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City to host talent show, seeking performers

September 4, 2019

IF YOU HAVE A TALENT, THE CITY WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU. THEY )RE LAUNCHING A CITYWIDE SEARCH FOR ANYONE WHOSE GOT SOMETHING TO SHOWCASE. NEWS 13 )S REBECCA ATKINS IS LIVE AT CIVIC PLAZA WITH THE STORY. REBECCA. JESSICA, IT )S CALLED “SHOW UP A-B-Q”, AND IT )S THE FIRST TALENT SHOW OF IT )S KIND PUT ON BY THE CITY. THE FINALISTS WILL GET THEIR CHANCE TO PERFORM HERE AT THE UPDATED CIVIC PLAZA BEFORE A PANEL OF JUDGES. 3:10- 3:12 WITH SOME NEW UPGRADES, AND ADDITIONS LIKE THIS WATER FEATURE… CIVIC PLAZA IS DRAWING MORE PEOPLE THAN IT USED TO. 4:09 “And like the playground is really cool, I like it.” 4:12 AND NOW THE CITY IS WORKING TO BRING MORE EVENTS TO THE PLAZA AS WELL, LIKE A NEW TALENT SHOW CALLED “SHOW UP ABQ”. 6:33 “It )s kind of a re-imagining of an event we started a couple years ago called the local band showcase.” 6:41 0:10-0:12 BUT NOW, INSTEAD OF JUST BANDS, ERIC WERNER WITH CULTURAL AFFAIRS SAYS THEY )RE BROADENING THE SCOPE. 7:03 “Poetry, music, dance, magic, comedy.” 7:05 YOU NAME IT… WHATEVER YOUR TALENT, THE CITY WANTS TO SEE IT. 26:33 “Everyone in the city gets a shot at being a star.” 26:36 IT )S THEIR TAKE ON POPULAR MOVIES LIKE “SING” ABOUT A TALENT SHOW, OR NATIONAL TALENT COMPETITIONS ON MAJOR TELEVISION NETWORKS. 10:35 “It )s a great opportunity to really highlight all of the great performers that are in the city of Albuquerque. 10:40 YOU CAN SUBMIT A RECORDING OF YOUR TALENT, THEN THE LUCKY 20 OR SO FINALISTS WILL PERFORM AT CIVIC PLAZA. 8:26 “We )ll have some food trucks, a beer garden out here, it will be a nice Saturday afternoon.” 8:29 IT )S AN IDEA PEOPLE ARE EXCITED ABOUT. 0:45 “I think it )d be a good way to spice things up here.” 0:48 4:10 “I like it, it )s a really cool idea.” 4:13 AND PEOPLE SAY THEY )D LIKE TO COME AND ENJOY THE SHOW. 0:50 “I )m interested to see what people have got going here because New Mexico is very kind of well known for having talented people come out of it.” 0:58 THOSE VIDEO SUBMISSIONS OF YOUR TALENT CAN BE SUBMITTED TO THE CITY )S WEBSITE EITHER THROUGH A YOUTUBE LINK OR SOUNDCLOUD. THE DEADLINE IS JUNE 22. JESSICA, BACK TO YOU. OK REBECCA. PRIZES WILL RANGE FROM HEADLINING A LIVE SHOW AT THE KIMO THEATRE, TO A SPOT IN THE LINEUP AT SUMMERFEST. .TONIGHT…Mostly clear. Lows in the 40s to mid

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