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Emma Thompson on George Michael Blessing Last Christmas Before He Died

November 18, 2019

-I know that you came here
right from London. You’re filming “Cruella.” -Yes, with the wonderful
Emma Stone. -With Emma.
Double Emma. -My favorite.
Think of the money they’ll save. [ Laughter ] -Look at the wig you have on.
That’s a nice one. How tall is that? -That’s not the tallest wig.
That’s a foot tall. -That’s a foot, but… -And I have another one
that’s like 3 foot tall. -Really?
-Yeah. -Wow.
-So it’s kind of — -Is that hard to act in? -No.
It’s hard to pee in. -Ah.
[ Laughter ] -Because, um —
Actually… Of course, I’m British,
so the first subject I go to is, you know, peeing. But the costume I’m in
is like — is this really tight corset. So you can’t really bend down. So, you — Wiping is hard.
[ Laughter ] And then what happened,
of course, was the first time I tried,
you bend down to try to reach, and then you’re like a giraffe, because you can’t
get your head back up. Because the wig is so —
-So someone had to come get you? -You’re like, “Help me.
Help me!” [ Laughter ] “Somebody help me!”
And you know, you’re mid-flow. And the whole thing’s just —
[ Laughter ] No.
You’ll have forgotten about it by the time the film comes out,
so it’s fine. [ Laughter ]
-Let’s — -It’s not pretty.
-Thank you for being here. -You’re welcome.
-I want to talk about… [ Laughter ] …”Last Christmas.”
Let’s talk about this film. You came up with this idea. You wrote this, co-wrote this
with your husband… -Yes.
-…who I met backstage. -Yes.
-A very nice, lovely gentleman. It’s based on the Wham! song,
“Last Christmas”? -Yeah.
-And all George Michael’s songs. -All of his songs.
It was weird. ‘Cause this wonderful producer,
David Livingstone, said, “Do you want to write
a screenplay? Kind of rom-com sort of thing. ‘Cause we need a new —
great new Christmas movie…” -Yeah.
-“…based on ‘Last Christmas.’ And I said, “Not really.”
[ Laughter ] Because it’s not
my favorite song. It’s not
my favorite Christmas song. And then I started to —
You know… ♪ Last Christmas,
I gave you my heart ♪ ♪ Very next day,
you gave it away ♪ ♪ This year,
to save me from tears ♪ I don’t know
what to do with that. So I told my old man, Mr. Wise. And we started to talk about it
and thought, “Is there an interesting
sideways way of telling a different kind of
story about the human heart?” And so we started to work on it,
and it was good treatment. And we sent it to George.
And I met him. And he was just the loveliest
guy you could imagine. And all of these themes
in the movie that he was passionate about —
homelessness — He had this great
social conscience. And he was so lovely. And so I got really enthused,
and we started to write. And then, of course,
he had that tragic early death. -Yeah.
-2016, Christmas. -He died actually on Christmas?
-On Christmas Day. -Wow.
-Yeah, nearly three years ago. So, we lost him,
and I miss him so much, and I wish he was here
’cause I know he’d love it. ‘Cause the film’s
like being hugged. And all of his music —
We got 15 of his songs, including a new one at the end. And it’s so cool. And “Heal the Pain,” which is
my favorite of his songs, it’s sort of — it’s like it was
written for the movie. -Really?
-And he said that. He said, “It’s like this –” ‘Cause he was someone
who was always in search of authenticity.
-Yeah. -You know?
And it was really hard for him, before he came out and all of
that, to find himself. And he just had found himself,
and then what happens? -Gosh, I wish he was here
to see it. -I wish he were. -And your husband, by the way,
is very funny. And I was talking to him because
he won “The British Bake-Off.” -Yes, “Celebrity Bake-Off.” You know about baking
in my country. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] It’s the biggest show
in England. -It’s the only thing that’s
keeping anyone alive. [ Laughter ] Everyone’s so traumatized. They just make biscuits
constantly. [ Laughter ] -But he won it.
-He won it. He won “Celebrity Bake-Off.” -With a self-portrait
of himself. -In biscuits.
-In biscuits. This is what he won with. So the bar is…
[ Cheers ] -Slightly scary.
-The bar is set high. -It doesn’t really
look like him. -It doesn’t really
look like him at all, no. But that’s fantastic. And did you — -We had a bit of a trauma
with that, if I’m honest. ‘Cause, you see,
these are all biscuits. But this was a pancake.
And he — [ Laughter ]
Yeah. And he — he made this
quite a number of times. I mean, my house
was literally just flour. There was just flour everywhere. So, one night, I just couldn’t
take it anymore, and I went out and had eight
like eight martinis too many. And I came back,
and he’d gone to bed, exhausted from all the baking,
and I ate the kilt. [ Laughter ] I ate that pancake bit. I just thought,
“Oh, that’s — oh, that’s nice. I’ll just have a tiny bit
of that.” Worked my way around. -No.
-I ate the whole kilt. But then the worst thing was, I went to bed
and got up in the morning, and he was incandescent
and was making a new kilts — fresh kilts.
And I said, “What happened? He said, “Someone ate my kilt.” [ Laughter ] And I said, “Oh, God. It must have been Gaia,”
our daughter. I so lied.
-You sold out your daughter? -I totally
just threw her to the wolves. [ Laughter ] No compunction whatsoever. -You just came in and said,
“Yo, it must be Gaia.” -Yeah.
And it was miles later, after he had reeked
a horrible revenge, that I said, “Actually, it was me.”
But I couldn’t remember. I couldn’t remember
because I had drunk too much, and that’s no excuse. I’m a really bad
wife and mother is what — -No! That’s ridiculous.
Because you know what? He ended up
winning the whole thing. -He did.
He won the whole thing. -See? Because if you left
this original kilt, he might have lost. -That’s true.
-Right? You helped him.
-Yes. -You helped him win.
-Okay. -Thank goodness for you.
-Thank God you’re here. -Yes. And you taught your
daughter a good lesson, too. [ Laughter ] -Yes. That.
It’s fine. -No! Don’t tell her that. -Oh, my goodness.
You Americans. -I want to show —
[ Laughter ]


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    [email protected]
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