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Come fare BUSKING con l’armonica. DOMENICO e FABRIZIO CANALE. Armonica Logos ! {#4 di #4}

August 24, 2019

the original question was asked
rightly as a comfort person you ask how do you make life of busking
you only do it if you find satisfaction in some things and you can gloss over others
obviously because I can tell you that with he for example did a lot of
also in the context of the festivals you go to to do in europe etc. you find yourself in accommodations sometimes by king the 5 star hotel you are sauna what with the one with prosecco
or absolutely accommodations absurd
former Soviet Union type or the accommodation jump and then you have to find
you have to find sleep by repairing yourself from elements of nature
in how many places have you gone? basically the east side up to the fans yes we are gods
fans of poland hardcore is not there happened to play there many times
to make beautiful republic experiences Czech Czech Republic Certain Estonia
lived both summer period where not night was never the time
winter where there was never light e so therefore like having seen two places
in austria austria yes i passed from the Swiss also lately in
portugal in portugal on the other part totally and what you bring with you the set depends on
means of the means by which we move from what we are willing to do
what will our conditions be? from what sacrifices we are willing to make
basically not the way maybe simpler than traveling would be if I had to
lay a van a car etc. however we often move with the
own means to have the maximum freedom low cost flights
etc. so you have to be able to do one kind of cart that you can then
compact for example if air travel
there are solutions we take mega suitcases and we board them where
we put everything in or by bus and trains we make carts I tried
folding guitar I tried suitcases that they did both from battery and from
amplifiers containers built in wood with everything in it all always
much of anything with should become and the harmonica usually goes
always amplified almost always a sometimes you also find situations for
but very rare but beautiful where you can play completely in acoustic
it depends on the place you go to find we were in poland in a frestival
lately at dublin where they were these very narrow streets a lot of
we were there people passing by completely in acoustic paradise
for those who want to do this thing if not I use
otherwise battery-powered amplifiers or self-made or old models
old models of the crate of the crate the taxi and the limu I used
both were not proud to say one breath that councilor of a great silt dino proud supporter of the silt crate although in the end I don’t do buscking
we sell it we came on purpose yes basically
small battery-powered amplifiers because then in the end we have to gods
support one who is not one of the big boxes of the premises and so on
you are always outdoors you can’t disturb too much when you play
must have that 10 meter radius of 15 meters so that the is created
your your circle the question is a I recommend the local stalker
molester is a star for status like the molester is a hundred times better and then it is
as if he had a real job you have to accept it you have to take it we are
speaking that times you can meet gods misunderstood genes and you don’t know this is there
you always classify them immediately and these I can tell you people in the street and
they are people who have the courage to come to do this thing is because they believe in
something seems silly to you but so do we musicians who do it for work
we believe we have a mission such as this a mission on behalf of god like the blues
brothers we are mission for god we have a mission but this is one
mission even more important or to do feel the world their voice there
their music more than anything else then if you you can get them in with you you don’t have to
never be grumpy should always the smile if you make your way is important because you are not by not doing it you are doing a job e
shit pieces give me yours no money you’re giving everything you have
hoping that people will realize what you are doing and saying
But he really gave me something keep beautiful 20 euro like that for example or
one hundred have happened or yes because in reality we underestimate
the power of emotions I would let all the musicians do it
because this also helps you two shows what you say on stage
on stage like you do the first thing happens when there is a stage there is a
public is like a wall so the first thing you need to do is
break this wall in any way or with words or with
something you show them you have to make them understand that they can
be part of the show because in reality the public is and the energy that
pull and his participation helps to make it become
show from beautiful to wonderful e so and for example when I have the
lucky to see even concerts with him one man band and so I enjoy myself
from the outside and I see that when it is also in the premises he manages to create the same
energy that happens in the street then the people who then approach sit down below
because all your way and how if you live
ok i know there are some conventions but they are the first who breaks them and therefore
if you want you can come sure yes yes no but it is not a strategy
interesting beautiful because anyway a bring something you see for
street on a club stage we must know how to do it because
they are different languages because then sometimes it happens you do it also in this duo show like that even in clubs
certainly you have brought same type of garment we do not have
made a scheme that we decide to do it maybe we have gegs we can
have tricks of things but however when we are there to play either
that he is on the street is now that he is in the concert we know we are there for
a reason we need to communicate something e we have to create something because one
time you learn to create that communication is a bit of a challenge for you
keep doing it both on the street where you have to do it anyway because otherwise
it doesn’t work both where you theoretically do you already have them no for example you can play e
then create a beautiful concert people listen to it just remember ok but
you can try to transform it in a kind of comedy show, too
or who knows almost theatrical with a thousand others ideas so as to make them though
communicate with you not necessarily saying hide hey hide hey but trying to
understand and make them understand what I owe say what I want to communicate what
where did i go what looks at this thing reminds me of the fact that we often
when we sing we have the problem that we sing English in Italy and then
no one understands what it is we say that we must first explain the passages
only that sometimes we sing in English than we do we are in poland already understand us more
however we wished we have in the also our old repertoire
of the old Calabrian songs and one of which is or pacifier
I don’t know if I’ve ever heard it and it’s very famous talk about this man who is desperate
because the pacifier that is not dead died never been so sad when it is
his wife died so he did not cry so much but when ci ciuu ciuccio but a question the donkey lu ciuccio is the donkey is true because we are Calabrese, the pacifier is
the donkey and then there is this song you go to do
Calabrian songs sometimes too abroad and people can’t understand it
even if you tell them to him etc. so it is important to me in
certain themes and attract the attention of the people and let them understand what you do e
we have a brilliant idea we did translate from a Pole who knew a little
of our Calabrese pacifier so I did with the song u pacifier
in Polish that may even be said about I’M SCARED in the sense that it is all a matter of communication when you see ad
example you find yourself Italian going into poland do things Calabrese and so on
and translate it they realize that you really care then that you want to create something different that you unify concert can be a concert but can
also be a time when really you have fun and you do what we do
we want to do

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