Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – AC/DC – Guitar Lesson – Beginner

December 12, 2019

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy This video is part of my guitar lesson series So today, I’ll show how to play dirty deeds done dirt cheap by Ac/dC And it’s fairly easy So I’ve broken it down [into] five riffs So I’ll ph1 then I’ll show how they’re played using the tabs Okay, so the first one first riff is the opener and this Okay, all power records v e power chord G power chord, so it’s a third fret top string e back to E power chord a power [chord] the fifth string open e Power Chord D power chord fourth string Colder back to E? So let’s again slowly Next riff is where the vocals come in this Goes on for what for measured sir for measures? That’s paid, but four times That with four members for mature brief [then] it goes repeatedly right after each other for about four times you so that’s Okay, that’s d power chord fifth string fifth fret slide up to the South fret And then strum it so thread Once again deep power [cord] slide up to E some fret then play And at the very end right for the chorus goes So slide up to the 5th to the 7th Then play it four times Source five sets like that Okay, riff number. Three is the course resourcing dirty deeds so it’s Like that okay, so [that’s] a power cord fifth string open what’s more and G chord back to a Then I eat [awkward] what’s 4d power Cord II so once again Just play it again Then it’s held on that cord. That’s held on why they saying. It’s just an open e power cord Okay, now the fourth is the chords played over the solo EPs this Do that four times? So that’s a power cord top string fifth fret play three times and B power chord some threats four times and then after that it’s uh At the end of the Solo, so it’s d power chord three times top string Third fret E Okay, that’s the fourth riff now the fifth [reth] 3/5 Riff [tongue-Twister] is the ending and it’s sort of same as the beginning. [I] just mixed in with the chorus all of it, so it’s this Okay, so that’s e power chord G back to e a that’s [D-II] Right so once again. It’s slowly That just repeats until the end of the song okay, I hope this AC/DC Lesson has been helpful and Thanks for watching

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