Cherry – Harry Styles Guitar Lesson / Tutorial (with TAB on screen)

December 14, 2019

hi as Tom the new Harry Styles album
fine line came out today only came out a few hours ago I’ve had a quick listen to
it it sounds really good I’m really looking forward to listening to it a bit
further but I picked out two songs I’m going to do a tutorial on and this
tutorial is going to be on cherry it has a nice finger picking pattern
it’s kind of an introductory level kind of finger picking pattern but really
really nice and really identifiable so yeah if you can get through this one
it’s really great to play so today I’ll go through the finger picking pattern
then afterwards I’ll do a quick tutorial on it and then after that I’ll also go
through the chords and make start getting strummed around two minutes
thirty in the track and so if you come to the finger picking pattern you can
actually strum the chords all the way through you so the main structure of the cords here
is that even though we’re not playing the full cause like strumming the cause
but under these cords is we have a G chord here we have a an E minor seven chord which
is this part here and then this part here is a C chord in this last bar seven
and eight and I will try to hold down those corner
chord shapes as you’re moving through okay so my approach to the finger
picking in the song and I think if you’re learning finger picking or
getting into finger picking would be to sign your thumb index in middle so the
thumb is always playing the bass strings on the G chord it’s playing that low E
string whilst when we play the C chord in the 7th bar is moving up and playing
on the a string and your index and middle I would recommend a sign to the
first part when I’m playing on the G and B strings they’re assigned to the index
on the G middle finger on the B and that first bar but when we get to the second bar and
I’m now playing on the D and the G strings they’re reassigned yeah and then you can see this next part
here they I’m gonna get back up and I would suggest you do that through
the whole finger picking riff now with the strumming the chords that
we have a G major a minus seven
and see /g so we had that G in the base and that kind of makes it sound a bit
kind of fuller harmonically and the strumming pattern which I have through
the whole eight bars is down down up down I’m doing that through every single
chord so we’re in the strumming and the song is mainly is quite subtle so I’m
using a light pick this is a nylon point sixty millimeter Jim Dunlop pick which
is my pick of choice being really nice sounding pick so I hope you found that
your tour useful by the time I finish editing this it’ll probably be quite
late so enjoy your weekend and hopefully see
you later

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