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Coolest Dry Ice Experiments You’ll Ever See

September 11, 2019

– [Presenter] From colorful
explosions to DIY ice cream, dry ice has a wide range of exciting uses. Its extremely cold temperature
and unusual properties make it one of the coolest
materials science has discovered, pun intended. Oh, and stick around to the end to find out how you can make
some of this icy goodness for yourself. (whimsical music) – I’m dancing! – [Presenter] Number 15, explosive fun. Most of us have given the
Mentos and Coke challenge a try at some point. There’s nothing more fun than a simple yet explosive reaction using basic ingredients. Dry ice steps it up a notch. The icy material, which is
actually just carbon dioxide, or CO2 in solid form,
can get pretty chilly, as low as -110 degrees Fahrenheit or -78 degrees for our European audience. So if you get ahold of some,
be sure to wear gloves. Because of the drastic
temperature difference, pouring hot water on dry ice releases a large amount of energy which is what causes all
that atmospheric fog. If you contain this chemical reaction things can get pretty intense. As the high energy particles
of CO2 and water vapor begin to bounce around faster and faster, they exert more and more force on the walls of their container. Using high-grade lab equipment
will eliminate this issue but where’s the fun in that? I wanted to see what would happen if you contain the reaction
in plastic bottles, each containing hot water
and some chunks of dry ice. As you can see, like
King Kong in the Arctic, this cold beast refuses to be contained and bursts out of the bottles
in a fantastic explosion. Don’t try this one at home. Number 14, bubble worm. To do this awesome
trick, all you need to do is mix hot water, some dish soap, and a heap of dry ice
together in a large bowl. Before you know it, you’ll have your very own
hyperactive bubble beast. Watch it burst out from
the previously calm water like something out of
Ridley Scott’s sketchbook, turning your pristine home into
a Lovecraftian bubble rave. The strange creature has not
yet received on official name but I like to call it the Super Smokey Ballistic Bubble Worm. Number 13, big bubble trouble. Little smoke bubbles are fun,
sure but let’s go bigger. With a simple trick you
can turn your bubble worm into a huge expanding jellyfish. All you need to do is take a large bowl, fill it halfway with warm water, next drop a couple of
large chunks of dry ice in. After this, take some
rope or a twisted cloth and dip it in the mixture
of water and dish soap. Rub the mix around the rim of the bowl and then drag the cloth directly
across the top of the bowl. This will create a film over the top which will slowly fill with smoke, inflating into a giant bubble. Eventually it’ll pop in
an oddly satisfying burst of white mist. Number 12, put a ring on it. This one takes a little
bit of preparation. Cut a round hole in the
base of a plastic cup and seal the open end with
cellophane and rubber bands. Then pour in some warm water and a couple small chunks of dry ice. Once you see the smoke start to rise, hold the cup on its side and tap the cellophane covered side. You’ll be blowing smoke
rings like the best of them without any of the health risks. For an even more exciting spectacle swap the cup for a plastic trash bin and use a cut up shower
curtain and duct tape to seal the opening. Cut a hole in the base of
the bin as round as possible. You’ll need a lot more dry ice for this but if you get it right there will be enough
force in your smoke rings to knock over objects
like plastic bottles. More ways to annoy people
courtesy of Be Amazed. Number 11, insta-fog. Ever felt like your home
might be lacking something? Well it turns out it is. Your home is in desperate
need of some atmospheric fog. Bless your place with
the charming atmosphere of a haunted mansion from
a classic horror flick with this simple trick. Load up a large container
with big chunks of dry ice and pour on generous amounts of hot water, the hotter the better. The CO2 and water vapor,
which is heavier than air, will spread itself along surfaces before tumbling down onto the floor. In no time, the room will
be filled with a thick fog that’ll turn your home into the most popular werewolf
meeting place in town. Number 10, smash hit. One of the most incredible
things about dry ice is what it can do to soft materials. When dry ice is mixed with ethanol, the alcohol reaches very low temperatures. However, as ethanol’s
freezing point is even lower than the chilly temperature of dry ice it remains in a liquid state. If you dip a piece of jelly candy, like a gummy worm or gummy
bear, into the mixture it’ll become rock solid and
can be shattered like glass. So satisfying. And what’s even more satisfying is when you dip a flower into the liquid. (crunching) It turns brittle and crumbles in your hand with a satisfying crispy crunch. I think I’ve found the
next ASMR sensation. Ya heard it hear first folks. (crunching) Number nine, bubble bobble. For an awesome effect that
appears to defy gravity, try out this next experiment. Place some dry ice in a bowl
and crush it into small chunks. Blow some bubbles into the
bowl and watch in amazement as they appear to hover
and bob along in mid air above the dry ice without
falling to the bottom. The science here is pretty interesting. As the dry ice sits in the bowl it slowly evaporates into gas. However, as carbon dioxide
gas is heavier than air, instead of floating upwards
it remains in the bowl, slowly filling it up like a liquid. This means the bubbles are
floating in an invisible pool, presumably with margaritas and little cocktail umbrellas of course. Though to be honest, that particular pool party
sounds a little chilly for my liking. Number eight, flame off. Here’s a neat bit of science for you. Place a few pieces of dry ice
into a regular drinking glass. Let the ice in the glass get to know each other for a moment. Once they’ve told a few
anecdotes and broken the ice, (snare and hi-hat) (chuckles) light a match and
try to put it in the glass. You’ll find the match goes
out instantly every time, no matter how quick you are
or how frustrated you become. This is because your typical
flame needs oxygen to burn. The dry ice gives off carbon dioxide, which displaces the oxygen, leaving the flame unable
to continue burning. It’s why they use CO2 in a
lot of fire extinguishers. In most cases, CO2 is fire’s worst enemy. They’ve even blocked each
other on all social media. Number seven, bubble machine. This next one will have your room looking like a nutty
professor’s laboratory. Start by cutting or burning a hole into the side of a plastic
bottle near the top. Next, fill the bottle just
under halfway with warm water and drop in some ice. After that insert a straw into the hole ceiling it to the bottle
with duct tape if necessary. Dip the straw into some
detergent and water and screw the cap on the bottle. You’ve built yourself a
nifty little bubble machine. As each bubble comes
out, put on some gloves and try to catch one. You’ll be able to see the
smoke inside up close. Number six, DIY ice cream. Ever wanted to make your
own ice cream in a flash? It’s easier and tastier than you may think with the help of dry ice. Place some crushed dry ice
into a blender and blend it until it reaches the
consistency of powdery snow. In the meantime pour one cup of milk, one cup of light cream,
a tablespoon of sugar, and a dash of vanilla
extract into a tall glass. Remove the dry ice from the blender and whisk it into the glass
until it thickens evenly. Now this stuff is going
to be super cold at first so put it in the freezer for a while. I know this seems counterintuitive but this is a crucial step as it ensures that the
dangerously cold dry ice melts while the frozen cream
retains its texture. Number five, carbonation inspiration. Carbonated beverages all
work on the same principle and that distinctive fizz is easier to achieve than you might think. Simply fill a plastic bottle
with your drink of choice, place a small amount of dry
ice inside, screw on the cap, and give it a good shake
until it dissolves. Make sure to take the cap off a few times during the process to
release the pressure. Once the CO2 is dissolved, you’re ready to enjoy your
freshly fizzed beverage. For the more adventurous you
can also do this with fruit. Fill a cooler with the
fruit of your choice. Grapes work extremely
well and layer it on top with some large chunks of dry ice. Leave the dry ice to melt
overnight and the next day you’ll be able to tuck
into some oddly delicious fizzy fruits. Number four, icicles. Another culinary treat now. This is an extremely easy and
quick way to make popsicles. Take a large block of dry ice and carve out a cylinder on
the top around an inch deep. Fill the crevice with your
sweet drink of choice, place a lollipop stick so
that it’s half submerged and wait 10 minutes for
the liquid to freeze. Once completely frozen, just
wiggle the popsicles loose and dunk it in a glass of
water so it warms up a little. After that it’s ready to eat. You can even use honey for the same effect and watch in awe as its
thickness causes it to bubble under the changing internal pressure. Number three, ice, ice captain. While ice may have sunk the Titanic, this bizarre experiment will
allow you to create a fleet of your own self-driven ice ships. Fill up a deep tray with water adding a large amount of food coloring until the water turns a very dark color. Next, grab some coin-sized
chunks of dry ice and place them in the water. Immediately they’ll come to life, spiraling and whizzing
around like drunken sailors with the keys to their uncle’s speedboat. The darkness of the water allows you to see their
pretty white trails as they whiz around. Another option is to pierce a small hole in the side of a plastic bottle cap, place some dry ice along
with a little bit of water, seal the bottom with cellophane,
and place it in the water. Watching it leave a brilliant white trail as it propels itself along. Number two, a song of ice and fire. I need to stress that
this particular experiment should not be tried at home. At the very least you’ll ruin the carpet. At the worst, you’ll trigger
an end-of-world scenario and none of us want that. I mean, we’d never know
how Game of Thrones ends. That being said, let’s get started. I wanted to see what would happen if I poured molten metals onto dry ice. The results speak for themselves. (hissing) Initially the pour height and differences of the
two substances combine into a violent eruption
and blobs of molten copper are launched into the air. As the dry ice and molten
copper get to know each other the copper surface becomes
more uniform in color as its individual blobs
fuse back together. The sheer energy in the copper, which is approaching
2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, can clearly be seen in the way it bounces and
undulates on the dry ice. This movement is likely a combination of the internal kinetic energy
of the copper molecules, their interaction with the dry ice, and air escaping from underneath. Eventually the copper calms down a little and even ends up looking quite
cozy sunken into its new seat but don’t let that fool you. Liquid metal can be extremely dangerous so don’t try this at home. Number one, how it’s made. And now the moment you’ve
all been waiting for. I’m going to tell you how
you can make your own dry ice and good news, it doesn’t even involve breaking into the nearest laboratory. You will, however, need a carbon
dioxide fire extinguisher, a thick pair or protective
gloves, and an even thicker bag. Place the bag over the spray
nozzle of the fire extinguisher and use duct tape to form a seal. Remove the fire extinguisher safety pin and squeeze the handle
for three to five seconds. Remove the bag ensuring your
gloves don’t have any holes as even one can leave you frost bitten. Pick up the solid lumps of carbon dioxide that have formed inside the bag. Have fun, but remember dry ice isn’t a toy and you’ll need to be very
careful, -110 is no joke. So what was your favorite dry
ice experiment from the list? Do you have more that
we haven’t heard about? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section down below. Thanks for watching. (whimsical music)


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