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DIY Guitar repair look what I found inside this Kay G101 Acoustic travel guitar

December 7, 2019

Today I’m gonna tear down this guitar in
order to fix it I’m going to have to take it to pieces really So what is it that I need to do? I need to take these strings off I need to take this saddle off and I’ll use
that saddle as the measure for the new saddle because this is a nice low action
at the moment. I’m going to take these machine heads off because they need a good soak
in some oil and degreaser and when I was looking at this I noticed that on the
back here there’s a bit of damage there’s a tiny little gap there it’s obviously been
dropped or something and the back just slightly coming away so I’m just gonna
superglue there and that’ll be fine but before I do that I gonna take these
strings off and take a look inside here to see what the sound board is like now
you might recall from the other video I said about this pattern on the back here?
That the woods been matched but the more I look at it the more I’m thinking that
this looks like a print like maybe? I don’t know because on the inside the
wood is a totally live in color which tells you that maybe it’s not a dark
wood well it’s obviously not a dark wood It’s a very light wood. This guitar is
probably made from plywood which is not unusual and plywood is quite strong and
it’s used for many kinds of guitars so it’s still in keeping with the old idea
of the old you know the old delta blues guys because they’d make a guitar out of
anything they can get their hands on that’s why you see this you know you see
these cigar box guitars and stuff like that so I’m gonna get inside here and have a look see what’s going on so first I’m gonna get these strings off but the machine heads are turning
easily Which is nice shows they still work
they were a bit stiff but then they have’nt been probably being turned for it God
knows how long right let’s get these strings off That nuts loose that’s not a problem okay so that’s the strings all out I’m gonna put nylon strings back on here because they are
about 40% less torgue on the head so they’ll be lighter so this thing needs a
bit of a break That’s the last one. All gone. So let’s have a look inside just shining a light around the exterior
to see if I can see any light coming through where that crack is on the soundboard can’t see anything okay that’s good
I’ve just run the the light around the outside of the guitar to see if any
light is penetrating and is there’s none so that’s good so it’s just a little
surface crack that I can fix quickly just with some super glue all the braces
look nice and stuck down there’s nothing coming away yeah so the interior looks okay. Handy little thing this Wimius 4k it’s an action camera but it
gets into little places like that which is pretty handy right it’s tiny little
crack there can you see I’m just gonna run some superglue in there it won’t
look pretty but it’ll get the job done. Make sure to get that out as well. The screwdriver. Just hold a bit of pressure on there for a second that’s it done superglues marvelous don’t you think? right now look at these got to get these off and as you can see they’re tiny little
things tiny little screws there but we’ll see if we can get em off? oh well they turn easy enough? Hmm spoke too soon there you go one machine head it just needs a bit of oil you can’t soak it on headstock because
the oil will go through into this and have all kinds of problems now to get
this saddle out and you can see it’s pretty smashed up why don’t we just turn this upside down? because the other side is nice?and just put it back in? Because we know it’s the right height?


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    Aku pengen membeli tapi mungkin harganya sangat mahal ya om😊

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