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November 19, 2019

The things that you will need for this project
are 2 ½ yards of fabric, or two large nightgowns like I used, an eyelet kit, elastic, and basic
sewing supplies. Start out by making your pattern. I made the shorts part of the romper
first by tracing a pair of shorts that fit me well onto a piece of paper. I folded them
in half first and then traced around all of the sides including the waistband. Once that was done I added seam allowance on all of the sides except for the side seams of the
shorts because I planned to cut my pieces on fold. Now onto the pattern for the top. I traced the shape of a shirt that was made from a material with a similar stretch pattern
as the fabric I was going to use to make my romper. I also made sure that the neck on that top
was big enough for me to comfortably put on and off. This was so that I didn’t have
to add a zipper to my romper and would be able to put in on and off comfortably. Once
the outline of the shirt was done I added seam allowance to all sides and then cut it
out. Then I drew a line down the middle of the top and a line across the top at the lowest
point I wanted my neck to be. Like I mentioned before just make sure your neck is big enough
for you to be able to fit through unless you intend on attaching a zipper to the romper.
Then I started drawing the curvy neckline based on the romper from Nasty Gal that I
was trying to replicate. Once it looked how I wanted I folded the pattern in half and
cut it out. You don’t need to add seam allowance to the neck because we are going to sew very close to it. For the sleeve pattern I first traced the armpit hole of the top pattern of the romper onto a piece of paper. Then I aligned the sleeve of a cardigan with the
armpit hole I just drew and traced the edges to get the length I needed and to get the
minimum width that my sleeves had to be for them to be comfortable. Because I wanted them
to flare out towards my hands I altered the pattern to make it point out towards the sides.
And then once I was happy with it I just added seam allowance on all sides and cut it out. Once all the patterns are done it’s time to cut your pieces out I cut out two front top pieces, two back top
pieces, four shorts pieces cut on fold, and four sleeve pieces. Since I was using premade
garments I had to arrange the patterns to fit them perfectly on the nightgown and ended
up with some embroidery on one of my sleeves. Once all the patterns are done its time to
move on to the actual sewing. I started off with the shorts by facing two of the pieces
right sides together and sewing down the curvy sides. Once that’s done open it up and it
starts to actually resemble a pair of shorts and you can sew together the crotch pieces
to finish it off. Repeat these steps on the other two shorts pieces. Once both are done
put the pieces inside of each other. Both of the sides where the seams are visible should
be facing each other and be out of view. And then sew them together at the top. At this point you can hem the shorts but I wanted them to fray at the bottom eventually so I
just sewed a straight line about ½ an inch from the bottom connecting both the inside
and outer layer of the shorts together. For the sleeves, face two of the pieces right
sides together and sew down both of the long sides. Once those are done flip it right sides
out and then you can just hem the bottom. I hemmed mine by folding it in approximately ¼ inch twice
and topstitching it in place. Do this for the other sleeve pieces and now the sleeves
are done! For the top portion of the romper first face one of the front top pieces right
sides in with one of the back top pieces and sew the shoulders together. Do this for the
other two top pieces as well and then once both are done face the pieces right sides
in and sew together the entire neckline. When working on the curvy part be extra careful
and try to sew slower and closer to the edge of the fabric so that the shape of the neck
stays about the same shape. Once everything is sewn down flip it right sides out and top
stitch the neckline to keep it in place. Then once that’s complete sew together the sides
of the top making sure that the seams will stay hidden. Then once the side seams are
all sewn together just flip it inside out and the top is done. Next place the shorts
inside the top of the romper right sides facing in and sew two lines down the bottom. A solid line farther from the bottom, and a line closer to the edge will a small hole in it. This
is to create an elastic casing. The line will be farther apart depending on the size of
your elastic but if you want to use a bigger elastic then make sure you add more room at
the top of your patterns. Next just measure out a piece of elastic, secure a safety pin on
the end of it, thread it through the tube we just made and sew the ends of the elastic together. Once the elastic is in the tube sew it shut and I also stiched the tube down towards my romper
so that it won’t shift when I’m wearing it. Then just sew on the sleeves and the base
of the romper is done! To make the crossover part you will need two long strips of fabric or ribbon. I cut out two long strips of 1 inch width fabric , serged the sides, and
then flipped it over to make mine but you can also just use ribbon. And then you will need an eyelet kit I highly recommend that you test out using
this kit before you actually do it on your garment because you do not want all of your
hard work to go to waste. So basically you need to mark off where you want your eylets
to be, cut a hole in the center to insert the longer piece of the eyelet in, put the
smaller piece of the eyelet on top of that, put it in the little ring that should come
with your kit, and then hammer it down until all the prongs are completely flattened. I hammered
my eyelets on both sides to make it completely secure. Do this to all of the eyelets and
then just figure out where you want the strings to be and sew them down to the bottom of the
neckline. Once those are sewn in place, just string up your romper and you are done! I
hope that you guys like this video and if you have any questions or requests for future
tutorials just ask them down below. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe and
I’ll see you next time. Bye. ~


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