David Haller || Legion

September 8, 2019

David your whole life people have told you you’re a second what if I told you that’s a lie maybe he doesn’t know wake up the difference between things real and not real right is delusional you’re saying yeah this is real insane you idiot are you real this is my delusion it’s not real it’s not real this is real unless you might give life unreal XD not schizophrenic just powers the things you see RV or like I showed you with the voices and I talk to myself someone they know I’m not myself stop it [Music] like this straw there was a baby in monster came in my head and haunted me for life you don’t see 33 years and it’s good why do you really poison me my whole life I mean maybe crazy I’m you I’m everything you wanna be I’m awfully Monsieur I’m alpha to the Shadow King and if fed up devil with yellow what end power power that is the point of what you call life you and I we are let you gods know your son ain’t no more you should to Satori you learn this stuff that’s maybe give you decide what is realized that what is nuts you may be the most powerful you in a while your well I know what I am and I’m gonna like you I am pretty I am loft I help people open their minds open your mind the locals like me because it’s my winning smile [Music] nimi your narcissus he’s a psychopath what he really loves is that feeling of power knowing a big chosen by God the one who saves who everybody the hero I saved love laughs you’re not the hero what if you’re just another villain I see what she is what they do our real villain your mind can’t reconcile the person we see with the person you think you are I told him why didn’t you listen you know what I’m done too late you had your chance what about blondie there ain’t no blondie Noir remove your mask I can’t show them your face just true face that could be beautiful do what you want I know what I have to do take what you want gods make rules they don’t follow them you’re terrified you’re gonna wake up one day and realize you’re a god as of God you don’t need any of them I am God [Music] pinfish wanna dance zere tons son mis dance I am the Alpha and the Omega nothing that hurts me is real I eat monsters for breakfast no Anu hates me it’s real I’m gonna fix this did you kill that family whatever it takes hmm whatever the universe throws in the division three times demons send them all off Leila it’s not your time it’s mine because this is my time this is David’s time do you believe that I’m a good person that I deserve love just like everybody else a good person I deserve love David you can fix this world my beautiful boy all my bad things who let me go who just got to start over what will you do my dear I met cherry pies before warm I basically live on cherry pie digital will you be like if fun that’s something I can do I like this [Music] can’t happy that this world Dave they’re big to to listen to you I trusted you the bullet pretending to be a man gonna kill you then I’m gonna undo all this you didn’t they always blame me butters he thinks he’s the victim do you have to go back the sway is then Jos a lunatic you turn me until and I’m ready for my revenge seeing you like this once you have become a sweet boy undone by revenge it fills my heart with such sorrow can’t can’t stay here any longer okay it’s time David David no David is gone David isn’t here right now he had to go someplace quiet we’re in charge now it’s our time now your problem is you think this fight is one-on-one are you against me but I’m not alone David the greatest monsters are the ones in human clothes how does it turn what is happening what are you not telling the head I don’t know you can’t stop us all I know is he does force us good how are you in two simply magnificent I have read you something terrible I am Legion I am Legion the world killer we all share one thing thank you we need David back touch her that’s why she doesn’t magic here’s his powers she can’t trick us if she has no mind you can’t make someone love you I’m sorry I’m sorry I promised I’ve tried you’re my son with you and you’re my Catherine for 30 years since you were a baby I did not come here to defeat David my baby Dave but to aid him in his quest I’ve seen one on fire have a story ends the same you can change it so change but I believe that I don’t believe that I was sick but I’m better but I’m not sick anymore look crazy some goo is taken from me my life was taken from me so what are you gonna do about it or you war is not the answer it’s the problem I shoulda killed you the first time you mad yeah time to die no I’ve come this far I can’t just leave it up to tip I wasn’t nothing you needed me remember them all and we gave you or me I can’t imagine do I do what you David and that will never change I’m here now right here and I want to make it right so please my darling boy let me be your farm Dave David maybe oh boy my beautiful boy just [Music] pink in choices good boy [Music]

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