cars in the next
20 years IP tie-in doesn’t make sense with avatar
being like this was at like inspired by I don’t even remember the name of the
land and avatar and aura Pandora the world of Pandora where’s the unobtanium
there’s a run on unobtainium me come out dude that’s marvel isn’t it no that’s
vibranium uh unobtainium is the mineral on Pandora
I forgot that that Giovanni Ribisi know is is trying to harvest it’s why they
invented they spent so much money killing all the indigenous folks the
Navi of Pandora well we’re gonna get to Pandora also alright okay
a couple more things from CES things that caught our eye and possible Foods
announced a new pork product the other way to surprise all right
yeah well the first product was red meat that’s true and now they know it’s not
chicken they want with pork because makes it ground pork you know they did
ground beef substitute pretty well it’s now in Burger King it’s it’s it’s
widespread I think it’s ramping up so now they have pork sausage you can do
you can do a yeah well radically dumplings what did they offer what kind
of pork they add words three things I remember they had a bond me sandwich
with with essentially their grilled impossible pork they had pork dumplings
charged to pork dumplings and I can’t remember what the third thing was I
think it was pork meatballs so they they didn’t offer like a pulled pork barbecue
no but the fact that they had the bond me that shows you they had enough
confidence in the structure of the poor yeah so that wasn’t just crumbly ground
pork substitute it was actually it looks like strips of something I’d like to see
if they can do pulled pork I mean that would be amazing I I’m a huge fan of
pulled pork but I also really like I like keeping pigs alive so that I’d be
in favor of that it’s all a texture thing I think that’s what’s really
interesting about it I think they’ve proven they can create something that
would stands cooking yeah that like lives up to our expectation of how
things will taste so it’s all about the the texture component for me what about
bacon that’s what they said they’re on track for me they’re not
that’s the highest bar that’s the killer app that’s the killer offer for for pork
at least pork flavor yeah products same killer app is
actually chicken and they’re having a really hard time doing it oh really yeah
so like if you make a really good chicken nugget substitute the market is
massive for that right and there’s all sorts of analyses that said like that is
a very hard thing to mimic they could probably to the McRib totally could do
the McRib they could probably do a Chicken McNugget already that’s what
they can’t do but I’m assuming they can’t get the texture of a real chicken
breast nugget no no I think that would be chicken tender but like chicken
McNuggets that’s Multi chicken that’s like then like they use a reverse vacuum
to blow yeah I think we are going to see the a
pork sausage version come out in Burger King like in Accra sandwich or something
like that they have that relationship already right yeah yeah we’re gonna go
one more thing from CES something that more in the gaming world arcade 1up had
a big presence and they dropped so many announcements now if you are not
familiar with arcade one up there the company that makes your basically
flat-packed build your own ikea style 3/4 size arcade cabinets that use LCD
screens that have emulated games for netrunner arcade boards but basically
you’re either buying a multipack of maybe four games or individual games and
they’ve designed custom cabs that emulate the look of classic games like
Burger Time and Ninja Turtles and they Street Fighter
they sell our wars risers to bring them up to a normal arcade so they are scaled
slate down on smaller very fun to purple the mod is a great modern community yep
for a kid one up to use them as the basically the physical chassis for am a
member you can totally do that but a lot of people aren’t modding them it turns
out like collect them people collect like lying there their caves and their
basements with visitor the art is so beautiful well and because the price is
right like compared to arcade games they cost about the same as a console like
they cost maybe 300 bucks you get them on sale they can’t be $75 $75 for a
space invader exactly yeah you know spend the 45 minutes to put it together
but then you have a dedicated space invaders machine that you can play in
your basement in your living room it does any time so what are they now – see
yes this 9 ounce a lot and not just in this line like that there there big one
that they put as the focal point of their booth is the new NBA Jam cabinet
they built a humungous version you have to climb up a ladder to go play that and
your comic-con they had the worst capcom right giant one yes mhm now they have
come and said they don’t have all the player licenses and so they’re modded
version I will name this three I think three players won’t be there I don’t
know 3r but they may patch that later well it
does have Wi-Fi capability because it’s also the first NBA Jam that’s that’s
multi play multiplayer over the internet don’t jump in so you can be playing a
game that has a couple open spots might be a killer feature for them for their
platform going for anyone the world can do a search you can have friends you can
do random games you jump in and they just appear in your game I don’t know
how they did that like this is not MAME right this is some kind of ground-up
reworking of the code well they work with companies like other ocean to do
digital slips there yeah absolutely some of the emulation but that’s just a core
game right they’re building a back-end that the
original game never had because they’re not charging like a monthly fee or any
things now can you buy the package I think it’ll exist as long as we’re kid
one up does true that’s such a novel idea having a dedicated machine that is
that makes it more of an arcade because you have a reason to go to that machine
out because there are other players there yeah and unlike like a Playstation
the the likelihood of people playing this is is high at least they’ll have a
better sense of how many people might play a bit of short based on the sales
numbers because you turn it on like the only can play NBA gem
there’s actually three NBA GM four variations that come with the cabinet
but you know awesome game it’s a four player cabinet they sort of voice
communication oh good question I doubt it I doubt it’s my bet it’s just
play yeah but you know maybe sometimes I tell you global leaderboards presumably
imagine anyway so yeah they did unveiled NBA Jam it’s it’s I think maybe they’re
for the third for player cabinet they’ll say Turtles Ninja Turtles and the cat
Marvel recap calm we think doubt but I think that was just to play maybe it’s a
second in any case they’re redoing a bunch of their first wave cabinets with
lit marquees and lit buttons because that’s what the monitors are doing yeah
yeah but oh they also have a Burger Time cabinet you can get on their website
right now but the the cool things to me were the things we didn’t anticipate
which was one a pinball game a virtual pinball game so not mechanical pinball
that was a screen that’s flop of the the form factor is that of again a a
scaled-down pinball cabinet it’s a bigger screen
than they’ve used in their in their arcade cabinets their answers have been
17 I think maybe 19 in some cases this is a 24 inch monitor that’s as you said
flat and then there’s a second lays flat a second monitor in the back box axes
the dot matrix display a full back glass of course it’s again three-quarter scale
so I don’t see any empty in the back that again emulated so yeah yet they’re
synchronized flippers on the side couple extra buttons on the front
no plunger just a launch button no hex but there is haptics they take solenoids
inside so that when you flip and apparently when it hits the bumpers and
things inside the game it actually fires sold and why so curious how that feels
to give you the feel and people who’ve tried it said it’s the closest thing to
a real pinball that they’ve felt we most don’t do this that’s pretty awesome they
don’t have the accelerometer in there yet but they said that’s coming for
nudging and tilting or it’s out warning it has they’re gonna have 10 games and
there’s two models there’s a Star Wars model which probably have you know all
that this oh my eyes you didn’t even say this is Zen Pinball partnership so you
got it runs FX 3 which is interesting because FX 3 has never run on anything
less than a Playstation 3 and they this is normally their hardware is all kind
of Raspberry Pi you know not Raspberry Pi but that level of hardware yeah so
it’s in they must have ported it to some Android operating system or something
like that this is kind of a custom reworking of FX 3 I don’t think it’s an
Android system I cut all custom silicon right so it might be I don’t know I
don’t know I you know the other ocean would know but I’m not sure I could talk
about him anyway it’s gonna have 10 games there’s gonna be at this Star Wars
one and an attack from Mars 1 and the attack from Mars one is gonna also have
10 games a presumably all Williams battle games 10 games in one you haven’t
it yeah that’s a lot some of their arcade games have had 10 games but those
are all been like variations sometimes do you buy a 10 pack one of arcade it’s
like it’s all pack minutes yeah exactly it’s like the 5 version of pac-man and
it’s like here’s the Galaga pack well but you’re always playing same versions
because their their business isn’t to sell you one machine that can do
everything no they want you to like the cat on your wall lie your wall with them
and previously my concern for this company was that too many people would
just get them in mod damage museum cabinet meet it but apparently not like
you look on YouTube No very few people are doing that it’s it’s
a lot of people who are collecting them it’s not difficult to do either I mean
not but well for you and me but a lot of people they don’t want to deal with
replacing the monitor control especially if you can buy for 150 bucks right a
cabinet but I think the online connectivity of an NBA Jam like that’s
being that and also and also pinball pin and with pin balls one you’re not gonna
easily be able to maim or do virtual pinball now with that now without
putting a PC in it and also tap into their motors to their their solenoids
exactly yeah easily but that will also be Wi-Fi enabled but they’re not saying
why so potentially it could just be high scores it might be multiplayer that
would be awesome that would be so cool if you could do multiplayer pinball yes
right now nobody saw this okay so anyway that the the attack from Mars cannon
looks pretty badass gets a fun game it looks like it’s a fantastic game all the
tooling espalier games and Zen pinball’s had the Williams Valley license for the
past year they’ve made I think eight games so I found that up to ten anyway
won’t be out till the end of the year so maybe there’s more coming Oh what are
the so they have announced what other four games are no no they haven’t
announced anything like a very few people even got to play these they were
up on pedestals rotating around these aren’t coming out till its q3 but
they’re only gonna be about five hundred bucks that’s I mean you’re the you’re
the guy with the highest bar right at 4-4 quality or not student I look I’m
not a big proponent of video pinball it doesn’t feel like regular pinball but
$500 I mean that’s that’s how much is there a premium arcade cabinets cost and
this for this you get two monitors you get like all this unique five you’re
getting fight there’s no good for pinball it’s not like the five games are
going to be the 10 games I mean per cabinet yeah it’s not gonna make those 5
games or it’s very easy like variations now pinball games are very different
yeah very different exactly and so you’re getting potentially a lot more
value and maybe save a lot more space yeah maybe they’re doing it because they
don’t know how big the pinball market there’s not that the same nostalgia
factor maybe so I don’t know I’m surprised but they are doing an attack
from Mars which is crazy because that is a game from 1995 I mean that you that’s
one of the reason I would III would be more attractive that one than the Star
Wars one which is based on the 1 2017 Star Wars it’s based
on Zen Pinball own games oh it’s not that the Star Wars and they play
completely differently the Zen Pinball originals are much easier games the
balls last a long time there Williams Valley recreations are actually much
more realistic and I like them a lot and by the way this 10 games per cabinet
like it is 10 Williams battle against crazy okay so I’m excited about that
q3 this year but they also have some other things they have some of the stuff
is not even worth talking about but they have like a big joystick that might
cause us it sits on the floor cutting room yeah come to a core comes up to
your waist no no it’s a party game they having a big Atari 2600 joystick and a
big pac-man joystick it sits on the floor it comes up to your waist and you
move it around like you remember that Exploratorium when they were doing the
multiplayer pac-man game mm-hmm you do that and but it’s just one player at a
time and you know you can play pac-man on the TV and it’s a party game and it’s
just goofy they also have a sit down version of their Star Wars shooting game
and they also have what I think is most intriguing is like the Father’s Day
present of the year which is going to be these miniature consoles so you know how
the Nintendo has done their version of the myth of the Ness mini and then
kick-started all this new mini stuff this is monitor included miniature Atari
2600 ‘s colecovision in television and I think a c64 miniature console with
miniature controllers that work with its own miniature monitor in case of the
2600 it looks like an old 80’s television set big wooden cabinet sits
you know into florid screen and it yeah it’s tiny and it’s just you want this on
your desk it’s gonna be the and it’s maybe 50 bucks you know and then it runs
10 or 2600 games and it becomes it comes with whatever licensed games they have
yeah it’s just really really cute no one else is doing anything like that then
they’re also entering the market the HDMI connector market where you just buy
a controller and you plan on your TV that’s a lot of product there yeah
they’re just and I’m worried that they’ve overextended you know like they
were highly focused on these arcade cabinets and now there have like five
different entirely different directions they can’t focus on one thing hopefully
like they’re just teasing out what’s gonna work and what’s not of course
everything is labeled with pending license or approval like at CES these
aren’t necessarily products that will surface in the form that you see them
it’s why we got a P at CES alright before we wrap up CS doctors I said we
talked about AMD AMD also announced their big mobile part this is what’s
gonna rival tiger Lake its rise in 4,000 and it’s a seven nanometer part first
laptops coming out this year early this year this quarter they say a hundred
laptops will have this by the end of the year they can get eight core 16 threads
so that’s a flagship part for 15 watt TDP when on the Intel side on you will
even have ice lakes yet but the 10th gen and currently the night gen you know
eight cores are all in the 45 watt range so massive efficiencies and in their
benchmarks on Cinebench and 3d mark and premier they say they smoke the the
isolate by sevens right now so Avery’s been doing really well on
their performance per watt ratio on the rise and stuff and this is a seven
nanometer part which Intel doesn’t even have anything close to that yet I just
want to say you have retained your just your focus on processors and ability to
talk about them long after you graduated from Maximum PC it’s all about when when
you’re in the market to shop for a product I’m looking at laptops I Ivan
I’ve been needing a new laptops and I’ve been looking at you know whether we get
an MSI system or even maybe in a MacBook Pro but gotcha
but I want to get the right time and you know looking at ice lake tiger-like and
right now the race rise ins uh 4,000 series there is one other thing I wanted
to throw out there it’s really silly oneplus had a concept phone did you see
it I did it has a silly feature but I thought it was fascinating it has this
electric chromium pane on the back that essentially you can pump electricity
through it and it turns a screen opaque just like you see in Windows and
has that ability in front of the camera so you can essentially turn the back
opaque and it prevents you from seeing the camera right it hides the camera it
hides the lenses in the back so it’s flush to begin with yes yeah the hump is
gone but not only do you not see the physical lenses you don’t even see the
image of the circles because why well you had a reason why it’s so one of
the the verge writers said that you could use it as an ND filter boom and I
was like and I was like I have to ask norm about that what do you think about
that could you actually use it as an ND filter so he’d I forget which writer was
doing this he actually did try to use his ND filter like pointed at the
brightest thing in the room but if it’s not calibrated for such then what’s yeah
he said like the thing is the software has to catch it just assumed that it’s
gonna be exposed low and at those size sensors and those aperture lenses like
you’re not opening the you’re not you’re running high ISO anyway the reason you
would want an ND filter is if you can’t reduce the ISO because you’re letting in
so much light too much light for the aperture that you want it at you know to
get the shallow depth of field that you you can’t have your shutter to be as low
as you want right so if you’re shooting with a DSLR and you want to film because
you’re filming video and you want a shutter you know to be your shutter
angle to be like 180 you want to be at shooting at 24 fps but the 150th a
second shutter in bright light you can’t do that and maintain the brightness
because ISO can only go so low and you’d be overexposed if you shouldn’t 150 so
yeah yeah despite I mean why why not just release a case that has a built-in
ND filter as the back of the case then it’s in a case you’re not wrong I like
the I like the concept purely from the miniaturization of that electro chromium
Tech I think that’s a cool application and I’m sure could have applications
outside of phones I don’t know what okay so that’s my question
do they make sunglasses with this technology not that I know or
just regular glasses because they make photosensitive glasses that dim them on
their own but I want active rechargeable I want to control with a dial or a slide
of my finger how dark I want myself this is the other question is how granular
can you control the opacity is it right right now you can’t okay right now it’s
kind of on-off mm-hmm and that’s but my theoretically you can because they have
panes of glass where depending on the amount of electricity put through will
change the opacity a little bit there isn’t this light on the even
distribution and yes but not necessarily like a slider from zero to 100%
it seems so anti oneplus like the kind of features that that you see a lot of
concept phone maker or phone makers do is against what oneplus wants to do
which is to create a great phone with high-end hardware at a reasonable cost
and yes oneplus last year one plus seven pro had like the retractable you know
camera and that was in service of having ace you know I know no notch on their
screen but their engineers are bored that’s adding with technical complexity
is unnecessary they’re bored they can’t just go get in the cheapest parts and
put together the best phone they can that’s boring I think what they I don’t
think they’re engineers are bored I think that they think the market
responds well and the only way they can get attention is if they do novel
features and to be fair they’re getting a ton of attention we’re talking about
it now you know people have been putting videos about this thing it was it was a
way to stand out at CES I just unless the cost is so low even if
the cost was like marginal for them that doesn’t mean that it’s gonna be it it’s
gonna be nonzero for for the consumer I don’t think it’s gonna it’s a valuable
way to spend their time and money so I don’t know I mean we were talking last
year at this time about like fingerprint sensors that were integrated into the
phone we haven’t seen that concept really take off either I think it I
think it’s fun and it’s a reasonable thing oh my god are we in the top story
still weird and top stories so all right let’s move on Jesus
Frye okay we’re gonna get through pop culture
relatively quickly there’s there’s still some stuff to talk about we all saw the
first trailer for mythic quests this is the Apple TV plus show from the creators
of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia it’s starring Rob McElhenney McElhaney
and it looks so much I think we all expected beat to be like a Silicon
Valley style comedy except about video game designers and it delivers on that
he’s a out of control who is he supposed to be no I think
that’s the thing it’s like there’s no accessible pop-culture version yeah this
personality whatever whoo I mean but people relate to the out of control like
tech mogul but there’s no in in the video game world
oh is he not is that who he is he’s he’s a developer of a huge popular game he’s
a lover of MMO and ideas that the game mythic quest has a big expansion pack
they’re in release but he’s putting himself in the game but I think we’re
past that unless the public perception I’ll think gamers think of developers of
having you know these kind of figure had egos maybe twenty years ago there was a
little bit of that when like when they would you would say like a John Carmack
or John Romero I would say this movie wouldn’t exist without ready player one
and that movie certainly has a big ego figurehead but not as a game developer
yeah that was a corporate overlord right he’s definitely not a ninja
Holliday was the chief was developed the OE he went didn’t have the ego you know
think so he was more likely he was definitely more it was more the Steve
Jobs or maybe no Nolan Bushnell analogy I can’t imagine who this character is
supposed to represent I would love to see if the store was about like an aging
developer who was like a game God back in the 90s a Sid Meier type a will write
a will write type who’s back in the game right I’d watch the hell out of that
show it’s it had a couple laughs in it though it could be good yeah um there
are some good supporting characters comet is always funny that way
like I don’t know I was watching it not laughing I liked the last joke but cut
you know whatever it’s just my mood maybe it’s probably the stevia well how
about your mood for some Pandora and we’re talking about the world of
Pandora as portrayed in Avatar – because James Cameron shared the first look at a
Betar twos concept art yeah everything is water it looks like sand aura
floating floating floating islands you know I think if you hold up a dagger to
that image you’ll be a little spot that’s right you’ll see where the Sith
the holocron is this is I’m surprised this was what they released first like
why not a trailer you know what is what what’s the point of getting like this
doesn’t get me more excited for avatar – yeah I like seeing the concept art later
after you have you – realized version and then compare it to the concept art
yeah it gives you it’s way of putting out information
I mean gives you that sort of you have a relationship with the characters then
and then you have that McQuarrie s kind of fun seeing what you don’t die don’t
put in Macquarie’s amethyst because sorry I apologize Ralph McQuarrie
concept art you know this and again concept artists are incredibly talented
and I’m sure they’re under a lot of pressure on him to to fulfill you know a
director’s vision but I don’t think this was the right time in place to show off
that work well we’re also two years away from their release true she said why now
why this why now cuz of the car probably no see yes tie-in yeah this is backdrop
for the car that’s more like a business deal than a than a plan money big deal
we did get excited over another image from Bill and Ted villains head three
yeah this was well not only there’s a spoiler in this image like do we need to
is I think we give people a warning I think it spoils like kind of the conceit
of the movie I which I think we all knew it was gonna we talked
about this oh did we the tracer are playing their daughters yeah I didn’t
know that till he told me oh I didn’t I didn’t even a couple weeks ago but I did
we know that the date cuz I thought that’s why this was an important tweet
it’s it’s coming on August 21st this year yeah great I can watch it around my
birthday I’ll watch it for my birthday yeah excellent very excited if you find
yourself in Northern Ireland later this year you may have an opportunity to go
to the Game of Thrones studio tour that’s opening and this is gonna be at
the band bridges linen mill studios where mention of the show was filmed
it’s gonna be a hundred thousand square foot exhibition kind of like how W be
turned a lot of a sound stages for Harry Potter into a an exhibition that people
can pay pay for and and and see the sets they will have many of the Game of
Thrones sets that you can walk through so what were the physical sets that were
so memorable because like when the Harry Potter tour you walk into that big
dining hall that sort of iconic from I mean it’s throughout all the films but
its iconic from the first film especially what is that set in its Iron
Throne yeah amen throne you also have in what’s
what’s that yeah we’re tenaris plan and where
Stannis with that big table the big oh yeah right a table in in Dragonstone
yes Dragonstone that’s the name of it you also I’m sure oh if they have any of
Winterfell their Winterfell just felt like gothic there wasn’t something
iconic I didn’t think the making of flags the tree
yeah the costumes for sure they could clean it all up you know a hundred
thousand square foot exhibits with props and costumes from the show so in a lot
of interactive exhibits but it will presumably be what its gonna be open do
buing in 2020 so open projected to open this fall that’s pretty soon yeah I mean
they gotta keep relevant phones done well they have all the
prequels coming so right right so it’s curious cuz they’re expecting a
lot of people 600,000 people go through this every year
and it’s in kind of a remote place so it’ll be a question of what how big of a
destination this could be on you know one of the biggest television shows of
all time we have some movie news movie rumour news let’s start some casting so
this is fall squarely in a rumor territory yeah but it looks like Batman
aka Christian Bale may be joining the MCU oh yeah I’m the Thor love and
thunder was that mean well who do you who is he gonna play guys availing
theory is that he will play beta ray bill oh that’s what I was thinking yeah
yeah did you notice the beta ray bill a little mini cameo nod in Ragnarok – what
who’s beta ray bill he’s a camel he’s got a camera he’s it’s
part of an alien race that they are famously in the comic books they look
like horses so he’s if you’ve seen a character
that’s where Thor armor that looks like he has a horse skeleton horse face
that’s beta ray bill how’s he wearing Thor armor because in the comics he
picked up Mjolnir and was deemed worthy and then Odin and as a way to Humble
Thor pit Thor and beta ray bill in a battle to the death to see who would be
the official Thor and beta ray bill one ah
but Thor eventually got me on her back and later bill was given another hammer
by Odin which end up being Stormbreaker which is an end game which is the name
of well in any war which is axe so maybe Thor doesn’t need two axes in love and
thunder and maybe this axe is bequeath to a new character played by Christian
Bale looking like a horse beta ray bill he’s more of a camel I’m sorry I I stand
by the camel designation there’s also an image in Ragnarok when when they’re on
that planet that the Grand Master’s on I forget was
a car it’s a car that you see the carvings of all the other champions yes
and beta ray bill is one of the carvings really Wow so obviously you won’t see
Christian Bill’s face we don’t know it could be totally different characters
you could just be Christian Bale you know needs a show Christian Bale’s face
or it could be mocap performance capture could be just some other character from
Asgard – it could be like any there’s like right right right a bunch of their
face you need it to be in this film they need they have valley before Macomb
about Valkyrie why the special female Thor yeah why do you need Christian Bale
he’s a badass actor don’t you want to see Christian Bale do something in
Marvel like why why crowd Thor love and thunder oh I’ve known when you’re gonna
have presumably Loki Thor you know wait a minute this is a TV show or this is
this movie take a bite CT movie yeah yeah maybe it’ll be a cameo maybe it
won’t be a full no no you don’t get Christian Bale for a cameo yeah and I
don’t think Christian Bale would sign up to not be a prominent character unless
the MCU unless it’s a cameo that sets up future future films in beta real bill
beta ray bill is gonna carry a franchise I don’t think so I know it’s gonna be I
don’t know who else it could really be I was thinking maybe one of the other eight or a bale that’s good Norman something that’s more near and dear to
my childhood is Kevin Smith who’s releasing what is it this clerks is
clerks Mona no no no sorry what’s coming out this year okay oh it’s originated
it’s Jay and Silent Bob get rebooted yeah right that following that up he’s
gonna do Mallrats – all right sweet Nita is it needed
oh I’ve never even seen Mallrats this is I know I know I know it I’m not sure we
needed a movie after chasing Amy in the in the Kevin Spacey universe
yeah you know what I’ll watch Kevin Smith on YouTube Oh
all day yeah I never liked his movies that much like I why do I saw clerks
when it came out in a small indie theater because the world was going nuts
about it and I was just like I don’t get it
yeah they just look like in experienced actors like reciting their lines and the
script is okay yeah it was just like a nod to indie theatre that was yeah not
overly artsy and kind of fun oh and that’s what I loved about clerks
and that it was in black and white and they’re weirdos in it and it was small
and all of those kinds of things after that when in the budget started going up
things are getting a little stranger hmm like Dogma for example very strange
movie love Dogma godmother I’ve been told I needed to see doctor go watchdog
boy okay okay game strange movie yeah you know he’s also see she’ll see knives
out yes I heard that too knives out some fantastic film and a huge success for
Ryan Johnson well-deserved success he’s getting nominated for all sorts of
reading awards for art and the success of the film is now maybe created a
franchise and they’re talking about during knives out sequel featuring the
detective that Daniel Craig plays in the film now if you don’t haven’t seen
knives out I’m not gonna spoil too much I will let you know that Daniel Craig
plays a detective with a heavy southern accent how’s my longer does he pull that
off convincingly in this type of comedy into a clue like way is it a comedy it’s
a it’s a it’s a comedy oh great yeah it’s very much like clue it’s an
ensemble cast it’s an ensemble company yes in a mystery in a good mystery at
that but the movie you know which cost 40 million to make has made over a
quarter billion dollars so what you know Hollywood Hollywood Wow is it’s knocking
on Rian Johnson’s door and I would love to see Daniel Craig I mean he’s got a
good move past he’s the last bonds coming out and the last one he’s gonna
do is coming out this year and this would be a fun way to for him to detach
from the bond legacy bit yep Netflix has ton of movies that they’ve announced for
2020 I almost wish they didn’t announce these
because I kind of like it when enough Lexus drops you know boom we’ve been
seagull making this movie well they have to start making more money
well no Disney Plus is on the on their heels what why don’t we do rapid fire
and see if any of these excite Jeremy got it okay what the old guard its
Charlize Theron’s playing a covert group of immortal mercenaries who must fight
to keep the team together when they separate existence of a new immortal and
their extraordinary abilities are exposed no miss Americana documentary on
Taylor Swift yes Oh David Fincher film called mank
about them writing of Citizen Kane stalled starring Gary Oldman more than
any other yeah yeah uncorked about a Master Sommelier that has to go work at
a barbecue joint no that’s got to be a comedy all right there’s you guys just
got a name your favorite there’s a ton of movies now Rebecca which director Ben
Wheatley’s adaptation of the novel that Hitchcock adapted in 1940 so it’s a
thriller okay I think hillbilly elegy because it’s
based on this really great JT Vance memoir could be very good that book I
think was one of the more heralded books of 2018 or 2017 so I’m excited about
that one Jeremy’s right we’re gonna not go through all of these I was a
Eurovision it’s one I’m kind of excited for this yellow Farrell doing a movie
about Eurovision they got a Will Ferrell movie that’s pretty big well well
Ferrell hasn’t done like a you know the last movie did was that Sherlock movie
else Carbonaro yeah and this feels like a return to classic Will Ferrell cool
satire are there a lot of freaking movies that there’s a Chris Hemsworth
movie Ryan Murphy like there’s so many stars they’re so hit and miss though I
mean they’re all original IP kind of things so I’m happy for because a lot of
time like these movies would not have success outside any circuit many of
these in theaters but the Netflix movies like the Michael Bay did one with Ryan
Reynolds and it was so bad oh was it bad so well in comprehend say were pushing
that pretty hard yeah yeah although my name is dolomite amazing film
movies great for a Golden Globe yeah marriage story was pretty good hard
watch yeah as a person that’s married that would like to stay married
yeah I’d not imagine you not want to see that movie dude the two popes have you
guys watched that no I want to see that so it was good so good
yeah the dialogue in that movie is up there with like I mean it’s not except
my movie Tarantino would write but it’s that kind of dialogue West Wing it’s
really good West Wing but in the Vatican yes there
you go and okay so video games hey if you’re in the UK the Royal Mail has
released images of a new collection of video game themed stamps and they are
awesome you knew about this yes it wasn’t I just added it I’m so psyched
about this I worms 17 I have ordered them well I have
signed up to be notified when the framed version of the stamps is available so
you get the whole set yeah all eight of them so there are screenshots in this is
a UK stamp form factor is little different than us so there are 16 my
little sixteen by nine I think but they’re celebrating video games designed
by British UK based developers yeah classic games like elite upper-left like
one of the first wireframe you know Space Flight Games as you said I think
the lemmings is in there lemmings yes hi let me just great worms as you mentioned
now it’s not the first time they’ve done video game they have like tomb raider
collectors she you know and and I guess Tomb Raider is the only author okay
they’ve done stamps for right but they will have a frame version like these in
a tomb raider to murder is available is part of the same series it’s just a
different set of stamps got it yeah just I mean I think they’re gonna be
overwhelmed with orders for this I think they’re gonna be shocked because Inc the
Venn diagram between philatelists and video gamers is a circle no III think
that everyone who is not a gamer underestimates the philately
underestimates gamers and the fanaticism that they have and the numbers that they
have and the disposable income that they have the fact that that this hume that
it’s tremendously bigger than the movie industry still is beyond the ludes so
many traditional exactly exactly and so these are gonna
come to market and I’m sure they’ve already notice from the pre-orders
they’re gonna sell a ton of them oh absolutely I think there’s a little bit
I mean the fact that’s Royal Mail there’s a little bit of a validation and
this kind of official yes I mean if they were on the US postage stamp that would
be incredible yeah hopefully they’ll follow suit I’d love to see the same
kind of thing for us developers yeah you can find that at Royal Mail comm
Golden Globes happens past weekend so you don’t know if either of you watched
it I did not I watched his intro yeah I watched the monologue mmm
so what won for Best dramatic picture was 1917 I talked about the sunstone
title a bit by saw it was watching 1917 as Golden Globes were airing and that is
an incredible achievement in filmmaking in what way the movie if you know the
conceit of it it’s about world war one about British soldiers two British
soldiers it’s kind of a Saving Private Ryan kind of thing right where they have
their journey they need to make to hit another frontline and the whole movie is
shot in one take in order to avert a catastrophe infrakit a story yeah it’s a
single shot of course not actually filmed in wonder I didn’t know but the
whole movie as a DP by Roger Deakins really it’s directed by Sam Mendes to
work together of course in Skyfall but the whole movie is told in two hours so
everyone talks about this movie with as a cinematic achievement from that does
the story really grip you it’s a good story it’s very you know it’s it’s big
enough to show the scale of the war but also small enough to show the impact of
the war on individual and it is composed as a single shot although not shot it
that way but it is holy and not in the way that Birdman member man did a single
shot yeah kind of did tricks where you would pan to a window and see a time
lapse of the Sun go up and so that would you would think the shot wouldn’t break
but you would show the passing of time it wasn’t just two and a half hours it
was over a multiple days yeah right Birdman and they had clever ways of
telling multiple days here it is one day two hours yeah one one they do one thing
it’s you cut and it’s that it’s black out it’s not at first the whole
movie hasn’t done in first person yeah but the character does get blacked out
at some point and they’d have a little bit of passing of time and presumably
there’s other hidden cuts as well oh it’s a whole movies filled with hidden
cuts no you use notice some of them I couldn’t help but they were glaring in
some places even though the the the technical way in which they blended the
cuts was some of the best I’ve ever seen yeah
you can’t help I think but notice but you could also some of the stuff is
complete and visible like the way they wrote the story to make in a
conversation last like how can you follow two people having conversation
travel a mile through no-man’s land right and make that interesting they
they managed to do it all right worth watching in theaters biggis screen
you can find I was really excited to see parasite win for best foreign foreign
language movie I think is what it is in Golden Globes it’s still the best movie
I saw this year if you haven’t seen it to yourself favor see it it’s it’s just
spectacular I don’t normally say it right yeah one of my favorite films last
year this is from director of snowpiercer and that Netflix um okay uh
and also did the host so hasn’t definitely some of his kind of offbeat
sense eccentric sensibilities I gathered from the trailer it’s got a creepy
element that sneaks up on you is it not that’s all you know about it but it’s
not also scary it’s I can’t do horror film yeah and the part of horror films I
can’t do is the supernatural element because they break the rules of reality
just for the scare and I don’t like that ghosts and demons can break rules yeah
right the rules of physics this is not that okay it’s tense it’s scary like it
lingers with you but it’s not scary as in like a boo right it’s more of like
how it the story settles with you but it also is kind of funny and acerbic in
some of the the kind of wittiness of it okay and that does it for pop culture we
did actually more of that than I thought before we continue our next segment I
want you know that this is only a test this week is made possible once again
with generous support for Lutron casada smart lighting systems a
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forward smart lighting the smart way by Lutron’s smart which Smart Switches you
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once again that’s Lutron dot-com slash test all right so we covered so much of this
stuff at CES but one more thing from CES TV related and film related and film
related so it could have been an either pop culture or our opening story but TVs
the UHD Alliance is to working with filmmakers and will release in 2020 film
maker mode on TVs backed by directors like Christopher Nolan Paul Thomas
Anderson Rian Johnson but this is part of the UHD 4k Alliance Scorsese Scorsese
of course we’re in koogler but it would be a setting on your TV
that would quote-unquote we preserve the cinematic representation of the images
as filmmakers intended when it comes to color contrast aspect ratio and frame
rates now frame rates is the one that we all know needed filmmaker mode for love
right you get rid of smooth motion and it’s way to turn it off but a button
already exists though exactly you just turn off smooth motion I think color
contrast aspect ratio are important but that’s also TV manufacture have to
acknowledge that the quote unquote cinema mode that they’ve been bundling
the TVs is bunk has been garbage great I love this this is like if you went to
people who buy TVs that care about this stuff search forums they go on HT you
know PETA whatever the home theater forum yeah and they look ABS forum
people exactly thank you people who have their TV they look for the good settings
and they like spend a half-hour or copying them all in there and they get
it just dialed in this is going to be well setting you can go to you turn it
on it’s something that makes sense it’s a word that makes sense to people who
don’t know about these settings I’m really curious how the settings will
differ from movie to movie because you can’t have a blanket setting that
applies for every filmmaker because right unless it’s encoded into perhaps
the the media so it can’t just there’s no way there has to be some metadata no
you know winners dream with the blu-ray because it can’t just be a default okay
you know we’re not we’re gonna have contrast at 50 I think it for this I
think it doesn’t that doesn’t really matter if what I does like it’s as close
as you’re gonna get like it’s gonna turn off all of the artificial stuff that
looks good and best by turning off the artificial stuff should be the default
mode there should not have to be a filmmaker mode to turn alright that the
special stuff that people think look good because it’s extra saturated this
just feels like a simple marketing ploy by the TV manufacturer there’s a shin
here ads like we’re like Ryan Coogler comes on and like watch my film yeah use
this mode yeah sonic Vizio and LG TVs coming because like all the TVs are
different so you can’t set the color balance and the in the contrast and get
similar no no but come on it don’t be too cynical okay you know turning
motions moving off I mean all in favor of but that button exists but for all
the other settings that you’re talking about I’m right I’m right okay the TV
but it does have metadata metadata no as Nolan quote says through collaboration
with TV manufacturers filmmaker mode consolidates input from filmmakers so
it’s that’s already a caveat its consolidated agreed-upon settings it’s
nothing on a per director basis oh you’re watching Terrence you don’t film
it needs to be this type of site and fine fine consolidated input from
filmmakers into simple principles another caveat they’re not gonna be as
tuned as no metadata right for respecting the framerate aspect ratio
color contrast and encoding in the actual media so televisions can read it
and display appropriately I think you’re miss reading that I think that they’re
that they’re looking at standard encoding processes and what looks good
on televisions that’s not good nothing on my black levels and contrast and you
know saturation so that there’s going to be settings it’s gonna be the settings
on the Avs form that’s what I’m talking about it’s no but those are some times
and I would say those are again better than the your best buy mode better than
your your showcase mode your cinema mode that you’re getting the TVs are now but
it is no substitute for calibrating it for your room that’s true that’s Jim
that’s Jim right you should calibrate it ever
rooms gonna be different my condition you know what those processes are gonna
be there this is for my mom who has motion smoothing on doesn’t even know
what’s on wonders why it looks like that I mean the PSA is the bigger need
because there are some people who when you turn motion smoothing off and
Thanksgiving or the holidays in their house like who you broke my TV yeah some
people I get why did you turn off the thing that made my my sports look good
and it looks good in sports it looks good with most live events but it
doesn’t it’s not right for films I think filmmaker mode is a real strong language
and I think they need to back that up with actual like measurable differences
and not just what would you the call fault setting would you cuz I was trying
to think about this like you couldn’t call it like film mode because that
that’s already probably in there know why off cinema film mode cinema mode is
cinema Mirai because that doesn’t apply the fact that this lives alongside
cinema mode right now it tells you everything that’s wrong with the way
people are watching and what they expect from their TV and that’s actually I like
your solution there they should just fix the cinema mode yeah because I don’t
think cinema mode typically applies to motion smoothing I think it applies to
it’s just kind of yes yeah yeah my and some TVs the problem is that they for
each mode the motion smoothing is toggled in each mode separately right oh
okay I’m getting I’m getting too frustrated talking about this alright uh
tell me about a new Arduino okay so um this is an Arduino that doesn’t that
isn’t targeted at you or me this is targeted in industry that
Arduino hasn’t done this before Arduino is typically sell for twenty thirty
dollars for the uno which has been available for gosh almost ten years and
they of course have many other SKUs they all similar price range this is a $100
Arduino friend and it has dual processors it has USB C DisplayPort it
has a quality Wi-Fi chip with really expensive you know inner chip
communications it’s not an ESP based Wi-Fi chip it’s like it’s premium this
is so everything about this board is they want to go for infrastructure and
business and it runs machine learn it runs tensed record light or
tensorflow light so you can make it do things you know and work in parallel
with other boards that’s you you know companies educators and you know people
want to put to use so I don’t know it runs standard C++ Arduino stuff it
can author in Python and JavaScript because that’s what all the kids are
learning growing up it’s a breaking the mold of Arduino and it’s uh it’s kind of
interesting although it’s not a chip that I’ll be buying you figure that at
scale this can these techs this these chips will make their way into the more
consumer facing chips the future and they can keep them cheap I mean the
consumer facing stuff is already teensy for you know the new Raspberry Pi for
like that that stuff is there and at the lower consumer you know friendly price
points this is for machine learning I mean this is not something that typical
people are gonna be building you know emulation gaming cabinets out of or you
know you know using for their little projects this is this is an interesting
chip that’s meant for other things and it you know you can do a lot of things
same things on Raspberry Pi for maybe but with this you’re quoting directly to
the silicon so it boots up and is running your code instantaneously like
that that’s part of the appeal here I’ve got a camera news talk about Canon
unveiled their final replacement their iOS 1d Mark 3 just in time for the 2020
Olympics and this looks like I mean it’s still a DSLR so I know there to be
divisive for people who already off jump ship from DSLRs and on mirrorless all
the way but it’s you know the 1d has been their sports photographer flagship
and this if you for people who have Canon class looks like it will be the
one to get if you shoot sports professionally it is $6,500 for the body
and it has incredible number of autofocus points that reach the edge
almost a complete edge of the frame the of the sensor and it shoots up to I
believe 16 frames a second with memory cards that move at almost
about a second so you can basically shoot thousand pictures without having
to buffer cheese I’ll shoot 5.5 K video at 42 to color and the video itself you
can shoot even at 60fps for twenty six hundred megabits per second video so for
videographers potentially as well I know a lot of people who have the money to
spend you know just buy the highest end Canon stuff and Canon still really
hasn’t and what they have mirrorless cameras and I know the 79s are the big
rival to this but if you have the Canon glass let’s we’ll make you a little bit
happier 2000 megabit is it you said that right 2600 make up 2600 megabits or
video that’s insane yeah at 60fps or if you if you want to
just do 24 FPS 24 P 18 hundred megabits gigabit gigabit video because it’s raw
raw video at 4 2 2 by the way the Arduino is called portent oh I don’t
think we said that for those of you waiting for a Canon 5d Mark 5 the rumour
is that that will be end of this year so be about a 4 year difference between the
5d Mark 4 and the 5d Mark 5 some storage news I’ll give you two bits of storage
Sandhya’s had a prototype at CES that’s a 8 terabyte SSD external storage
ok yeah that’s crazy is it I forget where we’re at with those
8 terabyte yeah the SSD right now you make 5 4 terabytes or comment a lot but
for an SSD ya external drive to use as your storage that is that is crazy fast
with a transfer rate of 20 gigabits per second and if you’re looking to thumb
drives they also have a one terabyte USBC thumb drive which is be a bit USB
type a backward compatibility as well that’s insane but a terabyte on you can
like plug a terabyte on a thumb stick into your PlayStation yeah what is the
portable SSD run Fry’s a USBC it’s a three-hour whatever this I think it’s
USB type-c yeah yes pocket-sized I mean the bigger
problem is that laptop manufacturers these are really for either for people
computer on mobile right ho people use app tops you know the price gouging for
storage is out of control the price difference between all the internal
storage internal storage yeah but you get bundled in yeah fact that you know
we used to complain that on phones on iPhone 16 gig of storage was the default
right and that was like why that’s because you can barely work off 16 gigs
of storage and so now it’s bumped up to 32 yeah I’ve got a 32 to 128 right 256
being the sense of the standard pack in storage for laptops I think we’re way
past that storage is so cheap that even if you’re using you know nvme
solid-state storage and PCI Express Lanes you should at err minimum have 512
gigs as your bundle and and not charge you $400 to go from 512 to a terabyte
but that’s why these external drives exist and if you’re you know buying a
laptop there are plenty of great external drives
I am fully onboard getting off of spinning drives and getting on SSDs as
external drives and Samsung has just announced their I believe was a t7 these
are super compact super fast SSDs that I have up to for them 2 terabytes of
storage for a couple hundred bucks that’s my storage storage news storage
news of the week good stuff last couple things
chibi I know it’s not for us we’re not Millennials 1 million but I’m two of us
I’m still not still not for me chibi is this new video streaming service that’s
launching from Jeffrey Katzenberg I believe and he owes Meg Whitman from
formerly of eBay no no if HP right I thought she was the eBay to you well
anyways yeah like Jeff Katzenberg formerly of DreamWorks
yeah and Disney yeah yeah push for Lion King he was he was decay in DreamWorks
SKG right and the whole idea between their video service is short form
content for mobile play they’ve already signed a bunch of creators Russo
brothers during that show for them but the tech that they showed
at CES for video playback is one of the things they think will be a killer app
for them it’s basically pan in the pan and scan
equivalent of landscape and portrait orientation video you watch your videos
in either portrait or landscape presumably you start at landscape but if
you for some reason want to rotate to portrait the video will stay oriented
with the gyro you and crop in to the part of the scene that you care about
they think you care about Oh uses a Ida to do a pan and scan or it’s built into
the metadata I don’t know right that’s interesting yeah I mean I guess yeah
this is certainly not filmmaker mode no no yeah but I don’t think I don’t know
if that’s how they’re dictating some of the content be shot to look great for no
no ultra wide screen yeah yo here I mean everything has to be in the center don’t
put a subject on the right side of the frame and the left side of the frame
I tried but then no black bar ideally you shoot square and you never get the
full image like you’re always getting more rotating more in one way to that
phone yeah phone on table just kind of spin it that’s all the kids what right
and then you see it’s a recall it’s a fidget spinner right thus pitches
spinner video yeah just that video that someone put a GoPro in a lathe and split
up to 1800 rpm you notice to the video nope no when then destroy the internals
didn’t destroy the internals it actually made it look like you know the Batman
9066 interstitials with the twirl the Batman twirl yes it was like that but by
putting a GoPro locking into a lathe and wow went to that I mean at that speed
okay yeah spin your phone she be come later
this year Jeremih no you don’t have a new iphone but if you did you could
participate in a new photography contest Wow
night mode yeah cool man are you gonna participate in this I’m talking about it
you should do it I’m gonna there’s a hashtag up till January 29th share your
best night mode images it’s Apple recruiting
their users to best showcase photos using their tech its hashtag night mode
challenge and they’re gonna reveal five winners on March 4th they did this
before where they had like a panel of Apple execs Phil Schiller and some
notable photographers kind of a critique there there what what the what they
liked about these photos but this time they’re they have put out up front that
the winners will get paid all right sweet look a licensing fee for their
work and their shots will make their way into stores billboard ads and digital
marketing campaign interesting because the last one was anything shot on iphone
now it’s specifically to the excellent mode is that only only on the pro or is
that on the 11 as well I think that’s on the 11 as well okay yeah it’s uses a new
chip or software gated whatever it is I’m gonna skip the next two stories
because we’re running short on time so let’s move to our next segment now it’s time for a moment of science
okay repeat after me fatal juice fatal juice fatal juice oh
we’ve sent a starch to supernovae now there is a star baitul juice which was I
think it was the ninth brightest star on average in the night sky it is the star
in the shoulder of the Orion constellation it’s a red giant that has
suddenly dimmed this made a lot of news recently as a word spread from an
astronomy conference that’s in Hawaii this week and the sudden dimming caused
a lot of concern like what is causing this what’s going on so first a quick
primer on red giant so this star Betelgeuse about 650 light-years away
from Earth it is about a thousand times as wide as our Sun it’s expected life is
about 10 million years so it’s already kind of in its dying stage compared to
our Sun which is gonna have a lifespan of about 10 billion years so just a huge
factor of difference I was gonna ask if you meant to say billion no wow and it
produces light baitul juice produces light about a hundred twenty-five
thousand times as bright as our Sun and that’s why even though it’s 650 light
years away it is one of the brightest objects in the night sky what’s
interesting about this star is that it’s probably in its in its current stage of
life it’s probably consumed a lot of the hydrogen that’s at its fuel core and
when it does that the helium that is in the center now as hydrogen fuses become
helium helium starts transforming undergoing fusion becoming carbon that
produces a ton of heat internally that heat presses the star further outward
creating these giant sort of like solar winds or ejections off the surface that
are much more prominent than the solar wind off of our own star and that likely
creates either an ejection of dust or just interference that can make it look
like the star is actually dimming to us so while we don’t know why
it’s dimming here’s what the data actually looks like just over the last
year the this is the dimmest babel juice has been in 50 years and it’s happened
rapidly this is literally this is a star that is 10 million years old
it is dimmed significantly in about a month and that’s why it made so much big
news the reason people got all excited is because when a star dims it could
indicate that it’s collapsing and if a red giant collapses it goes boom in a
supernova they actually collapse and then from that the suit the supernova
occurs and that’s where you get the bang if that actually happened with this red
giant and we actually witnessed the explosion which is probably gonna happen
sometime in the and to be fair I shouldn’t say explosion the implosion
and then the outward blast it’ll probably happen in the next hundred
thousand years is what scientists predict if it did happen it would show
up in the daytime to us and at night it would probably be brighter than our moon
Wow and so for how long for probably multiple weeks is there guess but we’ve
never seen a secret of that close explode during humanity’s lifetime so we
don’t know any timeframe yeah you’re talking about the Starks yeah hey you
know like going boom like no one’s like this is exactly what’s gonna happen but
they think it’s on that time scale of weeks it’s super unlikely it’s gonna
that it’s happening it could actually even be brightening right now but we’re
seeing constructive interference that’s happening in terms of the light but all
that to say it’s kind of weird that on the timescale of us that we’re seeing
some dramatic changes how lucky we are to be alive right now
speaking of scientists at Caltech announced that they they witnessed
something in the night sky that is becoming more commonplace they ever they
observed from the LIGO detector the collision of two neutron stars neutron
stars form when essentially a star collapses onto itself and it creates
these incredibly dense star fragments and they say they observed one I think
April of last year and the paper just came out oh yeah
April of 2019 and the paper just came out this past week it confirms the April
the August 2017 version of neutrons are colliding because we observed a
gravitational wave rippling out from that and that can only come from massive
objects like neutron stars colliding neutron stars colliding mmm is there
like a big neutron dance kind of thing going on in science community isn’t that
happen every week to that big thing this is just like we’re now seeing that like
it can’t be understated how powerful these collisions of neutron stars are to
create a ripple in space itself and so it’s cool that we’re seeing with this
with this detector now we’ve observed I think four or five different
gravitational wave of events so we’re just gonna probably see more and more
and more and probably see ones with more definition of where they exactly are as
more detectors come online or better able to triangulate their location last
story is on an interesting story I think norm you put this in here on this new
material that solves like an old mathematical problem which is how do you
take a flat surface and essentially create three-dimensional shapes around
it and and this is a problem Gauss actually dealt with and the way it’s
usually explained is imagine gift-wrapping a soccer ball you have a
flat piece of paper and you’re trying to make a perfect shape around it lots of
corners crying goals yeah and so you have to usually make a bunch of polygons
like some triangle shapes and it’s all wrinkly but how do you actually create
something that’s more exacting and canmore from a flat shape into a
three-dimensional shape and then change into a wholly different
three-dimensional shape well the fibers of the flat shape have to be in a
certain arrangement yeah so what some researchers out of Harvard actually
developed a lattice like structure where these fibers could it was MIT or was it
MIT sorry sorry the eight blocks in between that that credit that actually
would expand and contract and so they are able to take a flat lattice shape
and form it into a human face and the last looks almost like interlinking
chains like they’re they’re curved edge up but they still are on some level a
bunch of flat surfaces they start as flat surfaces and then based off
temperature control you can actually make the the lattice contract or expand
and by doing very precise temperature controlling you can create essentially
curved spaces out of it wicked yeah they call forty materials
because we had the element of time for them to act shift the VR minute
virtual reality this week okay we have some psvr sales numbers
that was super interesting this week that’s it’s Sony’s press conference or
when the press releases they put out this week not only do they show the PS 5
logo we’re not going to talk about that but they also subtly drop that PSV are
in the what now for three years it’s been on sale sure has sold 5 million
units that’s what I would have guessed that’s a pretty good sell through that’s
pretty good pretty good I mean we knew it was a really good seller yeah right
but having concrete numbers you got now a real ya sense of the market for a
mainstream VR device mm-hmm the big question is if they do a PSP r2
will people feel like they got enough out of PSP are one that they want to
upgrade again or will be a connect to and connect once narrow mark soft so a
ton of first gen connects come on everybody has tried both PSP are and a
rift 5 index mm-hmm knows the differential and they can’t wait to see
that oh the difference over a phone base like three Dawson no no I’m talking
about versus psvr that the hand tracking in particular you can’t do 360 movement
you can’t even spin around let alone room scale right and so everyone who’s
tried to both knows the deficiencies of psvr and can’t wait for Sony to
incorporate that and the people who haven’t who’ve only them psvr
will be really impressed by the leap but that’s that question next gen gets you
like my question is how many of those 5 million people who bought psvr
are still active VR users or feel like they are so excited about VR but I know
they’ve been burned by it but they could be it’s all it could not be for them so
the markets so big you don’t need those 5 million to upgrade you have so many
other millions that are gonna buy the PS 5 that a year after it comes out you can
say here’s this new accessory bundle and I think that’s exactly the connected
analogy though like connect to did not do well don’t do that don’t don’t that’s
the negative that’s the fear it is an add-on it’s a people already have to
spend money on PS 5 and it’s gonna take well before PS 5 ramps up to the
quantity is a ps4 half dude there was no connect
like seen on the PC really like this is something that exists now cross-platform
and and there’s all this news and it’s rising tide and all seven over fee art
all this excitement happening at valve with with half-life and an oculus what I
thought to be on PSP are no but I’m saying like VRS in the mindset it’s it’s
people are reading about it excited about it and why not on psvr eventually
it certainly could be on the next one I think if Sony wants to do it they
should continue doing what they have been doing with PSP are well which is to
one do great first party games and also to sign up developers to have a great
launch title because kiss VR did have a great launch selection they had a great
one yeah like like ten good games and and by all accounts the Ironman game
which is coming up for current gen yeah is gonna be the new high bar and I look
forward to playing down on PSP are but I also suspect it’s being incorporated
into the next gender as well it’s gotta be tethered though I mean the whole idea
is that it would be powered off a PS 5 if they do it oh yeah I would imagine it
would be like a drift us alright but I guess the question is how would they do
the tracking inside out everything’s gone inside I don’t think of the inside
out no no PS I know I I mean I would hope not because it’s been demonstrated
that it’s possible to do inside out yeah much more than the cause to be much
higher hassle-free you know all the cost all around is
gonna be higher I’m I’m not worried about that if they can deliver on it I
think the launch title is interesting PSP are also had that was in that case
where yes you needed psi to do it but psi was the existing product right
they’d have to spin that up as well same with their tracking and exactly and also
the motion controllers which were optional yeah so you also the built-in
functionality of having a tracked gamepad that was cool with peaceful
super cool they can’t do that with PS 5 like they’re not going to design motion
controller that would be separate from a psvr 2 it would just be and so I guess
that gives them the opportunity to see it both ways you gives them opportunity
to design motion controllers if they want to have PS Move exist outside of a
VR ecosystem to have some type of you know hand present size controllers work
with a big flat screen gave me experience in addition to having
DualShock style i thinkyeah inside out tracking you
could use it with any ps5 controller mm-hmm
it would be a misstep to release it without motion controllers yeah but I
could see them doing it I could spend doing it just for costs
yeah just for cost purposes and I think that’s a perfectly fine niche for them
to kind of dominate this really great control or gamepad track gamepad
controller base VR game yeah which are easier a stepping stone to VR
then your full full immersed you know a first-person shooter type games do you
ever think we could get like a Spider Man which is such a moneymaker for Sony
and they’re continuing that no reason why not
you know the spiral because it’s omni AK how do ya I mean how do you do web
slinging in VR it’s been done but done hasn’t been done real well yeah that’s
what I mean well like windlance is a good model for
yeah how how to do it better and if you’re a word on motion sickness you
know that actually then feeds into the example of you designing motion
controllers that could work in VR or not in VR in headset are not in headset and
if a next-gen PS Move was better designed right and to have more hand
presence you could have a Spider Man game where you’re looking at your big TV
and doing a website action and at least you get that part of the the immersion
without having a buna VR headset lots options lots of game you know game
design options mhm at CES we also a couple of VR headsets
make their debut nothing really exciting for us let’s talk about the xtal ultra
wide headset this is for definitely b2b right this is a for for NASA and for
enterprise and surprise they’re calling it an 8k display which means to 4k same
thing as parallax same thing as pi max exactly wide fov don’t know about their
optics yet but it’s not gonna be you know just like the PI back it’s more
horizontal field of view not diagonal field of view and to be fair like this
whole two 4k displays in calling it 8k the displace don’t show the same thing
like your different angles on the stuff that
you’re looking at so potentially you are getting different information in both of
your eyes sometimes pixels that wouldn’t exist at all on the other eyes so it is
somewhere in between it’s not as limited as 4k the night before case limited but
it is more than 4k it’s not a K there no no there’s some overlap and also who
notice how the arrangement of the panels are that canted and they have the
software to compensate right for for the non kind of side by side parallel
arrangement isn’t this on 180 degree 180 degree yeah I’d like to see that
I mean IMAX is 220 oh is it yeah Wow no cheese there also is the Pico neo2
standalone VR headset so this has nothing to do with pico projectors right
no it’s just it’s a company that’s made headsets before with integrated eye
tracking from Toby that’s the new thing and I expect to see this in everything
like please PLEASE next-generation oculus is please my tracking eye
tracking yeah we need it if we’re gonna go higher res we’re gonna need it for
fovea dad rendering yeah and it’s a whole new method of input so this have
hand controllers inside out tracking runs snap tracking 8:45 it is sixth off
inside out tracking $700 for the standard and eye tracking one at $900
it’s $200 it’s just from the eye tracking and they say the eye tracking
will allow for fovea rendering for up to a 66% increase in the frame rates a go
and so it’s actually a generation new or Snapdragon then the quest has I’d be
very curious to see how their tracking is 75 Hertz it is essentially a 4k
display 3840 by 2160 101 degree field of view with adaptive IPD adjustable IPD
their controllers look a little more like you know ones then then the oculus
touch resting hand motion hand presence controllers yeah but again they’ll all
be about what software can run on this it’s funny that they capitalized
Guardian system in the specs that’s kind of that’s not their term no yeah yeah
and then do we have oh did you see these what are these the Panasonic
HD VRI glasses that look like some steampunk no glasses they are Wow super
lightweight apparently from Panasonic using Panasonic displays micro OLED
panels okay yeah with 5g connectivity the design does not give me a ton of a
ton of a confidence in the VR capabilities but these are not VR
glasses they are I think HDTV style like oh watch
traditional content in headset glasses okay they scaled high-definition videos
and they say they have very minimal screen door effect okay you can this is
basically taping mini screens up to your face so no head dragon I think there’s
gyro at least so VR video content okay yeah
viewing viewing live sporting events virtual tours and that like but not
walking around the room so it knocked off $3 $3
well that’s better than like the Sony HDTV whatever them yeah yeah that stuff
that was just a correct angle in the box but I got headsets yeah that does it
this will you play anything in VR um well uh okay you know what
got a quest from my for my son for Christmas and he and I I thought I could
keep up with him and beat Sabre can’t can’t keep up with him none of you can
keep up with him and beat Sabre even on like the 360 stuff now especially on the
three he has he’s on legend you know that song the 90-degree version of
legend he’s number five in the world what in the world
okay he’s like top thousand in the world for most other songs on expert and maybe
chlorine levels are high it’s silly like I thought for sure I’d have something to
play no I got no game so yeah I’m being beaten and beaten mmm I’m looking
forward to in a two weeks time with the walking dead saints and sinners game
that’s from skydance is coming out on January 23rd I’m really excited to play
that yeah yeah I played at a New York Comic Con
it was a lot of fun this we have really big game
uh who’s making that sky dance okay yeah this is not the one from Servius okay
they have their own Walking Dead game got it and that does it for the podcast
this week what’s going on true what’s untested we have a bunch of
videos from from Adam shop we have a new one day build well actually that’s next
week we’ll have a new when they build but we have it’s torille this week on
hydro dippin it’s a process of giving complex shapes interesting texture so
you can see like you know whether with motorcycle helmets or guitar bodies
dippin like Hydra different in the paint the the demo we gave was high dripping
onto a film to give something like star-lords blaster grips a carbon fiber
texture and a really fun process that’s not too difficult to do okay here we go
here I don’t know will hug is not his he just posted three hours ago he said and
I had thought I had passed the mantle to you no no no I’m sorry that was Justin
that was just in a case peed so maybe Justin’s gonna make a comeback
okay all right anyway we got one here maybe already play it it’s from a month
ago from a oh I NOC Yan you know can’t touch the bead have you played this oh
we got some breaking news what is it from from CES pi max
announces a 180 Hertz headset I saw that on that a website before the show
started yeah that’s interesting that’s a that’s a high frame rate that’s the
highest frame rate it is you see you known a consumer headset alright are you
gonna get it no the experience is is limited and you
obviously can’t touch because the liquor which is basically burn your hand if you
try to get in into that position do want to be able to touch the bead all within
the confines of this cavity yeah course it’s a small space it’s not a we can’t
get to puck out there and but it’s it’s not bad you know
all right they’re not impressed can’t touch the bead can’t touch would be
exactly Canton should be Jeremy can’t just Rams
I just I just read the pine max article yeah there’s an article that called it
an artisan VR headset we are in that face small batch small small batch
artists I had sets not the name of this podcast see you next week


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    New Tech talk bias over film reviews makes this one of the better episodes in a while. Thanks and more please!

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    The Kinect had no great games, so it died. PSVR has many, along with backwards compatibility with PS5, so they will be even better performance and graphics wise.

  • Reply Cameron Siguenza January 11, 2020 at 1:24 am

    I recommend monkfruit sweetener made by the brand Lakanto. You can find this on amazon, they make a liquid version too. There are other brands too! It tastes good, and works great in baking as a 1:1 replacement. I found stevia tough unless mixed with chocolate or something.

  • Reply A Brit January 11, 2020 at 4:03 pm

    Mercerism anytime soon ?

  • Reply david germain January 11, 2020 at 4:13 pm

    intro is wayyyyy to long

  • Reply grig January 11, 2020 at 7:11 pm

    RE: fake sugars – not a solution – due to biochemical reactions that still occur and maintaining a lifesyle where craving sweets is allowed

  • Reply grig January 11, 2020 at 7:13 pm

    RE: feeling hungry – try changing your response to feeling hunger and convince yourself that you enjoy feeling hungry sometimes, which feels better than overeating and is the feeling of getting healthy

  • Reply Greg Washum January 12, 2020 at 10:00 am

    Please for the love of all things unholy… take your lips off of the microphone! It will pic up your vocals without you licking the foam

  • Reply Sid DeHound January 12, 2020 at 8:56 pm

    I will buy the $200 Ballie after I buy the $500,000 apartment it requires.

  • Reply Michel Janse January 13, 2020 at 5:15 pm

    HAHAHA I’m that girl in the Ballie commercial and I am DYING at the fruity pebble comment 😂😂

  • Reply Johnny Fishfingers January 14, 2020 at 2:01 pm

    Things have happened on the vegan food front in the last two years. Pulled Beans are the vegan version of pulled pork. They are really stringy and chewy and nice, and they absorb flavors so well. Not sure what brands in the US make this type of stuff, but if you see some, check it out.

    The sugar cravings are very hard the first week. Then it's sorta hard for another week, and then you're done. You will feel so much better after the cravings stop. Replace the sugar in coffee with cream or just drink less bitter coffee.

    If you want to be full when you go to bed, eat high volume low calorie foods like vegetables and not-too-sweet fruits. Nothing canned. If your system can't take high fiber, that's a bad idea though, cause you'll have to get up in the night cause you gots to poo.

    No need to fast, just skipping sugar is more than plenty for weight loss.

  • Reply Johnny Fishfingers January 14, 2020 at 2:50 pm

    PSVR 2 will be a success. PSVR owners are very happy VR citizens and are hungry as hell for a new generation. The Kinect is a horrible comparison, the Kinect DIDN'T WORK… It was a HORRIBLE version of motion controls. Everyone who bought one became instantly aware that body tracking was dumb. Literally everyone.
    With VR, there's like a 90% "Wooooooow" factor. People loooooove their PSVRs. The PSVR2 will crush all competition IMO. Especially seeing as you can connect it to your PSPXR or whatever their next psp is gonna be called.

    The PSVR 2 will have new controllers, but seeing as the PSVR 1 works on PS5, alongside the Moves, that probably means there will be somewhat of a mixaroo with backwards compatible games using the Moves and the PSVR2 PS5 games will use the new ones, same as with flat games using the old PS4 controller and PS5 ones using the new one.
    Also, the PS5 will probably have a new camera, now we're looking at the advances of cameras done since 2013. That alone is going to improve tracking for the old PSVR if nothing else. This camera will likely also be capable of body tracking.

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