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Department of Music – UNC Pembroke

October 31, 2019

I had friends that I went to high school with
who came here and I saw them progress while I was still in high school and I was
like, “Man I want to come here.” If they’re doing this good now and when
they were that good in high school, I feel like this is a good place for me and
I’ve grown so much in the past two semesters that I’m really excited to
see where I will continue to grow. And she said, “Nigel, you need to do this.
Go to UNC Pembroke. We have a student there already. They have a really good solid
program. Just try it and see what happens.” And I came and I loved it and I’ve been
here every since. There’s this community type atmosphere.
You have a family whenever you’re here. You know everybody that walks down the hall.
All the professors know who you are. We learn so much that gives us a very strong
base. I think that happens in freshman and sophomore year and then we just
build on it and we keep building and we get smaller things and we get it refined. I’m a flute player but through my methods
classes I’ve learned how to lead big ensembles, how to work with elementary
school students, how to construct a marching band and make that possible. Moore Hall is like a family to me. All my
friends are in Moore that I hang out with. All the teachers really genuinely and sincerely
care about us and that’s really comforting. It’s a small class size and we get attention.
We get a lot of individual attention. We don’t have to worry about 100 people. Here at UNCP we have this awesome opportunity
to get to perform a lot of different times during the semester. We get to perform
for our peers here in Moore Hall for our student departmentals and then we
also get to perform at GPAC which is the big auditorium over there for the community. We have different small ensembles. We have
brass quintet and wooden quintet. So with all these different groups we get
to go and perform in different places. We help each other because we have to struggle
in the same classes as a freshmen and sophomore, theories and class
pianos, stuff like that and we all band together and make it through so I think
it is a very positive social environment as well as a positive educational
environment. It’s just a fantastic university to me. I’m actually honored that I even got to
come here.

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