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Creative Halloween Costumes People Took To The Next Level

September 11, 2019

– [Narrator] Halloween
brings an opportunity for creative expression
through unique costumes. While some choose to
stick with the basic witch or ghost idea, others take their attire to a whole new level. Get ready to be inspired by
some of the most elaborate, well-planned costumes ever created. (keyboard staccato) – Amazing. – [Narrator] At first
glance, you might consider calling the cops to help this poor man. Take another look and rest
assured that he’s just a very creative person with
some time on his hands. The abductor’s creepy
moving head controlled by the man’s lever
really pushes the limits on this hostage situation costume. Holy guacamole. This avocado needs a
little extra time to ripen, nine months to be exact. Check out the clever way one
woman used her pregnant belly to make the perfect super
food Halloween costume. This witty costume combines a superhero and a subscription service to make one impressive cardboard robot. If Optimus Prime and
Amazon Prime were to unite in real life, they’d be
unstoppable when it comes to delivering packages
and destroying foes, but don’t worry it’s all for
the greater good of humankind. Remember that woman who
famously ruined a fresco of our Lord and Savior? It looked very demonic, so
someone had the great idea of turning it into a costume. The caption says nobody recognized it, but one things for sure:
they now won’t forget it. Unless you had a seriously
deprived childhood, you’ll remember the two
crooks from Home Alone, Harry and Marv, and how
8-year-old, Kevin McCallister, duped them. Taking some inspiration, these wet bandits look like they’re ready for
the ultimate candy heist. What is it about snakes that
frightens so many people? Their slithery movements? Scaly skin and darting eyes? Whatever it is, this girl
captured it brilliantly with her full-body coiled snake costume. I wasn’t afraid of snakes, until now. Dolls are super creepy. I think we’ve all felt their
lifeless eyes following us across a room once or twice. Although this doll costume
isn’t the scariest on the block, the detailed wood grain paint makes her wooden frame highly believable. I wonder how long it took
to achieve this look? If the world ever becomes overrun by apes, you can expect to see
more scenes like this. I just hope he didn’t go bananas after being stuck in that cage all day. Wanna scare the daylights
out of your friends this Halloween? Do what this guy did and
dress up in an elaborate Demogorgon costume complete
with face-opening technology. The only trouble is
finding out how he’s made this demon of the underworld so lifelike, almost too lifelike. Coming up with a group
costume that hasn’t been done a hundred times already can
prove darn-near impossible. This family took it back to the basics with an illuminated version
of classic stick figures. I’d say all that soldering work to produce these adorable
getups certainly paid off. Check out this bone-chilling
animated costume. That poor child didn’t stand
a chance against the wrath of stems and vines surrounding
this mutant vegetable. This has me looking at pumpkin
patches in a whole new way. Remember that quirky cartoon cast from Nickelodeon’s hit series Doug? This group costume is
fairly easy to pull off yet widely overlooked, making
it a total showstopper. There are plenty of good shows
from the 90’s to choose from, but the banjo-playing boy from Bluffington holds a special place
in all of our hearts. This girl decided to go all out with a King Kong-themed costume. Finished with a giant gorilla hand, she’s successfully created the illusion of being carried away by
the monstrous primate, which makes her costume
genuinely spectacular. Seeing this brings back all
the feels for Ann and Kong. Why couldn’t everyone just let them be? We’ve seen loads of Edward
Scissorhands costumes in Halloweens past, but not
many that come fully equipped with a live topiary bush. This person not only flawlessly executes Johnny Depp’s dark role,
but also took the time to construct the topiary
using 24 artificial boxwood hedge mat panels,
loads of chicken wire, and about 3,000 zip ties. Now that’s some hardcore
dedication to recreating the Tim Burton masterpiece
if I’ve ever seen it. Zoinks! Jeepers! The gang’s all here, Fred,
Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and of course, Scooby-Doo. This family aced
everything from the attire to becoming fully immersed
in their characters. No ghost stands a chance
against this family of 5. Who doesn’t have fond childhood memories of these tiny green army men? Or maybe it’s the not so fond memories of stepping on them that stand out? Either way, these plastic
soldiers are easily recognizable and wrapped in nostalgia. Whether you go solo like the first guy or get your friends involved
as shown in the second photo, this costume brings out
the kid in all of us. And hey, you might even
run into a fellow army man like the two guys in the third photo, making for one epic standoff. Regular old pumpkins aren’t very scary, actually quite the opposite,
but a rotten Jack ‘O Lantern that looks positively sinful? Well, that blends the
festive nature of autumn with the horrifying nature
of Halloween just perfectly. Check out this intricately handmade mask, appropriately named Rotten
Reggie, and see what I mean. Skeletons make timelessly spooky costumes, but what brings this costume
to the next level is the pooch behind the paint. I wonder how they got this
good boy to sit still so long? Perhaps it was a juicy bone. You can dress up as a
samurai or as a stormtrooper, but this person took it a step further by blending them to become
a samurai stormtrooper. Now, this is one hybrid I
wouldn’t want to mess with. Do you have a hard time choosing between Halloween and Christmas? Well, this guy found the
perfect way to merge the two with this scary take on
classic German folklore. This costume reminds us why it’s important to be on the nice list
this holiday season. This kid’s Halloween costume
is so wrong it’s right. He killed it with a human meat grinder that appears to have
already pulverized his legs. I’m just wondering how he plans on trick-or-treating in that thing. If you’ve got a peanut
allergy; look away now. This girl went above and beyond with an innocently hilarious
take on Mr. Peanut. The details complete the look. I’m not gonna lie; I had to
triple-take at this costume to understand what was going on. This guy takes the typical
zombie getup to another realm with a dismembered arm that
seems to have a life of its own. Try this yourself, and
with some good acting and prop placement you’ll
have people struggling to figure out how this is done. We all love good a play
on words, and this girl hit the nail on the head with
her Ghost Malone costume. Besides a fake beard, a golden grill, and a white button down,
all this outfit needs is the abundance of face and neck tattoos. Let’s all hope the ghost of
Post Malone can still hold a beat, otherwise, this
might get really spooky. Maybe it’s the black and white photos or the grim facial expressions,
but Halloween seemed exceptionally horrifying back in the day. Take these two people and their
horses dressed as skeletons in the 1920’s for example. These old-school costumes,
though simple in nature, could seriously give
you a bump in the night. Don’t worry; this isn’t
what it looks like. Believe it or not, this girl’s
seemingly separated head is still attached to the rest of her body. All it took was a little bit of paint to create this graphically
realistic optical illusion. This adorable crimson-cloaked
treater may have gotten lost on her way to her Grandmother’s house, or perhaps she’s too busy
filling her baskets with sweets. What really makes this Red
Riding Hood costume spectacular is the cooperation from
her canine counterpart. I mean, if you have a pet that you love, why not dress them up for Halloween? It’s time for this kid to save the galaxy as our favorite fearless fur ball. He even came equipped with
his usual arsenal of weapons to ensure that no matter what candy fiasco he finds himself in, he’s
ready to handle it all. Besides being amazingly creative, this duo depicting
Peter Pan and his shadow is just downright adorable. The imagination behind
this costume leads me to believe they’re more likely headed for the mystical island of
Neverland than to collect candy. Now if only they had a big
dog dressed as Nana with them, I’d be seriously impressed. I’m honestly at a loss for words with this cinematic costume. It’s ominously apocalyptic
appearance is enough to make anyone’s hair stand on end. I wouldn’t want to see
those two walking towards me on Halloween or any other
night for that matter. According to this weatherman, the forecast for Halloween is showing
spooky with a chance of candy. Just imagine seeing this skeleton delivering your local weather report. I can’t tell whether to laugh or be scared by his clever use of the green screen. The cut-off face mask
this guy made is truly what nightmares are made of. He even took the time to show
what lurks under the skin on his own face, chilling. Okay, so this is something you’d never wanna see in real life. Imagine you’re boarding a
plane only to be introduced by a pilot who’s lost his vision. I think I’d rather just
drive, but thanks anyways. This pilot either has
a great sense of humor, or he merely enjoys
scaring people senseless. Star Wars’ fans will
love this incredible use of a pregnant belly to
mimic the death star. It’s hard to say who’s
winning this galactic battle, but there’s one thing we know
for sure; that’s no moon. Who could forget the infamous nude photos of Kim Kardashian that broke the internet? This guy certainly hasn’t forgotten, and he took it to a whole new level by recreating the magazine
cover for Halloween. Luckily for us, he chose to
wear clothes for this one. Remember the 90’s movie Mars Attacks featuring aliens plotting
to take over Earth? If not, this costume
should jog your memory. One dedicated fan reminds
us of the menacing red eyes and exposed brains that
rocked the big screen with this impressive costume. This creepy mask and weathered blonde wig capture the Immortan Joe look to a tee. It’s essential to have an
impressively frightening look if you want to rule the wasteland and become the tyrant you always imagined. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t
want to disobey this guy in a post-apocalyptic world
or any world for that matter. Is it just me or do Halloween
costumes seem to get more and more extravagant and
imaginative each year? What’s the most creative Halloween
costume you’ve ever seen? Let me know by leaving
a comment down below. Thanks for watching. (keyboard staccato)


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