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Dickinson — “Meet Emily” | Apple TV+

December 7, 2019

## ## STEINFELD: Oh, my God,
she’s so insane. Of course, she’s insane,
she’s Emily Dickinson. ## Emily Dickinson, who is not
only an incredible writer, but just a fascinating person– -Oh, yeah, I’m a real catch.
-Sit like a lady. The interesting thing I would
say about this show is that we’re retelling
the story of Emily Dickinson in a way that’s fresh and cool
and a little bit dangerous. ## I’m in love with Death. He takes me out for
a carriage ride every night. He’s such a gentleman. You are such a weirdo. If she was a normal girl, this would be a normal
coming-of-age female story. -[wretches]
-But she’s Emily, so it’s just not
what you expect. Why can’t I go to college? I wrote about out it
in my essay, “On the Proper Place of Women.” We can start really kind of
leaning into how ridiculous the time period is
in some ways, and how ridiculous it is
that it feels relevant -today in a lot of ways.
-[laughing] I mean, at least we get
to take our corsets off. This story has
an astonishing amount of parallels to our
21st-century everything. My generation can watch
this show and feel like the 1800s
don’t feel so far away. You thinking
what I’m thinking? Yeah. Boys are stupid. That’s what’s been so fun,
is just playing the reality of what it feels like
it would be to us today. We’re always in a bit
of a metaphoric history. Elena took Emily’s work
and made her a modern woman that we
could all relate to today. WOMAN: Kissing? My God,
what is wrong with you? Her whole reasoning is,
we’re playing human beings that just existed
at a different time. It doesn’t mean
they didn’t have fun. We need to throw one of our classic Dickinson house parties. There’s a dance sequence.
Watching everybody going from, like,
a traditional line dance into a twerk… is the most crazy thing
to be part of. I think young people today
maybe don’t have the same need to put
themselves in boxes– And a kind of redefinition that
Emily would really approve of. I have one purpose
on this earth, and that is to become
a great writer.

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