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Ellen’s Life-Changing Surprise for Baltimore Drummers

September 10, 2019

Earlier this season we
met Timothy and Malik two amazing drummers from
Baltimore who blew me away. Take a look. [MUSIC – CIARA, “LEVEL UP”] (SINGING) Five, four,
three, two, one. Level up. Level up. Level up. Level up. Level up. Level up. Level up. Level up. Level up. Level up. Oh, you can talk all you want. Yeah, I saw that video. And we called you right away. You’re just amazing. Were you surprised
that we called? When I first got word that– I’m sorry, I’m so tired. Yeah. When I first got word that
we was on the Ellen Show, my hands started shaking. I was like, oh, my god. And I ran outside, ran up and
down the street, was crying. People was coming out
of their house, like, what’s going on with this boy? And I was just, the Ellen Show? How did you learn these tricks? Well, we were self-taught, at
first by Mr. Darryl Taylor. Shout to Darryl Taylor. Shout out. [INAUDIBLE] We knew you went through
a lot of drumsticks. So– [APPLAUSE] Oh, my god. Our friends at Shutterfly
were inspired by your story. They want to make sure
you keep drumming. So they’re giving
each of you $10,000. Oh, my god! Please welcome back
Timothy and Malik! [APPLAUSE] Oh, look at those fancy shoes. Those are fantastic. Thank you. All right. So tell us, something
very exciting happened after you
were on the show. Tell everybody what happened? Yes. So right after the show,
I’d say about a week after, somebody sent us a email. And it was a gig for New York. And we was just like, OK,
we going to go out there. And when we got there, it was
like this big, majestic place. And we just looking around
like, what’s going on here? And somebody was
like, well, you know you’re about to play
Jerry Seinfeld’s son? And we like, Jerry Seinfeld? We were just shocked. But it was just so crazy. And we got to perform
for his son bar mitzvah. It was a amazing opportunity. That’s so cool that Jerry
Seinfeld called you and asked you to do that. What an amazing opportunity. So now you’re performing a
lot, doing things like that. Yeah, our schedule been crazy. Ever since we got on the show,
we had shows here, shows there. And we had to stop
street performing because we had so many shows. Good. Yeah, that’s good. Yeah, that’s great. That’s the goal! Yeah. Yeah. And you performed with somebody
who’s been on the show before. Yeah. So we had a performance at this
college called Morgan State in Baltimore, Maryland. And there, we met this
little boy, a Young Dylan. And I’m just looking
at him like, I know him from somewhere. I just don’t know
where I know him from. So I just keep looking at him. Then I’m like, oh, he was
on the Ellen Show also! And then we met up with him. We got to collect. Oh, there it goes. Hey, he was lit. So this is so sweet
that you do this. You go back to high school. And you help with an
after-school program to help kids. And tell everyone, why
are you doing that? We’re doing it because
it’s not a lot of stuff good in Baltimore, Maryland. So we figured out that,
if us going to Emerson and teaching them how to play
drums and play instruments, it’ll help out the
city a whole lot. Yeah. And help those kids, give
them something positive. Yeah. All right. So we’re going to take a break. And no big deal. But when we come
back from the break, your lives are going to change. That’s all I want to say. We’ll be back. We love you guys. And we want to do more with you. So here’s the thing, we want
to do an entire digital series about your life. We’re going to follow you around
the city of Baltimore, what you’ve gone through to
get to where you are. So we’re doing an entire digital
series with the two of you. It’s going to be called
“The Build Up,” all right? Oh, my god! [APPLAUSE] Oh, my gosh. Thank you so much. “The Build Up.” The is hard. And I don’t want to
give everything away. But our friends, John and
Anthony, are going to help. So they’re our expert,
go-to designers. Because we can’t do it all. John, Anthony, come on out. [MUSIC – ROB BASE AND DJ EZ
ROCK, “IT TAKES TWO”] (SINGING) It takes two
to make a thing go right. It takes two to make
it out of sight. Clear those schedules, boys. So why don’t you tell them what
you’re going to do, basically. So, basically,
Anthony and I have now moved down to Baltimore. Our crew is already there. So we flew all the way
here to meet you guys. And now, we are doing
a show about you guys. It’s going to be a
ton of surprises. It’s going to be a ton of fun. It’s about paying it forward. Because you guys
give back so much. And that’s what this
show is really about. Right. And there’s going to be a
lot of different surprises. But I’m going to start
with one right now. You both have been
looking for an apartment. And you can stop looking
for that apartment. Because we’ve gotten
you an apartment. Oh! [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] Go on, take the key. You got to take the key. Take the key, man. Take the key. Take the key, bro. Take the key now. And we’ve paid rent
for the entire year. What! [APPLAUSE] Yep, that’s the key chain. So here’s the thing,
give me the keys. Yeah, you got to give
Anthony the keys first. Hold on. And we’re going to take the keys
because the first thing that is on our list, that
we’re going to be doing, is we’re decking out
this place for you guys. Right? The whole thing! What! When you see this
for the first time, this place is going to be done. It’s going to be amazing. I read about it. I don’t know if you’ve
seen our work before. But we don’t mess around. No, it’s going to be amazing. We got Ellen, who’s
helping make this happen. So we’re going to
go big for you guys. We’ve worked with
Ellen for a long time. And her mantra of
paying it forward is something that
we were raised with. And you guys are now doing that. So it’s coming your way. And it’s coming
your way because we know that you’re
going to continue helping other people with this. Thank you so much. [MUSIC – PHARRELL WILLIAMS,
“HAPPY”] (SINGING) It might seem
crazy, what I’m about to say. Sunshine, she’s here. You can take a break. I’m a hot air balloon
that could go to space. With the air, like I don’t
care, baby, by the way. Because I’m happy. Clap along if you feel
like a room without a roof. Because I’m– [APPLAUSE] Yay! You guys! I love that song. I love that song so much. You love that song? Yes, we love that song so much. Good. You know who else
loves that song? Who loves that song? I’ll tell you who
loves that song. Come on out and tell them
how much you love that song. [MUSIC – DAFT PUNK, “GET LUCKY”] (SINGING) She’s up all
night, ’til the sun. [APPLAUSE] I’m up all night to get some. She’s up all night for good fun. I’m up all night to get lucky. We’re up all night,
’til the sun. Oh, my god. Pharrell! [INAUDIBLE] Awesome! Oh, my god! All right. All right. That’s all. We just wanted to surprise
you with Pharrell. That’s all. I want to thank my guests. I want to thank Leah Remini. And have a wonderful weekend. Be kind to one another. Bye. [MUSIC – PHARRELL WILLIAMS,
“HAPPY”] (SINGING) Because I’m happy. Clap along if you feel
like a room without a roof. Because I’m happy. Clap along if you feel like
happiness is the truth. Because I’m happy. Clap along if you know
what happiness is to you. Because I’m happy. Clap along if you feel like
that’s what you want to do. Here come bad news,
talking this and that. Well, give me all you got. And don’t hold it back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. Ah! Oh, [BLEEP]. God [BLEEP].

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