Dangerous panhandling along Powers Boulevard?

September 11, 2019

in our continuing coverage a man living near powers Boulevard reaching out to News 5 saying panhandlers are using the highways median and the city hasn’t tried to stop it News fives Jessica Bravo caught up with that guy also reached out to the city for answers Jessica in studio so what are they telling you well in short they told me they’re working with CDOT to place signs that read unlawful to occupy median along powers Boulevard they hope to deter panhandlers for the same reason Ryan Jones does to prevent people from getting hurt it’s really unlawful and it’s unsafe to be there Ryan Jones told me that a city ordinance passed in 2017 to ban pedestrians from occupying medians less than four feet in diameter with speed limits higher than 30 miles per hour should be enforced here along powers Boulevard the missing element a sign like this indicating it’s unlawful to occupy the median why don’t we prevent this from happening in the first place like stop you know reacting and pretending like how are we gonna do anything when the answer is right in front of you just got to do it the city says without a sign it’s impossible to enforce the ban and ticket people but they’re working on it I got in touch with the city’s traffic engineer and I did get some good news I mean she said she would look into it the city’s traffic engineer sent over a statement which says in part pedestrian safety is important to them and they’re working with c-dot to make it happen since powers Boulevard is a state highway CDOT needs to give the green light Jones agrees once this gets enforced pedestrians will be a lot safer this is a safety issue and even though it’s not my safety yes I am concerned about other people that are really close I flew feet away from cars that could kill them and he says it can also be an eyesore it’s something that I don’t think we want to see in our city people standing on medians I wish they would get help in other ways he hopes to start seeing change soon some of this is proactive measures to prevent bad things from happening and make our city a nicer spot the city of Colorado Springs says you could start seeing those signs pop up along powers Boulevard within the next month always watching out for you Colorado Springs Jessica barreto news 5

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