Coastal Carnivores – Trailer

August 30, 2019

The Florida Everglades: beautiful, vast
harsh, remote. It is a huge wetland. It flows across most of southern Florida
and then it runs into the ocean. Some of North America’s fiercest predators live
here, including the American alligator and the bull shark. They’re top predators. They eat a lot of different types of prey, which means they could have a big
impact on a lot of different types of prey populations, which then could have cascading effects down to lower levels of the food chain. Despite its wild nature, the Everglades is an ecosystem in trouble. For nearly a century, man drained
the swamp now a large-scale restoration project aims to return the wetland to
its former glory. More and more fresh water is going to come in, so it’s really
important we get the water right and we know how animals like sharks and
alligators respond so we’re managing the ecosystem right for them. That’s why we’re doing these studies, to get an idea and make predictions about how this
change will affect the ecosystem. So we can protect those animals and make sure
they fill that critical ecological role you

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