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Easy F Chord on Guitar | No Barre Needed

January 15, 2020

Hey there! Is the F chord holding you
back from playing some great songs? Fear not. I’m gonna show you an easy to play F
chord that sounds great. Let’s do this. Hi there. I’m Tomas Michaud from Real
Guitar Success. I’m going to show you how to play an easy version of the f chord
that sounds great no barre required. Now First we’re going to start with the
fingering and then I’m gonna show you a critical step to be able to use this F
chord to be able to play it automatically then I’m gonna give you
some important information that’ll help you get even more value from this lesson.
Let’s start with that fingering. Go ahead and follow along with me. Put
your first finger on the second string the first fret. Now we’re going to put
the second finger on the second fret of the third string right on the string
next to it. Now the third and pinky are gonna go
together on the third fret that’s the fifth string and the fourth string and
ends up looking like this. Go ahead and take your fingers off and shake them out. Now
follow along as I finger one more time first finger, second finger third and
pinky together so that’s the basic fingering. Now here’s some critical
information. As you play this chord, the high E string the first string and the
low E string are not part of that chord so we don’t want them to sound. The way I
deal with that is I let this third finger touch the sixth string a little
bit so it mutes out. So as I strum down you don’t hear it. Now for that high E
string there’s two ways you can deal with it.
One is you can just angle this first finger down a little bit until it
touches the string and mutes it out also. Now I’m muting both the sixth and the
first string. A second way is to just strum in such a way that you don’t
actually hit the first string like this. In this case, I’m kind of using both. I’m
slightly touching the first string and I’m also strumming in a way I’m not
really focusing on it. Now you might be thinking ”Well that’s all fine and good
but it’s just really gonna cut it? I mean is it gonna sound anywhere near as good
as an actual barre chord, F chord?” Let me give you a quick demonstration. I’m gonna
play first this F chord with a couple other chords and then I’ll play the bar
and see if you can hear the difference and decide for yourself. So first, here’s
the new easy version of the F chord. Now I’ll play the bar chord. I don’t know about you but for me
there’s not much of a difference. Being able to finger your cool new version of
this easy F chord really doesn’t do you any good unless you can get there
smoothly and automatically when you’re playing a song or switching between
chords. For that reason, I’m gonna give you an extremely effective way to
practice this F chord. It’s effective for two reasons. First of all, we’re gonna use
two chords that you use especially with the F chord very often in songs and
because of that you’ll get a chance to make the change very often. And secondly,
it uses a technique called common chord fingers this is something I teach in my
Real Guitar Success Academy. The first step is to make a folk style C chord and
so we’re gonna finger it like this. First finger on the first fret of the second
string. My second finger is over here on the fourth string second fret and
then the third finger on the third fret of the fifth string. Now you’re going to
move your second finger over one string to the third string second fret and then
put the pinky down on the third fret of the fourth string right next to that
third finger. Now you have your easy F chord. Now let’s switch back. Take your
pinky off and move the second finger back over. You’re back to your C chord. Do
that several times so you get the feel of it without strumming. Now once you get
to the place where you’re feeling somewhat comfortable switching back and
forth without the strumming hand we’re going to make this into a practice.
You’re going to strum each chord two times. So strum the C two times
and then put the pinky down and the second finger over to the F chord and then
back and to the F chord. Now I recommend you do this with a
steady pulse and a good way to do that is pull out your metronome so they’re
very low speed and try to keep up with the metronome. Go very slow at first so
you have a chance of keeping up. You can always speed up later.
Try to stay in time meaning don’t slow down and speed up or at least go slow
enough to where you can practice it and get to where you can stay on the beat
pretty easily. Once you can do that without too much strain go ahead and
change it to one chord per strum. So now you’re gonna strum one C and then move
to the F and again do it in time with the metronome. Go as slow as you need to
so you can get the change then the next step is to start speeding up the
metronome little by little. This is how you increase your speed of being able to
change from the C to the F. Do this a little each day and you might even want
to try a couple minutes several times a day. And you’ll find that in no time at
all this will be a fairly easy change and you can integrate it into songs and into
your regular guitar playing. So here’s something important I want to talk about. Even though this easy F chord is very useful and can be used in place of any
bar F chord really there’s still great value to learning barre chords
mostly because you can play them all up and down the guitar neck. That said this
F chord is a great stepping stone to learning barre chords because you’re
actually making the inner workings of a barre chord. If you want to expand on,
that you’ll notice that this F chord right here is actually making the form
of a major barre chord and you can turn it into a partial bar
by flattening out your first finger so you can be playing your favorite songs
and at the same time working on flattening out that finger little by
little until you can get a comfortable partial bar. The next step would be to
extend that over into a full bar. So that’s it for today’s lesson I hope you
enjoyed it. Thank you for being here with me. If you haven’t already please
subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave me a comment. I really love to hear
from you and if you’re ready to take things a little farther
check out my Real Guitar Success Academy. I’d love to see you there. Bye for now.


  • Reply Akashi Seijuro January 14, 2020 at 3:41 pm

    You sir, are GOATED. Thankyou for this.

  • Reply shareeagain January 14, 2020 at 3:54 pm

    Hello Sir, hope u r doing well. Very nice lesson for those who have trouble with F Barr Chord. And you are right, both positions of F chord sounds almost like same. Great tip. Thank you for all of your lovely lessons. Stay blessed.

  • Reply Gaurang Arora January 14, 2020 at 4:17 pm

    God bless you sir, thanks for making it easier…

  • Reply Chris Rivers January 14, 2020 at 8:05 pm

    That’s great… so much easier than the barre

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