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Dope New Rapper (2019)

September 17, 2019

I’m moving on up, now they ask who’s in
charge? I move that barge,
I play those cards. To the t. Full house, Full House
Playing with the hand that HE handed me. That floor seat flow, open up like a Cannery,
Panhandling for beats. I am my Dan Marino, low key
But I’m not leaving without that ring. Ring Tone
Ring Tone What it look like
What it sound like With that Ring tone. So what happens once I have all my jewelry. This is that backdraft, open up a brewery. She’s telling me all the things she wants
to do. And then she’s giving me more than what
she usually. I want to be the 1%
The one you can’t predict A derelict, I’m neither here nor there,
I pump the pedal then shift. Don’t expect me to pump them breaks. I’m ripping from my own damn page. I built a fire from my own damn flame. And, fame, whoa,
This is something I did always expect. Putting them zeros all in the check . Then we party like a disco tech
Being broke and me, we don’t mesh This is my Nine Inch Nails,
Jump up and getting impaled, Telling the truth that I tell, You must be fresh off them rails
You gas the wrong, dude, up, for real Take a deep breath and inhale,
Living in a fast city. Stretching long money, elasticity. 8 Stretch limos stretch down the whole block. Do I put it in a condo, a house, or a co-op.

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