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CRAZY Shark Facts You DIDN’T Know!

September 11, 2019

10 Amazing Shark Facts you didn’t know! Number 10: Shark species
The amazing and majestic Shark species has over 400 different sharks in the world discovered
by humans so far, with potentially many more hiding deep in our vast blue oceans. Sharks have fossil records that date all the
way back over 380 million years for now. Sharks have and will continue to aid in keeping
our waters balanced and healthy, as our oceans have been degraded over the years with pollution
and our climates changing constantly. Our mysterious shark species have been hunted
and caught by people wanting to profit off of their fins and meat, which is ultimately
effecting their population, creating a potential endangered species problem we still deal with
today. Sharks are not as bad as the reputation that
follows them, and without the sharks, our oceans would be in bigger trouble then you
would ever believe. do you know what a sharks favorite biblical
story is? Noah’s shark! Number 9: Old Age
some people may believe sharks live to be of extremely old age. this is not completely true or false. the whale sharks are specifically believed
to reach ages over 100 years old, but most sharks have a much shorter life span then
that, anywhere from 16 to 50 years old. the tiger shark has a average of about 26
to 51 years old depending on the health, and leopard sharks live to be around 24 years
old. the blue shark is on the shorter end of life,
hitting the young lifespan age of 15 years. they all have their own age depending on the
species of shark with so many variables that could effect the way they grow and age as
well. what do sharks order at mcdonalds? a quarter
flounder! Number 8: Shark Poo
theres a lot more to the shark poop then meets the eye. shark poo is said to be a jackpot of a find
if your a scientists. The poo has very precious and semi rare data
in it that a scientists can extract, to discover more information about their diets and eating
habits. you will also find other species enjoying
the after life of the shark poo, by feeding off of its important nutrition sought out
by many other species of marine life. This is a perfect example of the circle of
life, and how everything can live and feed off each other in beautiful harmony. who would of known shark poo could be this
complex. what happened to the shark who swallowed his
keys? it got lockjaw! Number 7: Boneless Skeleton
its pretty crazy to think that something with such power and size could be boneless, but
thats exactly what sharks are. They literally dont have any bones, but thick
and strong cartilage instead, like a humans nose or ear. This kind of structure actually gives them
quite an advantage, with extra mobility and flexibility, and helps with healing injuries
faster then any bone could. There are some parts like their jaws, skull
or spine, that is actually layered with calcium salts, giving them more strength and thickness
to help them survive in the oceans with ease. Even their teeth are not bones like most would
assume. shark teeth are made of dentin, which is way
stronger then any bone, being covered in calcium tissue that helps with the longer lasting
dental care. could you imagine if humans were created with
a boneless skeleton like the shark? it actually would be amazing, giving us extra flexibility
and healing powers we once could never imagine. do you know what happened when the shark got
famous? he became a starfish! Number 6: No Sleep
sharks have a complex method of getting to sleep, well, more of a meditation like sleep. the sharks ways of sleeping is still quite
the wonder, as we dont have exact answers, and only educated speculation to this day. Sharks cannot sit still if they want to have
oxygen, as they will need the water to pass through their gills to receive it properly. Some sharks have the ability to breath while
sitting still, unlike most sharks. these kind of sharks have what you would call a spiracle,
which is a tiny opening sitting behind their eyes. This is more common with the bottom feeding
type of shark. The majority of sharks will deactivate most
of their bodies, while they float through the ocean regaining strength. this suspended state of consciousness allows
them to get enough rest while continuing the required movement through water for oxygen. The sharks sleeping ways will continue to
be a mystery as we study and learn more and more as time goes by. how did the shark plead in its criminal case?
not gill-ty! Number 5: Largest Fish
The largest living creature you can call a fish is actually a shark, a whale shark. these
whale sharks can reach lengths over 40 ft long, and reach weights over 20 tons heavy!
thats insane! They have also been seen to reach ages anywhere
over 70 years old, all the way up to over 120 years old. for being such a large species
in the ocean, they only feed on tiny fish like plankton and the smallest of fish, with
no chance of hurting a human, even though it would be quite easy for them. the whale shark can be found flopping around
in tropical waters, nothing below 70 degrees in temperature. the whale shark has a mouth over 1 and a half
meters in size, giving them plenty of room to fill their stomachs in one big gulp if
necessary. do you know what you get when you cross a
snowman with a shark? frostbite! Number 4: Bite Force
being bitten by a shark is the last thing on your to do list by far, and theres good
reason to feel that way. The force of a shark bike is mind blowing,
with enough strength to affect your body parts with ease. Some people have survived the fierce shark
bite to tell the tale, which is rare. a shark bite can vary, depending on the size
of the shark and which of the 400 something species of shark it is, but on average, they
can release over 30 pounds of force onto anything in its mouth. this is definitely enough to cause some damage. some of the larger sharks have been seen pushing
over 80 pounds of pure force as well. one thing we can say for sure, is that noone
wants to feel the bite force of any shark in person. do you know where sharks like to go on vacation? fin-land! Number 3: Shark Attacks
you might think because of their fierce reputation that a shark attack is common, but its actually
quite the opposite. less then 10 people a year actually get affected
by a shark attack, and over 90% of the recorded situations that happen between sharks and
humans involve males over females. surfers specifically make up over 50% of them
alone, with people like snorkelers and swimmers on the lower % of people attacked. thats quite a lower chance then you were probably
thinking it was, but its true, according to google! you have a better chance in being
injured by a bathroom toilet with over 40,000 reported injuries involving them. with all of the crazy stuff happening with
pollution in our water and oceans, to the weird things that can touch or bite you while
floating in the deep blue see, i personally stay out of the public waters since they give
me the creepy deepys. why do sharks live in salt water? because
pepper water makes them sneeze! Number 2: Long Pregnancy
shark pregnancy can vary when it comes to the timing and length by the species they
are. You may have heard of the spiny dogfish shark,
which has been seen carrying their young for over 2 years at a time. thats over twice the length as the human process! Theres other sharks like the basking shark
that has been seen holding their young for over 2 and a half years long. The frilled shark is one of the longer pregnancy
processes with the times reaching over 3 and a half years before having their shark kids. Theres also 3 different kinds of shark babies
as well, starting with the oviparous sharks that lay eggs which are protected by a shell
until complete. About 1/3rd of the sharks in the world are
oviparous. second we have the viviparous sharks, which
hold a embryos that will deliver a live shark like a dog or cat. This method is seen by the larger shark species
specifically. last but not least are the ovoviviparous sharks,
which are a combination of the first 2 mentioned, and is the most popular way being used by
sharks. The difference between this method and the
first 2 come from the fact that the egg created by the shark doesn’t leave its body, instead
develops inside the shark, later on hatching into a tiny live shark inside the mother until
delivery. how amazing! question, how do you think the
hammerhead shark did on its school test? he nailed it! Number 1: Extra Teeth
sharks have a crazy ability to replace their teeth with new ones, with some cases of them
going through over 45,000 different teeth over their lifespan. its not a big deal for them to loose their
teeth as they grow them back so rapidly. sharks like the great white usually only have
around 60 teeth at once, but depending on the stage of their teeth growth, sometimes
they can have up to 280 teeth at once! how crazy! sharks sometimes have multiple rows
of teeth that are constantly falling out and growing back. all of this depends on the specific species
of shark of course, naming my new dog shark was a mistake, as ive been banned from all
the local beaches now. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video hit the like button!
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