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[Dreamcatcher’s Note] ‘데자부 (Deja Vu)’ 활동 비하인드 7편

November 10, 2019

Dreamcatcher’s Note Today is Deja Vu final broadcast recording day. TT We’re going to cover properly today. Shakra sunbanim’s Han. Look at Yoohyeon now. It’s so… Don’t I look like Kim Wan Sun sunbaenim today? Hey, you have a mirror in your earring. Right? Isn’t it delicious? (Yum) We did a lot of research. Rabbit Ji U Ugh! I bit… (Talking that her hair is colorful.) Right? Ever since my debut… It’s my first time wearing hair accessories like this. Shall we go to see Dreamcatcher back in the 2000s? Dreamcatchers crushed the stage!!! It’s the 1,000th episode of Music Bank, So we had a cover stage of Shakra’s Han. I’m so proud that we made a cool stage. That’s right. I was worried at first because the original is great. What if I’m worse than them? (So) I worked hard. That’s right. It was an honor to perform with such great songs. Congratulations on the 1,000th anniversary of Music Bank! Uh, let’s do a psychological test. Well, I’m going to do a psychological test through my painting. I’ll draw sun, moon, mountain, tree, road, house, self, well, snake. (I’m a sun) (I’m a moon…?) It’s a moon, even if it doesn’t look like moon. (laughs) It’s like an emoticon. (Emoticon that an eye is dazzling)
Isn’t this an emoticon? Two trees. Rooooooooooooad Home! Simple Home Self! Self? Me? Dami on the moon Snake~ Okay, I drew it. Picture for psychological test is finished! Well, the sun and the moon know my spouses. The moon means the bride and the sun means the groom. You can know your fortune by size. The sun is bigger as you can see, right? If the mountain is round, the personality is smooth… and good, but if it is sharp, you can look feisty and not good. I don’t think this fits well. My mountain is very sharp. I have a lot of speakings that I’m being round. Oh, I drew a snake like this. It didn’t include anything. What should I do? It depends on the location, but It’s not around the house, it’s not around the mountains. not a road. not even a tree. I didn’t draw a snake’s face, so I don’t even know where its head is. I don’t think it fits. Dreamcatchers even share a bit of bread. Hey, this is a bite. It melts inside. In your mouth. Really! Everybody! This is sooooooo delicious. There’s nothing on it. Dip it. Shall we? A lot. Her middle of the forehead is melting on happy How to Su A eat bread yummily.mp4 1. Take a big bite 2. Prepare Yogurt 3. Drink it yummily. Best! Awesome! Hello, Gahyeon? I showed up to explain! A lot of InSomnias wonder… this, about this mark on the cheek. about this mark… Zoom, please. Because you were curious about Zoom(?), So I showed up today. In the last broadcast! I showed up. So this is… Su A kissed me on the cheek at the music video shoot. It’s not a typographical error. Su A kissed me on the cheek. Su A’s lips are thin and cute, so it looks like this. Here’s the picture. She kissed like this picture and it went like this. Now! Cause! Result! Do you understand? How many times can I pick? How many chances? Open it? (You already opened it… LOL) 5th! Give it to me quickly. Oh, oh, oh! It’s me! It’s me! It’s the card I don’t have. Store it. (Precious photo card) Fourth! Fourth! Fourth!!! Oh! It’s Siyeon. You know I’m lucky to lottery. I’ve picked 5th and 4th. I brought two tickets. 5th. 5th! Okay! Last one. Fourth! What. (Giving a photo card) I heard it’s a rare item. Dong, Two of them. This is it! I think it’s fate. (Curious) 5th~ There’s a lot of 5th. I think this is fate too. It’s a little bit… It’s fun. Two fifths. Hey, let’s pick just one more. Lottery has strong toxicity It’s a test of luck. Picking one more in peace One, two, three and say it. 3rd! 3rd! There’s 5, 4, 3. 5 4 3. I envy you. I’ll pick one more. Give me 3rd’s gift, please~ (Who said just one more) Is that why people keep picking? Is this the member’s sign whose I want? Then, Dong. Sign it, please. DongDong is signing with full of soul for Dami PS is being written with all her heart and soul I wrote this much. But it’s a secret. Thank you~ Oh, it’s me! It’s me. LOL Dami, can you see anything…? Why are there so many 5th? I won’t do… I’m going to stamp my last attendance now. Today is three times. And I’ll give me two more because I’m nice. I’m just going to fill it up. It’s a foul to smile like that. Although stamping dizzily, but she filled it! It’s all filled up. Thank you. I was Yoohyeon. Yeah, well, in the end… Siyeon was looking at me. Ending has to be decorated with black. Dreamcatchers finished promotion splendidly with black costume! Dreamcatcher’s last broadcast~ TTTT It was! Our Dreamcatcher ‘Deja Vu”s last broadcast~ Let’s do it for another two weeks! Shall we? I just blinked my eyes and it’s over. For this promotion, we were able to see more InSomnias. And we became more loving you. Also made great memories with InSomnias I want to say thank you to InSomnias who supported we, Dreamcatcher, more than anyone else. InSomnias, Thank you~! Great job! Everyone might be tired, but you came to see us day and night and your fan chant voice was really… Didn’t you all feel it when you checked the music broadcast? My shoulder became as the Pacific Ocean. The more we do the broadcast, the louder we hear. Here, here, on stage, I bleed from ears~ Also, many staff who helped us to finish our Deja Vu promotion safely~ Thank you really much. Thank you for your efforts. Dreamcatchers also did a great job~! Dreamcatcher will come back with a great album. Just a minute~ We’ll be back soon. So don’t be sad that we separate for a moment now. Deja Vu… Keep streaming it! ‘Deja Vu’ promotion is over!


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