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Electronic Rock Band Makes Musical Waves in NYC

August 23, 2019

Our music…I think our music is very
good for lonely people. You can listen to our music. You might find something
we have some connections. If you are a lonely the person. If you’re a lonely
person, listen to The Either. Their music will resonate with you. We are The Either. My name is Zongli.
I’m the composer and vocalist of The Either. I play the keyboards and mainly
keyboard sometimes guitar or some MIDI controllers on a stage and I am also the
composer and music producer for my band. Let’s start with The Either.
What does it mean? It’s a philosophy concept because everything is not
perfectly defined so we just want to express that thought. We can play
traditional we can play contemporary who can define us? please define us.
No one can define everything perfectly. It actually makes a lot of sense. It’s Eastern or Western. And your music is
different because it’s electronic but also there are traditional Chinese
instruments in the band. I understand that even though you use Chinese folk
instruments in your band that is not the focus. That’s not how you
package your music. That just happens to be the instrumentation of
the group. And you play the pipa My name is Jiaju and I play the
plucked instrument in The Either. When I came to New York I studied
arts and culture management So I want to produce in the show,
I want to organize the show. But when I graduated I realized I still
=want to be the one who’s on the stage. When you started learning your instrument, did you think that you would one day
play in a band such as The Either? No. No, definitely not. Even two years ago when we were sitting together talking about this band, I didn’t have
this image of what I’m going to be. My name is Yang, I play
stringed, bowed instrument. I spent like almost 20 years to play the
traditional Chinese instrument and all this experience my colleagues
my classmates my teachers told me that’s the only way I can use my
instrument. And then I came to here I saw some opportunities and I want to join
but my instrument didn’t allow me to do that. That’s why I started to play
electronic instruments to have more more range. And more flexibility. And your
instrument’s called the erhu. So how do you get other people to know about
The Either when two of the instruments are relatively unknown in New York City.
How do people find you? First of all I don’t think that too many people found
us so far and uh yes this is not the main target that we’re trying to do. We
don’t use the Chinese instruments for just showing some exotic sounds, we use
the pipa we use the erhu like guitar like cello like the main role in the
music not only the accompaniment but also the lead solos. So this is challenging because not only
the instruments but also the music itself. How to arrange these sounds, how
to arrange these two guys, how to arrange us, how to sing the songs,
how to define us. Are we Chinese instrument players?
Are we rock band? No. I can hardly define ourselves. But that’s
perfect because you’re The Either. Yeah yeah that’s true.
You don’t have to define yourselves specifically one thing or the other.
So I’m curious what the actual process is so let’s say I know you have you’re
working on an album that’s gonna be released soon. Walk me through the process
from coming up with an idea all the way to actually releasing that piece of music. First usually I have a main motif of the
song and I have the chorus verses for a song but I would think
about when and where and how I can put these two guys in. For example oh you
can plug this but how about you just tap it. You can usually play the
bow on it how about you just use finger to play a pizzicato on it. Play the
pizzicato on it with different multi effects what did it sound like so we can do some
experimentals. How would you describe your
music’s personality? Because I write most of the pieces I I want to say I define our music is mostly dark, experimental and lonely. Lonely? Lonely, yes.
It’s very easy to understand why it’s dark because I prefer to
use a colder sound like a song it’s called “Ocean of Lens”. We are under the lens.
Nowadays we are all under the lens. Everyone is watching you. And we have a song called “Inside the
Screen” we use this small screen to understand the whole world. And also “Ambiguity” this is a
love song but it kind of show people that people who want to love
someone but they cannot say it. Why it’s lonely? With our music
I think our music is very good for lonely people. If you are lonely
you can listen to our music you you might find something. If you’re a lonely
person, listen to The Either, their music will resonate with you. When a person is by
himself or herself they can think more they can think deeper. They will think
about oh, are we truly find all the truths in our life not just by
our eyes or by the screen something like that.
Are we really in love or we’re just hiding the truth something like that. We
can only think about these stuffs by ourselves when we are alone. Thank you guys so much for spending the
time with me and it’s really enjoyable to get to know your band, The Either.
I look forward to hearing your album. When is it coming out? We will release our first full
album in the end of this year. Hi! We are The Either. Thanks
for watching Offstage Tunes.

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