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Electric Wizard Guitar Lesson w/ TAB – Dopethrone – B Standard Tuning

January 22, 2020

in today’s video we’re gonna be breaking
down dopethrone by electric wizard and we’re starting right now yo what’s up
guys Steve Reis here again from does it doom where we feature weekly guitar
lessons and gear demos in the stoner doom and sludge metal genre so if that’s
your type of thing please like this video subscribe to the channel and ring
that notification bell for more weekly doom content now for this lesson your
guitars going to need to be tuned to B standard I’m running the set of 11 to 52
strings some Ernie Ball Burley Slinkys if you’re into that I’m going to throw a
link down in the description you can check them out on the original recording
the guitars were tuned to A sharp but we’re gonna do with how they’ve done it
live for the past several years which is in be standard for this lesson we’re
gonna be getting all of our dirt from this behringer SF 300 super fuzz which
is a clone of the boss FZ2 hyper fuzz that just used on the original dope
throne recording so if you’re curious about that tone that pedals 25 bucks I’m
gonna throw a link down in the description you can check it out right
now I’m gonna zoom in and do a quick demo then we’re gonna come back and
break it down riff by riff all right so as I mentioned in the
introduction your guitars gonna need to be tuned to B standard and the songs
will be played in the key of B minor now the original recording the guitars
were tuned to B flat or A sharp and the song was played in B flat or A sharp
minor but we’re gonna do it how they’ve done it for the past many many years
live which is in B standard in the key of B minor the majority of the song is
going to use the natural minor scale we’re gonna see appearances from three
of the really good intervals of doom which is the flat fifth the major third
and the minor second so the first riff goes like this starting using the blues scale here
you’ve got these hammer-ons on the fifth and sixth strings hammering on from the
fifth fret to the seventh fret root so you’re using your flat seventh and
your root so now you’re using this sixth fret
sixth string which is the flat fifth from the blues scale sometimes he bends
it on the half step to the seventh fret other times he gives it some vibrato I’ve seen a play it both ways live 6 string 3rd and 5th frets so you’re using the intervals of the
root minor third perfect forth and that flat fifth along with it the flat seventh and the root so he also does it with power chords so really cool riff using that B blues
scale so the second riff goes like this so again you’re using that hammer on
from the 5th to the 7th on the fifth string using that sixth string root get
and then that octave chord so that’s a cool move you’re going from
the third fret to the fourth fret which is the minor third to the major third
and a major third traditionally wouldn’t be used in a minor key song because it
sounds kind of bad which is exactly why it sounds good for this song and then that riff finishes up with this so again you’re using that perfect
fourth flat fifth and minor third so the whole thing next riff in the song goes like this so really cool riff this one’s using the
natural minor scale you’ve got this root note perfect fourth kind of going between this minor 6th and
perfect fifth that minor third that’s a flat seven a really cool octave move there on the
minor third so sixth string third fret fourth string
fifth fret and open on the fourth string that picking pattern is important down
there cool thing I’ve seen him do on old
recordings when it was just a 3-piece the next riff in the song is cool and is
just using the root and an octave on the flat fifth goes like this so it’s obviously root sometimes I’ve
seen him play it here power chord R5 sometimes I’ve seen him do the octave cord so this flat five-octave chord he’s doing is
on the fifth string 13th fret
and third string 15th fret you just play it the fourth string there is muted
and you’re sort of bending it up from the flat fifth to the fifth then from there you’ve got this very
last riff which is kind of neat only played once in the song right at the
outro sometimes I see him end it like that
sometimes I see him just end it like but it’s on the tenth fret power chord R5
power chord on the tenth fret and on the 13th
we’ve got a flat seven a minor second and then you’re ending on a root so now the lead sections in this song can
use the natural minor scale or the pentatonic scale or the blues scale or a
combination of all of those Jus tends to improvise a lot live but the scale
itself in its basic form at the 12th fret in the first position goes like
this you I really hope you enjoyed that lesson if
you did please remember to like the video subscribe to the channel and don’t
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what other electric wizard songs would you like to see broken down in this type
of song lesson format I’d love to know so until next time always remember Tony
Iommi is your friend


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    Well I convinced a pretty girl to be my girlfriend and scored us tickets to see Electric Wizard in a couple weeks. Stoked-throne! Excellent lesson by the way. And your FZ-2/Super Fuzz demo is also dope as hell, got a super fuzz on the way this week. More fuzz is more good. My vote would be Return to the Sun of Nothingness.

  • Reply blitzkriegwitchcraft March 25, 2019 at 5:50 am

    Finally, someone who knows the proper way to play the intro/verse riff. For years and years I've seen people play every note wrong and tab every note wrong, and it killed part of my soul every time. It's like, there's countless videos of him playing it live, you can see what he's fretting. Well done.

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