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[DIANA] K-POP 소식을 한눈에 쏙! 다이아나 연예가중계 1화!! (Delivering K-pop News)

September 4, 2019

Hi~ Hi, I’m Diana from the women’s dance team. “a collection of news from Diana’s entertainment industry.” The first episode. It’s our first show, right? I’ll start right away. Let’s go! Here’s the first news! Produce 48 that came out Han ChoWon. Signing an artist’s exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment Congratulations. She failed to make her debut by finishing 13th in “Produce 48.” That’s the second news. ‘TXT’ official announcement of fandom name Do you have a name that you expect? Of course! It’s a secret~ I know it! Ah~ Do you have a favorite member in the group? YeonJun♥ The name of the fandom officially declared ‘MOA’. the meaning of ‘MOA’=moment of alwayness Let’s be together. YeonJun♥ Here’s the third news. Produce X 101 Lee Jinhyuk a solo debut The timing is still undecided, but it is receiving a lot of attention from fans. I’ll give you the next piece of news Here’s the fourth news. Star Play Ranking Voting / have a pretty dance line girl group TOP8 Is there any girl idol that you might expect? Oh, of course! She’s the best! Chung Ha Heami likes her a lot. Is there an idol that you expect? Ah~ The person I think! Red Velvet SeulGi She made a comeback this time “Umpah Umpah”. She’s dancing very well. I’ll make an announcement right away. Top8 – Lovelyz JiSoo She has a pretty face, but she dances very well. Top7 – Gfriend Yerin Top6 – Everglow Ylren Top5 – Dreamcatcher Jiu She is working on a different concept from other girl groups. Top4 – CLC Yee Eun Do you have a similar dance line? be similar in bobbed hair Top3 – EXID Hani Ji-seon is a big fan of her. Top2 – (G)IDLE YuGI I like this part the most in this song. Top1 – WJSN BONA Congratulations on winning the first prize among many people. I’ll give you the next piece of news K-pop Idol First BTS Jung-Kook There is a birthday ad on the 23rd floor high building. His birthday is September 1st. August 30th to September 5th. for a week “TNR” Tower, located in Hanoi, Vietnam Send out birthday ads on the super-large LED screen. BTS Jungkook is the first K-pop idol. As expected, BTS members are different. The number of video views is also updated at all the time. Here’s the seventh news. M.O.N.T – Republic of Korea hurrah Idol’s first music video shoot in Dokdo. Here’s the eighth news. ONF Unquestioned teaser surprise disclosure There’s a signal time code in it. They’ve also started to reveal their personal spoiler teaser. I’m looking forward to seeing what other great performances we’re going to perform this time. I’ll give you the next piece of news Here’s the 9th news. SOYOUNG from Stella!! a solo debut with “Breath” It comes out as a digital single, and it’s titled “Breath”. The previous songs were sexy. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll give you the next piece of news Produce X 101 Lee Jin Woo, Lee Woo Jin, Lee Tae Seung a trio debut I’m sure your fans have been waiting for you. I think it’s a really exciting debut. I’ll give you the next piece of news Han Sun-hwa’s younger brother Debuting as an X1 member “Han Seung Woo” That’s why she’s cheering hard. I want to have such a handsome brother. Here’s the 12th news. SUNMI – LALALAY Comeback I love the song. You’re so good at dancing. I think it’s going to be great. How? prettyly Produce X 101 ‘X1 – FLASH’ Debut ‘stand up’ ‘like always’ ‘i’m here for you’ ‘u got it’ ‘move’ ‘x1_MA’ A total of seven tracks are on the album. comeback competition program ‘Queendom’ There’s a total of six teams out there. ‘park bom’ ‘lovelyz’ ‘oh my girl’ ‘(G)I-DLE’ ‘mamamoo’ ‘AOA’ They say we’re on our way. A total of six teams will release their new singles on the same day, at the same time. This program is about the comeback battle of girl group 6 team. Then, on the same day, at the same time? pretend not to know Ah~ You? No. Together. Oh, Ji-seon? No. Together. Who do you want to do the most? oh my girl Oh, my girl, cover dance. Ji Yoon. yes!! Four-member idol group ‘Signal-Dowm For You’ Debuting in the program ‘Show Champion’ It can comfort a lot of people. It’s just a little bit of a city full of stuff. It’s a song that gives you a sense of freedom. EVERGLOW – Adios comeback! She won second place in the music program. After 40 hours of our comeback, we recorded 14.2 million views! Fan voting. “Pan Plus” First place in the competition for male idol face genius Do you have any expectations? CGV!! (a nickname for V) ah~ BTS V Is it right? No. He’s a hell of a guy. There’s a separate first place. It was Kang Daniel who won the first prize. Congratulations on winning the first prize. BTOB PENIEL – FLIP Announcement With a hip-hop track in the summer club atmosphere, Rapper Binjino is participating as a feature. Oh, I really like Binjini. Do you like rap? Are you good at rapping? I like it. Do you like rap? Please be quiet. Debuting in the 12-member rookie ‘N,CUS’ They said ‘BTS” and ‘Seventeen’ were role models. The title song is ‘Super Luv’. I’ll look forward to it. AOA’s Jimin, let’s see the beauty page! cosmopolitan korea Open in the September issue In the interview, he revealed his secret recipe for skin care. Focus on basic skin care for good makeup No matter how busy you are, you work on cleansing. You have to choose cosmetics that suit your skin condition for the day. She said she did. Momoland Yeonwoo Impact Star September cover decoration It shows Yeon-woo in a mood of autumn. And Yeonwoo said in an interview, “Tvn drama to be aired in September.” be scheduled to appear in a drama It’s based on a webtoon. Yeonwoo will appear in the drama. I hope you’ll pay a lot of attention. sbs YouTube channel ‘sbs K-pop Classic’ It’s a real-time stream of popular songs from the 1900s. You can see the K-pop stages of the past. The video showed a star in the past, and the audience began to grow. So it goes through a thousand, a thousand, a thousand, a thousand. Right now, 12,000 to 13,000 people are watching streaming. Aren’t there people like ‘Fin.K.L’ and ‘Hot’? ‘World Class Idol Project.’ Ten-person debut group, TOO 20 trainees to reveal teaser ten boys from the East It has a meaning to capture Eastern values in Western music. We started shooting in advance in June, and it will be our first show in mid-September. Army Creative Musical ‘the promise of the day’ a large number of soldiers appear SHINee ONEW , EXO XIUMIN , 2AM JOKWON infinite sung kyu,sung yeol , Wanna One Yoon JISung , VIXX N This musical is set in the Korean War. It will open on October 22 at Olympic Park. NEVER NOW The radio show “Shimya Idol” dj Ha Sung-woon, fixed pick. It is the first broadcast on August 29. It starts at 11 p.m. every weekday. 26th and last. EXO Chen Come Back as Solo in Oct. Cheer up! There’s a fan of EXO here. Chen debuted as a solo artist last April. With that song, I won the first place in various music charts and K-pop ranking programs. He’s got a good response. It’s been Diana’s first episode of entertainment! Please note that we collect and deliver data based on the article. I’ll see you in the second episode. BYE~~


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