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Colton Ryan and More on Reimagining Bob Dylan’s Music for Broadway’s GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY

January 24, 2020

(upbeat music) – Conor McPherson’s “Girl
from the North Country” is getting ready to bow on Broadway. We’re at The Bitter
End to talk to the cast and creative team all about
making an original story featuring the music of Bob Dylan. ♪ There’s a slow ♪ ♪ Slow train coming ♪ ♪ Coming ’round the bend ♪ ♪ Slow train coming ♪ ♪ There’s a woman ♪ ♪ On my block ♪ ♪ She just sits there ♪ ♪ As the night grows still ♪ – It’s a show which is
really inspired by the music of Bob Dylan. It has I guess like over
20 of his songs in there. And it tells the story
of a family in the 1930s during the depression and they have this guest
house and all these people that are living there
and coming through there. – It kinda feels like finally
the world is gonna get a chance to see this piece. Because at The Public,
we had a limited run and a lot of people didn’t
get a chance to see it. – We just love the show. From day one I remember reading the script and just like falling in love with it. I think that Broadway
deserves something like this, because it’s super special and
I’m happy we get to share it. – It is a play with music as opposed to a musical if you will and the difference being that
each song takes the audience into the soul of a character as opposed to sort of deliver a plot line. – So many of these songs,
you won’t even realize you’re listening to a song that you
actually know what the song is. Because it’s rearranged and rethought. – Getting to like,
internalize Bob Dylan’s music, I mean his music is already
so emotional and deep and poetic, but getting to
come at it from like a dramatic perspective and really make
it part of the character and like live it, it’s incredible. – The songs are allowed to be in pieces because the poetry expresses so much. There’s sort of the, what fills the silence between
these people who are trying to make it out through
the depression together. – All of his like eras of life, honestly to me, like in a nerdy way, kinda make him the perfect
music theater composer. He makes brilliant like
thoughtful, insightful songs about universal truths. – They just pertain to
people in the depression and people nowadays and like, I just feel like that’s why
people are gonna love it because they’re gonna hear
these songs reimagined and go, “Okay that, I understand that now, today, “in the world we live in.” – I think everybody
that comes out is gonna take something really personal. I think theater always has
to take you inside yourself, that’s what I think. It should create kind of a communal trance where everybody’s kind
of in a different trance. – The spiritual aspect of the show that people, that we feel as cast members every day in rehearsal, and
that the audience feels as well, there’s something very
special about this show, something very different. And I know that the
audiences are gonna come and they’re gonna feel
that same exact thing. – Conner’s already amazing
and he’s created this wonderful world in Duluth,
and to pair that with Bob, it’s just, it’s a
spiritual experience for us and like hopefully for everyone as well. – It’s really good, y’all.
– Yeah. – It’s really good.
– It is good, it’s good. (laughing)
(soft music)

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