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Difference between / Diferença entre Corset X Corselet Parte I – Underbust W/ Eng subs

November 19, 2019

Good morning girls I decided to do a little video, it’s my first one, just to show the difference between coset and corselet before i got into this world of corsets I always loved And i went to this mall here in São Paulo and got kind of cheated because they gave me a corselet Saying with every letter that it was a corset i was tricked but it was because i didn’t know the difference, i learnt the difference after and…. bought some…. er… i have it here and i’m going to show some types that i already saw on ads online, i’m going to start with the underbust this is an underbust with cherries, i saw this one online a lot with only one layer, it has plastic bone, the busk is very soft and i want to show the difference on the body, so that later on you can have your own opinion on the product i don’t want to say witch is the best and witch is the worst, they are completely different and i want to put it on so that you guys can get to your own conclusions right, let’s go…. i put on a shirt so that you can see better the product the busk is so soft that it’s hard to put it on all closed…. okay let’s go. I myself changed the mooring show you guys what it can do on your body without taking so long so the video is not too long this one was not cheap in a mall here on São Paulo i want to show the modeling and structure here you go let me just push the chair back so you can see better this is the waist, and the product is the small, medium, large pattern I’m a small and it’s closed all the way and this is the max of waist that i got. It’s not tight, very loose okay…. this is a underbust corselet i want to show you…er … this video because people go “oh your product is expensive, i found one cheaper online” yes, you can find. I paid a lot one this one but what i want to show is sometimes the cheap can turn out to be expensive put it on once and the grommet fell the other ones are loose i don’t know if i can show everybody but they are loose basically all of them are falling so it ends up being a disposable product right? if you think about it i wanted to show the difference between a custom made. This is my product it has a year old and i use it a lot because it’s neutral. It’s a corset that i really like and use it a lot it’s made with several layers… let me fix it want to show the difference in the modeling, waist. I think is nice to have a clue, know the difference we know because we study, but people still mess it up, and i’m just trying to show it It’s way more comfortable as i said i use it a lot everyday so that you guys can have a clue about the waist, modeling and how it close okay? So that’s a corset, it’s not loose it’s tight but comfortable it’s a corset that if i want to sleep with it i will because it’s like the shape of my body now So there’s the quick video so that you can know the difference Kisses, next video i’ll be trying the overbust


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    queria  encomendar um como faço para mandar as medidas 

  • Reply Larisse Farias October 6, 2015 at 10:54 pm

    como posso compraa

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    nao da para comprar na loja on line

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